New arrivals from Immortal Frost Productions

Apnea (Nz) "Silent Cities" --- CD

Shoegaze Black Metal from New Zealand, CD limited to 300 copies

Astral Winter (Aus) "Perdition" --- CD

Melodic black metal from Tasmania, CD limited to 300 copies

Atra Vetosus (Aus) "Voices from the Eternal Night" --- CD

Melodic black metal from Tasmania, CD limited to 300 copies

Dead Becomes the Sun (Fra) "The Last Eclipse" --- CD

Black metal from the France.

Evil Palace (Ukr) "Born in Darkness" --- CD

Symphonic black metal from Ukraine, CD limited to 300 copies

Hellhate (Ukr) "Retsonretap " --- CD

Black metal from Ukraine, CD limited to 300 copies

Sterbenzeit (Ita) " L'Oltrenotte " --- CD

Black metal from Italy.


New arrivals from Black Plague Records

Ankou Awaits (Usa) "Wyllt" --- CD

Deathened Black Metal from the States

Vredehammer (Nor) "Pans Skygge" --- MCD

Norwegian Black Metal

Vredehammer (Nor) "Mintaka" --- MCD

Great Norwegian Black Metal! Ultra fast riffing, aggressive vocals and melodies revealing their true viking-inheritance! Features ex-member of ELITE!


New arrivals from Sol Records

Grail (Ger) "The Morning of Disillusionment" --- CD

An interpretation of the known poem by aleister crowley turned into nostalgic black metal art

Shores of Ladon (Ger) " Lupercal " --- CD

Black Metal from Germany,final and improved versions of 3 songs released only as rehearsals before

Shroud of Satan (Ger) " Litany to the Moon " --- CD

Fast and aggressive black metal, nothing more to say

Vindorn (Ger) " Hrana" --- CD

Withdrawn black metal from northern Germany,reminding of mid 90th east European black metal release such as early Inferno, Agmen and others


New arrivals from Avantgarde Music

Alternative 4 (Uk) "The Brink" --- Digipak

Doom Metal from Uk.This album deserves to “give it all”: it discloses its depth and beauty step by step, one per every single listen.Apparently “keeping it simple” in their arrangements, Duncan & his team explored details in a subtle performance rather than overlaying a hundred sound tricks.Every single episode [starting with the creeping cello of "The brink", the yet-a-classic "False Light" single, the space-rocking "Alternate", the dramatic tunes of "The dumbing down", the blood chilling keys of "Underlooked" and ending with the cathartic beauty of "The brink (reprise)" (by all means a sonic representation of what i do imagine to feel in my first 15 minutes after phisical death has occured) ] causes underskin goosebumps.So deep that you can actually feel & see your soul, scary but peaceful vision, like an open-casket funeral: both in death and rebirth.(Roberto / Avantgarde Music)

Before the Rain (Por) "Frail" --- CD

Before The Rain have a great potential forged both on the killer melodies of their vocals and guitars and the solid, slow, doomish songs structure. Definitely a record that will be appreciated both by higher class doom fans into Paradise Lost or Katatonia and sonic extremists more into funereal paths of music !

Dystopia Nå! (Nor) "Syklus " --- CD

Depressive rock from Norway, for fans of Lifelover.

Darkspace (Swi) "Dark Space I " --- CD


Darkspace (Swi) "Dark Space II " --- CD


Darkspace (Swi) "Dark Space III " --- CD


Note: All three Darkspace titles are jewel case version with slipcase and still sealed in plastic, postage may be slightly higher for 6 for $66 deal, if these are included.

Towards Darkness (Can) " Barren" --- Digipak

This Canadian beast of Doom will unleash a masterpiece of darkness and heaviness that we can hardly remember being reached by other bands in the past. Yes of course there is fashionating music style called Funeral Doom: we all love it but we also know the limits of it. Towards Darkness somehow manage to offer that kind of hopeless grief and sound-space depth, but they do through a really solid and aggressive line-up, able to offer the same apocalypse on stage and not only in a recording studio. For that reason TD never sounds ‘fake’ or ‘studio made’ like instead quite a few funeral doom projects sadly do. Towards Darkness os a perfect mix in between a Finnish Doom Metal band and NEUROSIS: from the first they took the icy depths and despair, from the second instead the giant wall of sound and the general apocalyptic mood.

Xasthur (Usa) "Nightmares at Dawn" --- CD

Compilation consists 14 unreleased tracks recorded between 2004 and 2009!!


New arrivals from ATMF and De Tenebrarum Principio

11 as in Adversaries (Fra) "The Full Intrepid Experience of Light " --- CD

It’s all in the name: 11 AS IN ADVERSARIES are here to flip the script and destroy the norm. Existing in a stratosphere where rules no longer apply, 11 AS IN ADVERSARIES features the mastermind of extreme-metal rule-breakers Glorior Belli and fittingly combines dark, moody post-punk with the most avant-garde ends of extreme metal. Utterly twisted yet surprisingly melodic, contorting and slithering like a snake, the band’s “The Full Intrepid Experience of Light” seeks its own truth, its own light in the darkness, vast and epic yet brave and unselfconscious. Absorb “The Full Intrepid Experience of Light” and be forever altered. Features the vocalist of infamous/notorious extreme-metal band SHINING on The Night Scalp Challenger.

Arcana Coelestia (Ita) "Le mirage de l'idéal" --- CD

“Le Mirage de L’idéal”, a superb merging of dreamlike guitar riffs, evocative singing, but without fleeing away from the funeral doom’s heaviness.This new opus will become a dangerous trip for those into Primordial, Anathema, Shape of Despair, My Dying Bride, Summoning, Novembre, Esoteric and Alcest.

Deadly Carnage (Ita) "Sentiero II - Ceneri" --- CD

What if Satyricon would have chosen for a different path after the impressive “Rebel Extravaganza” going deeper into the modern Black Metal instead of crossing the borders of rock and groovy music ? Deadly Carnage may be an answer, where a darkly atmosphere is supported by the usual delicatessen of the black metal misanthropy, gas masks, polluting negativism and all the magnificence of rotten modernity. Some may argue about the lonely beauty of rain forest and tourist shape of promotion for Northern Lands export but Deadly Carnage head office is in 'ole Italy, where modern and ancient use to collapse to a fertile desecration, vomiting from the insane womb and hoping for the words the end to come near.

HomSelvareg (Ita) "HomSelvareg" --- CD

A sombre vision of nature meets the tradition of the Italian Alps. The myth of the Homselvareg, an atavist creature dwelling the Alps of the Northern Italian Folklore, is summoned by the merging of elegant and evocative acoustic passages and the raging fury of Black Metal, all transcended in the unstoppable forces of nature. The concept of this album has been shaped by visions occurred to its writer. Those who are into early Ulver , Windir and Enslaved will fit into this anti modern perspective. This album was previously released as a self production, short become a collector item in the underground, and now remastered features also three bonus tracks from Homselvareg´s demo.

Locus Mortis (Ita) " Inter Uterum Et Loculum MMXI" --- CD

Join the ritual, as a necromantic practice Locus Mortis unearth the vicious and morbid atmosphere of their debut album, sold out since 2005. The Gnostic path glorifying death and its symbolic meaning take the form of a completely re-recorded and re-arranged album. MZ, the musician behind Locus Mortis is also the mastermind involved on other well known proud acts like Arcana Coelestia and Urna. Locus Mortis moved their first steps into the Occult side of Black Metal in the wave contemporary to Watain and Funeral Mist being not affected by any compromise temptation. After many years those songs to be considered as classics for the Italian band are now ready to be emphasized to a wider and more effective level, spreading their inner black flame, lightning the human candles.

Near (Ita) "The Opening of the Primordial Whirl " --- CD

The Cold vision of the rising northlands, the shadow from the past. The Opening of the Primordial Whirl is the new chapter by the Ancient Dolomitic Forests band Near, one of the few bands active today that incarnates the corrupted unholy atmosphere of the early days of the Black Metal recall. Expect nothing but gloomy tones of coldness, a monumental atmosphere created by the echo of nature strength and immortality . Featuring (Tenebrae in Perpetuum & Beatrik member)

Nyseius (Fra) "Militiae" --- CD

Brimming with a hideous energy born from a true understanding of the occult, cult French black metal band Nyseius make their full-length debut with Militiae. Frightening in focus, pure and total energy harnessed through metaphysical magick, the strict and stoic Militiae wholly evokes its title, deftly balancing ancient Scandinavian classicism with a thoroughly avant-garde approach. Dissonant and twisted yet free-flowing in its iciness, Nyseius create black metal that spans generations, both timeless and modern, traditional yet forward-thinking.

Srodek (Swe) "Förfall " --- CD

Like a desperate voice of the lone northern lands, bearing the feeling of the early Burzum’s masterpieces and the visionary transcendence of Svarti Loghin’s debut album, the cold season strikes back like caress of a cold knife. Featuring in fact a Svarti Loghin members Srodek is a lonely spirit, detached from the compromises of modernity, flowing like an echoing dissimulation, a melancholic and depressive chant to draw the human shell to the final chapter. For fans of Lifelover & Shining.

Semen Datura (Ger) "Einsamkeit" --- CD

Black Metal as a renewed weapon can overcome the time passing by, shaped to infect and rage the rotten body of humanity with hateful pride. Semen Datura is the further demonstration of the great time that the German scene is living, performing their most impressive album to date, where personality and skilful songwriting is transcended into a pure form of darkness evocation. Semen Datura music accrue to field that can be associated to bands like Secrets of the Moon, Deathspell Omega, investigating on the deepest corners of the decayed human being.

Urna (Ita) "Iter ad Lucem" --- CD

Esoteric Funeral Doom with immense expressive strength, Iter ad Lucem is another tome of antiquity, where haunting guitar lines drown the listener in a new oppressive and visionary dimension. Masterful avant-gardish attitude is strongly manifested on the drone and mystic ambient madness, manipulated sounds and sinister sepulchral recalls, featuring guest appearance by ritual noise overlord Eidvlon The concept is based on the aeons’ doctrine and the initiation path. If “Sepulcrum” has been receipt by the underground as one of the most innovative and fresh post-black metal funeral doom act this new one will raise their name between those of the most personal and innovative acts, another milestone from the LOCUS MORTIS & ARCANA COELESTIA mastermind MZ.


New arrivals from Adverse Order Music

Atra (Aus) " In Reverence of Decay" --- CD

2nd full-length album: “In Reverence of Decay” Pays homage to the destruction of man and flesh! Raw, Primative Black Metal from spheres beyond. The true essence of evil & melancholy sacrificed by Blackheart!

Atra (Aus) " Up-turning the Curse" --- CD

Eerie, Diabolic Black Metal from Australia!

Ill Omen (Aus) " Divinity Through Un-creation" --- CD

The debut full-length ritual of Occult, Black Metal Esoterica! Crafted during the year of 2011, Ushering 9 psalms of obscure, Un-earthly doctrine to conjure infinite sorrow's upon the earth! Rejoice in bloodshed! Birth-rite divine, Birth-rite of DEATH!

Temple Nightside (Aus) "Prophecies of Malevolence" --- CD

Dark, Ritualistic Black / Death Metal from the depths of the Australian underground!


New arrivals from Darker than Black Records

Bilskirnir (Ger) "In Flames of Purification/Totenheer" --- Digipak

This is the first CD from German band Bilskirnir, a one-man band playing pagan NSBM. Bilskirnir's style is reminiscent of early Burzum and Graveland - raw, yet somewhat melodic. The guitar sound is layered and repetitive, effectively fusing several unique individual riffs into a whole. The drumming is solid, with a lot of cymbal and varied breaks. Vocals are a harsh scream, with occasional throat-tearing moments of aggression. The production is thin, but perfectly mixed, so that guitar, drums, and vocals are well-balanced. The writing here is very solid. Especially worthy of praise is "Die Lichtung". It's thirteen minutes of sludgy and oppressive riffs, all swirling around a central theme. This is probably one of the best songs to cross my desk in months, though the other songs are nearly as distinctive. They range from epic and introspective to short and triumphant, all without a boring moment. In general, this album shows a great deal of improvement over the band's earlier demo material. Impressive, considering the high quality of Bilskirnir's demos. With one Graveland cover song, four bonus tracks from earlier Bilskirnir works, and some re-recorded demo songs, this album isn't entirely new. Even so, it's still a must-have for anyone interested in Bilskirnir's music, or in pagan black metal in general. Standout tracks: "In Flames of Purification", "Die Lichtung", "For the Return of Paganism"

Blodtru (Den) "A Brighter Sun " --- CD

A Brighter Sun is the second full length record of the Danish anti-modern and anti-capitalist one-man project Blóðtrú. With half-part fury against the Modern World and half-part love towards Nature's eternal wisdom, this album intends to evoke in the listener the embers that glow deep within, so that the soul may once again take its original home. A brighter sun is rising!

Galdr (Usa) "Galdr" --- CD

Debut album of this American underground band.

Mind Asylum (Fra) "L'Asile de l'Esprit" --- CD

Debut album of this French Black Metal-band.

MoLoth (Rua) "Unbreakable Faith" --- CD

Re-release of the second album of this Russian Black Metal-band. Comes with bonus.

Nocturnal Degrade (Ita) "Hymn to Eternal November" --- CD

Debut album of this depressive Italian Black Metal-band.

Pantheon (Usa) "Vargrstrike" --- CD

Supposed to be released on D.T.B. Records after 1999, but it was released by Resistance Records on behalf of D.T.B. Records in 2001 instead. Re-released w/ bonus via D.T.B. Records in 2008.

Seges Findere (Bra) "Terrorist Warfare" --- CD

Black Metal from Brazil,compilation of demos and unreleased materials

Severe Storm (Pol) "Follow the Paths of Darkness" --- CD

Debut album of this Silesian Black Metal-band. Featuring Kolan of ANTISEMITEX.

Todesweihe (Ger) "Necronomicon Ex Mortis" --- CD

Compilation of previous recordings. Featuring their best material up to date, plus live recordings.

Zgard (Ukr) "Spirit of Carpathian Sunset" --- CD

Debut album of this promising band from Ukraine, following in the tradition of early NOKTURNAL MORTUM.


New arrivals from Les Acteurs De L'Ombre Productions and two Canadian old Metal band

Ebonylake (Uk) "In Swathes Of Brooding Light" --- CD

After 12 years of silence, back to the extreme horror, surrealism and decadence. This new album “In Swathes Of Brooding Light” is everything except easy listening and goes beyond what has already been done before. Will the enormous task of composition of these two tortured minds be finally understood?A Work in colour, music and reading. A painted work, orchestrated and heartbreaking. A work that makes sense when one surrenders to it ... No lyrics in the booklet, but the thoughts and visions of his morbid authors.

Numen (Spa) "Numen" --- CD

Pagan/Folk Black Metal from Spain, reissue of 2007 full length album

Pensées Nocturnes (Fra) "Grotesque" --- CD

One man Avant-garde Black Metal from France

The Great Old Ones (Fra) "Al Azif" --- CD

One could say their music is dark, intense, close to Altar Of Plagues, Fen, Wolves In The Throne Room. Their first album, recorded and mixed by Cyrille Gachet from France ( Year of No Light, ...), mastered by Alan Douches from New York (Tombs, Dillinger Escape Plan, ...)

Wicked Angel (Can) "The Remastered Collection MMIX " --- CD

Compilation of Canadian 80' Heavy Metal

Ultimatum (Can) "The Iron Age" --- CD

Canadian crossover metal slayer meets sacred reich, original 1995 Siege records version.


New arrivals from Dusktone

Acrosome (Tur) "Dementia Praecox" --- MCD

Acrosome is an oppressive entity coming from Ankara, Türkiye created by two shining souls D.A. & D.Y. Since the very first spreads of the few promotional audio creations, this combo has got an huge and unexpected interest around. “Dementia Praecox” (dusk002mcd) will be the debut official release of Acrosome consisting of 8 tracks Mini-CD. Solid bizarre structures of atmospheric horror sound from the cellar mind clash bringing the listener to a new concept of freezing and dramatic New Psychological Movement Black Metal. Hard to categorize neatly, Acrosome aesthetic result is simply a slow vortex into the deepest hole of universe.

Cold Body Radiation (Hol) "Deer Twillight" --- Digipak

After the high worldwide acclaimed debut album “The great white emptiness” Holland’s COLD BODY RADIATION is soon to release the second studio album “Deer Twillight” on fall 2011. So hard to categorise, CBR is becoming a fiercely original reference in the so called post-bm shoegaze movement. The new seven compositions come with a pounding sound structure trying to flout all conventions of usual extreme metal audio structures. ‘Deer Twillight’ captures the cold season in all shades and lights. Winter provided a perfect backdrop for melancholy and inner turmoil. This is a personal journey looking for hope in bleak circumstances. Trying to capture the overwhelming beauty and despair of winter.

Grisâtre (Fra) "Esthaetique" --- Digipak

Esthaetique is the second Grisatre full length album on Dusktone label. This time Rokkr created a personal journey perhaps even more introspective and oppressive than the previous acclaimed “L’idée De Dieu” album. Grisatre involve the listener in a timeless and emotionally expansive trave of discovery, evaluation and reflection over the course of the album’s 45 minutes. Grisâtre produces a music aiming at the call of the feelings which take to the reflexion, to the discovery of an unconscious occult knowledge, it’s also a personal representation of visions, perceptions. A vision Artistically metaphysical.. Grisâtre is an idea (Conceptually).

Lilyum (Ita) "Nothing is mine" --- CD

Active since 2002, having already put out a long list of CDr and tape/demo only releases, this is Lilyum’ first pro-CD release. Although it is inspired by modern War Black Metal style, Lilyum create music that is intensely original in it’s orientation : thumping violent drum-war-machine, hyperblasting guitar riffs, brutally abrasive voice from beyond create a demonic wall-noise and blasted atmosphere perfectly orchestrated by multi-instrumentalist Kosmos Reversum. The nine-song “Nothing is mine” will bring you in a magisterial earth-shaking journey of your most wildly mind abandonment.

Lotus Circle (Gre) "Caves" --- Digipak

Lotus Circle’s sound expression is based on an experimental karma of genres such as Doom, drone, black Metal, noise/electronic music always under the sign of a spiritual Inner Ritualism. “Caves” is a truly monster of warm and enveloping drone bringing the listener to an unknown and somewhat psychedelic level. After five years from the previous praised ”Bottomless Vales and Boundless Floods” album, LOTUS CIRCLE are back for a new spiritual catharsis.


New arrivals from Avantgarde Music and Woulded Love Records

Amnis Nihili (Gre) "Christological Escalation" --- Digipak

Contemporary black metal from Greece, from this album you can hear dark metal, industrial music, ambient, weird samples… of course all of these perfectly layered onto a solid black metal structure.

Caldera (Fra) "Mithra" --- Digipak

Doom Metal from France

Dark Sanctuary (Fra) "Dark Sanctuary" --- CD

Last album from Dark Sanctuary in 2009

Drowning the Light (Aus) "An Alignment of Dead Stars" --- CD

Forgotten Tomb (Ita) "Negative Megalomania" --- CD

Kauan (Rus) "Kuu.." --- Digipak

Atmospheric Folk/Post-Rock from Russia

Nightbringer (Usa) "Apocalypse Sun" --- CD

Nightbringer's over an hour full length album in 2010

Nocturnal Depression (Fra) "The Cult of Negation" --- CD

Potentiam (Ice) "Bálsýn" --- CD

Black Metal from Iceland, this is their first full length back in 1999 released by Woulded Love Records

Shining (Swe) "IV – The Eerie Cold" --- A5 Digipak

Re-stock of Shining IV in A5 digipack format

Spite Extreme Wing (Ita) "Vltra" --- Digibook

Last album from Spite Extreme Wing in limited Digibook edition


New arrivals from Belgian label Immortal Frost Productions

Astral Winter (Aus) "Winter Enthroned" --- CD

Second release of one man Melodic Black Metal band from Tassie

Eratomania (Bel) "Mental Suffocation" --- MCD

Down tempo black metal band from Belgium,cd limited to 300 copies.

Horizon (Fin) "Don't Let The Time Pass You By" --- MCD

Horizon is a neo classical ambient project from Finland

Nights Amore (Swe) "Subscribers Of Death" --- CD

Dark ambient from Sweden. Subscribers Of Death is Nights Amore's debut album. Its a 61 min journey with so much emotions and depth, if you go untouched after listening to it, you probably never ever felt depressed or sad in your life

Photophobia (Fin) "Humana Fragilitas" --- CD

Depressive Black Metal band from Finland

P.H.T.O (Fra) "Affliction" --- MCD

Depressive Black Metal band from France


New arrivals from Nykta Records

Erhabenheit (Ger) "Missgediehen" --- CD

Originally released on LP format in 99 copies only! NYKTA is proud to spread the second Erhabenheit monumental opus. 8 thorns of bleak and cold German Black Metal included in 30 minutes of extreme chaotic soundscapes. Formed in 2001 and including members from Odal & Wolfsschrei, this band is here to spare us their hellish visions. Rough sound, minimal yet inspired structures and a few thrash strokes portray the mighty comeback of Erhabenheit.

Graveborne (Fin) "Pure Negativity" --- CD

Graveborne performs heavy and skilled Black Metal influenced mostly by acts as Marduk, Gorgoroth and Immortal but having at the same time a personal aura. Amazing brutal sound production embraces the misanthropic rapture of contempt towards the world. Hand made artistic cover, 8 pages booklet and 46 minutes of devastating and morbid Black Metal aggression.

Gravsorg (Den) "Visions of Depression" --- CD

Gravsorg (Denmark) is much more than just another “depressive” Black Metal band. Having a personal experimental style, they perform down-tempo darkness, hymns to depression and decay… 8 tracks of doom negativity and black ambient frustration for the late night hours of isolation. Gravsorg recording is far one of the most abstract of it’s kind and it’s only the beginning…

Ignis Uranium (Ger) "Azimuth Nuctemeron Frequency" --- CD

Chaotic necro Thrash/Black Metal from Germany. Ignis Uranium recorded 9 powerful & well structured tracks for this debut album with a crushing production. Variously influenced, they mix classic Black Metal with technical Thrash aggression and a heavy sound for the fans of Thorns, Satyricon and Angelcorpse! Hammering drums, growling screams and skilled guitar riffs complete a symphony of rage unhold with a scent of destruction in every second of this record.

InThyFlesh (Por) "Lechery Maledictions And Grieving Adjures To The Concerns Of Flesh " --- CD

The Portuguese bloodstained crew returns with their second full length album. A grim pack of raw nihilism and extreme artistic concept with touches of Ravenlord (Woods of Infinity) and Gonius Rex (Onirik). All painted in deep red!

InThyFlesh (Por) "Claustrophobia" --- CD

Post – Black Metal nostalgia... The third scar of Inthyflesh (Portugal) includes over 50 minutes of grim melodies and harsh violence in a conceptual album about decadence and debauchery, also unfolding new elements in the sound of the band unleashing deep feelings of loss and nostalgia. A venomous release that stands for pain.

Nordmen (Can) "Nordmen" --- MCD

Seven years after the debut album (Vertus Guerrieres) on NYKTA, Athros returns with 3 long duration tracks in a limited MCD. After his contribution in acts like Ur Falc’h and Forteresse, it’s time to awake the Nordmen beast again. Raging Heathen Black Metal dedicated to the cold winters and howling northwinds. Balancing magic folk melodies with Pure Black Wrath, this MCD is definitely worth checking.

Prevalent Resistance (Fin) "Eternal Return " --- CD

The band's fame has growth inside the underground as the beasts behind this vision are also known for their participation in Vordr, Baptism & Verivala among others. What we have here is another grim masterpiece of Elite Black Metal, baptized in the philosophy of creation through destruction. Prevalent Resistance are back with a glorious "Eternal Return"!

Warnungstraum (Ita) "Inter Peritura " --- CD

Occult – Esoteric Roman Black Metal... “Inter Peritura” is a premonitory dream of the Great Passage, a meditation upon the Big Wreck. It’s a dark and morbid introversion, an inner journey through visions of the tragic decline of Western Civilization, and the perception of a coming new Golden Era for the Self and the World.

Verivala (Fin) "Kalliolle, Kukkulalle" --- CD

The long awaited second album of Verivala is out on NYKTA. 5 years after the sold out debut "Voittomme", this duo from Finland composed 8 new tracks in their blasting Black/Thrash style. "Kalliolle, Kukkulalle" is far one of the best releases for 2009.


New arrivals from Dark Hidden Productions

Bilskirnir (Ger) "Dem Feind entgegen" --- MCD

German Heathen Black Metal.New MCD of pure paganism, honour and war.Includes re-recorded stuff and unreleased tracks.

Campo de Mayo/Permafrost (Arg/Arg) "A Blindfold Stained With Blood/Haunting The Forgotten " --- CD

Split album of Anti-communist Black Metal/Ancient Black Forest.

Lascowiec (Usa) "Asgard Mysteries" --- CD

Hypnotic and atmospheric Black Metal from Vinland. Compilation of the first two demos plus bonus tracks.

Na Rasputje (Rus) "Early demos (1998-2003)" --- CD

Russian Aryan Black Metal.Compilation of the early demos "Raven" (1998), "The Iceflame of Hyperborea" (2002) and "Blizzard" (2003).

Oskal (Rus) "Stahlkrieg/Blazes of Sunset " --- CD

Raw and harsh Black Metal from Russia.Gathering of the two demos recorded in 2004.


New arrivals from Kunsthauch

Astral Silence (Swi) "Astral Silence" --- CD

Cosmic dark metal from Switzerland

Karg/Andrarakh (Aut/Ger) "Traumruinen" --- CD

Acoustic black / Experimental melancholic black split.

Mal Etre (Swi) "Torment" --- CD

Atmospheric black with doom and dark rock elements from Switzerland

Midnight Odyssey (Aus) "The Forest Mourners" --- CD

Atmospheric epic black ambient from Australia

Movimento d'Avanguardia Ermetico (Ita) "Stelle Senza Luce" --- CD

Introspective black metal from Italy.

Sieghetnar (Ger) "Endlosung" --- CD

Atmospheric black ambient from Germany.

Spüolus (Hun) "Behind the Event Horizon" --- CD

Cosmic Black Doom Metal from Hungary.


New arrivals from Misanthropic Art Productions

Apparition (Kor) "Blackmusa from the East Empire" --- CD

Primitive and Raw Black Metal from Korea.Re-recording version "In the Name Of Chiu" Demo + "Blackmetal Spirit" Demo + Undisclosed additional Live track!!! Influence Nargaroth, with an own eastern concept.

Dodsferd (Gre) "Hammering Brutally Your Cross" --- CD

Misanthropic Greece Black Metal Cult, Dodsferd's Live album. In june of 2010 recorded the live of Dodsferd with Behexen and Destroyer 666 in Athens! Mixed and mastered in "in the core media productions" Very high quality live album!! Fucking Brutal!!!

In My Shiver (Ita) "Black Seasons" --- CD

Modern Depressive Rock/Black Metal from Italy.Project Band Member of FADED. Indubitable Modern Depressive Black!!

Kvell (Kor) "Anti-Religion" --- CD

Anti-religion Cult Black Metal from S. Korea. Include Ultra Rare Demo "Unholy Gate To The Darkabyss" and "Damned Journey For the Unholy War".Black Legions Worship, but Sound influence Von.

Lost Inside (Usa) "Cold Days" --- CD

Depressive, Atmospheric Black Metal From USA.Member of Means to An End & Unending Hatred.Cold Depressive Art!!!

Lykauges (Gre) "Swan Song" --- CD

Raw, Pagan Black metal from Greece. Nihilism,Tragic Melody and Melancholic...

Mek Na Ver (Ita) "Heresy" --- CD

Black Metal from Italy.Raw & Cold, Melancholic. but Fast and Primitive!!! Member Of Forgotten Tomb, Consummatum Est, Sturmkaiser.Fan for Sargeist, Satanic Warmaster!!!

Nontinuum (Aus) "Dwelling in Oceans" --- MCD

Atmospheric/ minimalistic Black Metal from Australia.Killer Depressive & Atmospheric black Art!!!for fans of Woods of Desolation, Austere.. etc.

The Last Knell (Chi) "Æon Vmbra Genesis" --- CD

Black Metal from Chile.Member of Animus Mortis. Chaotic and Dynamic Black Metal. Limited 666 copies!!!Recommended of fan for Deathspell Omega.

Tunes of Despair (Fin) "The Process of Leaving" --- CD

Depressive Black Metal from Finland. Side Project band of Morbid (Member of Fornicatus & DEAD).Appalling, Screaming Female Vocal and playing deep dark & Funeral, Depressive black art. Sound like early Bethlehem, Silencer, early Shining.


New arrivals from Black Seed Productions

Anal Vomit (Per) "Gathering of the Putrid Demons" --- CD

Third full lenght album of these Peruvian Demons!! Total old school riping Thrash / Black Metal in the classic South American Way.

Decayed (Por) "Chaos Underground" --- CD

Lusitanian Black Fucking Metal!! New CD by this old Portuguese band since 1990! Total Decayed. Includes their EP “Sacrifice of the new born” as bonus!

Graveyard (Spa) "One with the Dead" --- CD

Awaited Full Lenght debut album of Graveyard!Pure timeless classic death Metal Masterpiece!Mastered by Dan Swäno at Unisound Studios!

Primigenium (Spa) "Faith Through Anguish" --- CD

After 8 years of silence, Primigenium returns with “Faith Through Anguish”. The album has been recorded by Smaug alone, produced by Javi Bastard at Moontower Studios and will be mastered by Tore Stejerna at Necromorbus Studios. Musically these new 6 songs (over 40 minutes) continue in the vein of the previous “Intolerance” album but more elaborated, sicker than ever and bordering insanity at moments.

Salvation666 (Ger) "Anima Pestifera" --- CD

First full-lengh of pure satanic hateful and dark Black Metal! With Taaken of ODAL, WOLFSSCHEI and SEELENGREIF!!


New arrivals from Thor's Hammer Productions

Aorlhac (Fra) "Opus 1" --- CD

French Fantastic Masterpiece Black Metal ! Imagine the old Ulver mixed with some Folk elements ! Folk Medieval Melodic and Agressive Black Metal . plus ULVER cover bonus , Be sure that this is one of the best releases to come out from France in the last 15 years ! Coloured covers with UV-Laque CD Limited to only 500 copies .

Aryan Art (Bul) "I Berem Plodovete Na Nasheto Nehajstvo" --- CD

Masterpiece New Album

Lycanthropy's Spell (Bel) "Forest Of Misanthropy" --- CD

Lycanthropy's Spell songs across the whole LS discography, This release is dedicated to the true Lycanthropy's Spell fans and Black Metallers alike . This unique style unique vocals of Black Metal that has Lycanthropic and depressing themes and atmospheres from Sarmak(RIP) and Inferis.74 minutes of true Black Metal from Sarmak and Inferis ranging across the old school style of Lycanthropy's Spell under influence of early 90's Black Metal and newer Misanthropic depressing Black Metal. For Moonblood fans . with "Under the Cold Full Moon" MOONBLOOD cover !!!

Nargothrond (Gre) "Doctrine of Lies" --- CD

The new Album of this excellent Underground Greek Quality Black Metal band ! Hateful and melodic Black Metal .

Sentimen Beltza (Spa) "Olabezarko Basoen Bakardadea" --- CD

Iberian Black Metal Art !A perfect mix of Melody and Agression from the cold black mountain ! with some SARGEIST touch !

Sentimen Beltza (Spa) "Bizitza osoan zehar sortu den etsipenaren ondorioak " --- CD

After the Amazing Olabezarko Basuen Bakardadera ,SENTIMEN BELTZA back with a new Masterpiece Album !51 Minutes of High Quality Black Metal,still cold and melodic with Amazing Atmosphere .

Sigillum Diabolicum (Fra) "Chroniques De L'infamie" --- CD

The French Underground Black Metal Strike again ! Seven Songs of Pure Hateful Agressive Black Metal with tons of Melancholy Hatred and Insanity ! Awesome Riffs , Strong Vocals , Bombastic Drum ! Started in 2002 by Lukter ..... Ulfengard/Nemossos ect.... CD Ltd to 300 Copies .

Wolfsblut (Ger) "Seelenqual/Legion Wolfsblut" --- CD

Pure Underground Raw Hasserfüllter True Deutscher Black Metal , Album/2006 SEELENQUAL + LEGION WOLFSBLUT demo 2004 Bonus . traditional German Black Metal with many killer riffs and Hateful Vocals with a little Depressive touch style and Mid-Tempo B.M , Influenced by bands like Moonblood/Judas Iscariot/Vargsang/Graven/Darkthrone/Svartkraft/Pest(Ger) , for all the fans of the Germans 90's Black Metal bands Lovers ! Wendul is also behind Runenthor,Desecrator,Nebelwahn,AngstKammer,Feldhaubitze, and many more .... as one man band ! Wolfsblut is an ice cold tribute to the Glorious 90’s Germans Black Metal Bands !


New arrivals from Arx Productions

A Dream of Poe (Por) "AntediluvianThe Mirror of Deliverance" --- Digipak

Doom Metal from Portugal

Ego Depths (Ukr) "Equilibrium Sickness" --- CD

Funeral Doom from Ukraine

Hexenmeister (Ukr) "...And Life in Insomnia" --- CD

Melancholic Black Metal from Ukraine

Je (Fra) "Un Royaume de Nuit" --- MCD

Depressive Black Metal/Post-Rock from France


New arrivals from Pest Productions

Altus Astrum (Uk) "Antediluvian" --- CD

Altus Astrum is an Irish based Black/Old school death metal band born in 2007. Inspired by the elements of the early black and death metal movements yet transcending beyond the classic foundations of predecessors, the intention is to create aggressive, chaotic music that embodies the dark, malevolent nature of the human condition!

Elhaz (Fra) "Malemort" --- CD

Re-release of the first album, also one of the best Black Metal albums in 2006,by the Ritualistic Black Metallers ELHAZ, ReMaster and complete new artwork!

Elhaz (Fra) "Goetic Experience" --- CD

The French Esoteric Dark Metal act ELHAZ now returns in two years of silence after the highly-praised debut album "Malemort" in 2006. The brand new album "Goetic Experience" comes with blackened and inclement atmosphere as it is supposed to be. 70 minutes of the true mysterious dark rituals in the eternal chaos!

Lost Inside (Usa) "Alone in the Wind" --- CD

New album from LOST INSIDE. The boundless wastelands and grey sky are what this album all about...

Morose (Uk) "Autumn Poetry" --- CD

Entering the eternal death, With requiem sounding in the paradise... The fall, the dark, And the grey poetry in the scent of your rose... This is a special release from the UK's one-man shoe-gazing Black Metal project MOROSE. We were in contact with MOROSE back in 2007 and this album was set to release at that time. The world is, however, always unforeseen . The band disappeared with unknown reasons and no signs of life could even be found. This compilation includes all the available recorded demo tracks by MOROSE. The autumn-like beauteous melody leads listeners to the path innovated by Alcest in the "Le Secret" era. A covert manifestation of inner feeling - there is always a secret in your mind.Don't miss this out - you'll be touched, without any doubt.Lim.500 only! (re-stock)

Oskoreien (Usa) "Oskoreien" --- Digipak

Oskoreien, a one-man project which made an outstanding performance in collection album Der Wanderer über dem Nebelmeer now comes back with its first full-length album. It is an elegant naturalism Black Metal record which mixes a great deal of folk elements with beautiful clear back vocals. For fans of Wolves in the Throne Room!


New arrivals from Slava Satan Records

Deathrow (Ita) "Gateways to Oblivion" --- CD

This time we will lead you in a journey through the negativity of life with DEATHROW. Walk through the gates of darkness and then die: cold, misanthropic, doom negative black metal, a totally uncompromised, monotonous and grim journey through the gates of darkness.

Faded (Ita) "Essences" --- Digipak

Reissue of Faded's second album, originally released in 2005, completely re-recorded and improved. Progressive dark metal with black metal, folk and doom elements for a complete trip into the unknown of human mind. (Soundspaces)

Lapis Niger (Ita) "Fuckin' God Cult" --- CD

The debut full lenght from this maniacs from Roma will lead you into a trip through the utter darkness, where black metal is so cruel that will open wounds on your soul. A manifesto of morbid black metal.

Noktiis Eterna (Fra) "Les Larmes du Tyran" --- CD

From the obscure narrow-street of France, a desperate soul is crying out his internal disease. Noktiis Eterna presents his first album, “Les Larmes Du Tyran”, a musical journey that will bring the winter into your life. A well talented musician that creates melancholic melodies with piano and keys, supported by dilated distorted guitars and paiful vocals, for a perfect mix within the solitude and the anguish of Burzum and the distant cold atmospheres of ambient music.


New arrivals from Dusktone

Be Persecuted (Chn)"I.I" --- LP

Finally available on vinyl version this seminal debut album of the first chinese extreme metal act. CD version originally released by No Colours, Germany. If you put on “I.I” and fast-forward to a random point in the album, you’ll probably be greeted with a relentless wall of atmospheric noise which carries a distinct feeling of drowning. Blastbeating drums and extremely harsh vocals are mixed low against buzzing, heavily distorted guitars. Unlike many recent depressive black metal releases, the human voice is not the primary focus of Be Persecuted’s sound. The instruments all work together to a sort of harmonious smothering effect. Often, the listener feels like he/she is underwater with the fuzzy yet razor-sharp guitars, hearing the rhythm section and vocals being played from above the surface. The result? A truly desolate vibe that, by the end of the second to last song, faces certain death with a smile. This is a solid (if unspectacular) piece of suicidal black metal, the kind that will only reach a certain group of people already inclined to such nihilistic sounds. If you know exactly what to expect, I.I. is an album for you. Recommend it for solitary listening, introspection, and catharsis.

Beyond Helvete (Ger) "Self Therapy" --- Digipak

“Self Therapy” is a journey through yourself emanating directly from the heart and soul. In this stunning new full length album Beyond Helvete crosses various styles of rock and metal. Lyric contents mainly came from psychic matters in a negative and misanthropic view following the composer’ deep artistic mind. “Self Therapy” is purely emotional music creating deep and dark atmosphere, alternating monotonous structures as well as powerful and fresh riffing and drumming. These sound-waves will bring you from the struggle inside yourself into a final calm catharsis; the alchemical harmony of Black Metal, rocking wall of sound, depressive/curative touch will leave the listener with a sense of unforgettable trance-state. The CD is released as a noble 6 page matt digipack, all artwork by : Stephen Lenfestey.

Deadman (Ita) "Spirito di Pietra" --- CD

“Spirito di pietra” (Spirit of stone) is simply the result of a constant process of emptying, a progressive loss of a condition beyond Man and his own dimension. A powerful and ambience black metal, sometimes apocalyptic, purely experimental, with post-rock, industrial, and psychedelic finishing touches, generating Orwellian visions where melodies, stuffed with a continuous lifetime-long research, echoed and are accompanied by the mystique of the Shakespearean sonnets and Pound’s dizzy verses.


Trade from New Era Productions

Mayhem (Nor) "Vomit From Helvete" --- CD

Features the rare instrumental rehearsal tracks from the split cassette that Euronymous sold himself through his Helvete shop!!!!!

Mayhem (Nor) "Dawn Of The Black Hearts" --- CD

Live in Sarpsburg, Norway 1990 + Rehearsal 1988 + Exclusive track Projections Of Stained Mind with Dead as singer.One of the most bootlegged albums in metal history. "Dawn of the Black Hearts" is infamous for bearing a real photo of late singer Dead's corpse after his suicide with a shotgun and a knife.


New CDs from Aphelion Productions

Bonesaw (Uk) "Sawtopsy" --- CD

Old school Death from Scotland featuring guest vocals by members / ex-members of Autopsy, Bolt Thrower, Massacre, Bone Gnawer, Abscess and Machetazo

Decayed (Por) "Resurrectiónem Mortuórum" --- CD

Classic album reissued with bonus tracks.Black Metal in the style of early Bathory

Doomed (Usa) "Doomed to Death and Damned in Hell" --- CD

Doomed consisted of Chris and Danny from Autopsy along with the Boogieman on vocals. The CD contains both 7" EP's they released (for Peaceville collector's club and Relapse) along with a bonus live track they would often do as an encore at Autopsy shows. All tracks appear on CD for the first time.Fans of Autopsy/Abscess should not miss this great collection of filthy punk fuelled death!

Funeral (Usa) "Funeral" --- CD

Funeral were formed by Eric Cutler when Autopsy split along with sometimes Autopsy/Death member Steve Digorgio. The CD contains the never released demo from 1996 and a rare instrumental rehearsal from the same year of tracks done after the demo. The material is in a similar vein to "Fiend For Blood" and "Acts Of The Unspeakable" with Eric's trademark creepy riffs and gloomy atmosphere throughout.Includes booklet with lyrics,liner notes by Eric Cutler etc.This is a truly obscure gem of mid nineties Death Metal that we are proud to finally bring into the cold light of day and pitch dark of night!

Thugnor (Por) "Scrolls of Grimace" --- CD

Debut full length with an hour of epic atmospheric blackened doom.After their split with Decayed on Drakkar Productions we are proud to present this masterpiece to the world!

Sekhmet (Cze) "Opus Zrůdy" --- CD

We've always had a soft spot for Black Metal from the former Eastern Block countries and Sekhmet from the Czech Republic are no exception. Mixing many influences from within the vast fabric of Black Metal's history including the first wave of 80's Black Metal,Norwegian Black Metal and of course the obscure magic of their fellow countrymen Master's Hammer which is most evident in the bands lyrics being in their mother tongue. CD version with 12 page booklet

The True Endless/Mephisto (Ita/Ita) "Too Heavy For Hell" --- CD

All new recordings from two of the oldest Italian hordes.the true Endless present their great mix of Northern darkness fused with an obscure Mediterranean flavour while Mephisto keep it old school to the bone acknowledging the forefathers with everything from doomy black a la Hellhammer to Teutonic Thrash thrown into the mix.Comes with poster booklet.


New CDs from Zero Dimensional Records

Fenrisulf (Jap) "Muerte mansa" --- CD

Underground Japanese Black Metal, limited to 200 hand numbered copies.

Höstkänslor (Per) "Fear Reality" --- CD

Shoegaze Black Metal from Peru.Debut Album.

Kanashimi (Jap) "In My Tears" --- MCD

Depressive Black Metal "Kanashimi". Side project of Misanthropy of the Samayoi. "Kanashimi" is a meaning of "sadness" in English. A very dreary, sad Depressive Black Metal is played as its name suggests. 3-inch Pro CD,very interesting work!!! (re-stock)

Slaktare (Ger) "Love Is Always Painful" --- MCD

Cold and depressive black metal art from Germany


New CDs from Hypnotic Dirge Records

Ancient Tundra (Can) "Requiems of a World Lost" --- CD

The long-awaited second album from Canada's Ancient Tundra. Desolate, Hypnotic and Dissonent Dark Ambient with elements of classical music, funeral doom, and black metal. Almost a full-hour of music separated into two acts featuring guest apperances from Mort, Hideous and Kenji Siratori.

Echoes of Silence (Usa) "Beyond the Crimson Gates" --- CD

The first release in over a year from veteran Experimental Black Metal project from Los Angeles. This release sees 'Echoes of Silence' continuing their evolution forward towards a thicker, darker, and more professional sound! All snyth guitars and other instrumentation yet still easily trance-inducing and headbanging material. This release has a total of 15 tracks and over an hour of music!

Exiled from Light (Nz) "There is no beauty left here.." --- DCD

No need for an introduction here... Exiled From Light has quickly become one of the biggest names in the Depressive Black Metal scene, and we are pleased to announce the release of the monumental album - 'There is no beauty left here...' - quite possibly the most accomplished, and complete musical creation of solo member 'Mort' to date. There is no beauty left here... features six never-before released tracks from Mort's repertoire in Exiled From Light, as well as three bonus tracks from one of Mort's often-forgotten side project 'Funereal' compiled together in a deluxe double-disc album on a professional manafactured CD with fitting artwork from the mind of Niels Geybels (Depraved Designs). Another excellent example of the human mind's descent into depravity and agony, There is no beauty left here... picks up where the debut album left off and takes the musicianship and atmosphere to a whole new level while incorporating new ideas and deeper emotions into the spectrum. Not to be missed!!

Funeral Fornication/Uruk-Hai (Can/Aut) "Split" --- CD

As a precursor to Funeral Fornication's forthcoming full-length album 'Pandemic Transgression', comes the split album with Austria's legendary Uruk-Hai, a project that Vultyrous has cited as a strong influence throughout his many years as a musician. Both projects on this album carry their own distinctive sound yet the album flows together as a solid entity and each artist's work complements the album as a whole. Uruk-Hai delivers his brand of epic, LOTR-inspired ambient black metal in the vein of Summoning, while Funeral Fornication continues to grow with each sequential release adding new elements to his sound including a cover song of UK doomster 'Solstice' with clean vocals!

Netra (Fra) "Mélancolie Urbaine" --- CD

The street lights are colder than usual, how come I am so moved ? I feel the urge to escape, to make everything vanish for a while. netra's Melancolie Urbaine album is one of the most original metal albums to be released in a very long time and something that is truly unique. Many influences have been leading the writing process of netra including extreme metal, trip-hop, rock and blues. This album is an incredibly atmospheric journey to your innermost thoughts and nightmares and transcends the typical depressive black metal soundscapes. Raw guitar work, absolutely stunning ambience, powerful melodies, jazz-esque solos, and an atmosphere which has the capacity to drown you in a world of depressing urban landscapes. Released in a standard jewel case in an edition of 1000, this is one of the best albums of 2010 and is not to be missed for any fans of Shining, Manes, Katatonia, Bohren und der club of gore, or someone who is getting tired of depressive black metal bands going through the motions.

The Foetal Mind (Fra) "The Grand Contraction" --- CD

A largely instrumental metal album, filled with powerful, catchy and atmospheric riffs that bring about the concept of The Grand Contraction. A very guitar based album that should please all metal fans regardless of genre, The Foetal Mind's first Professional CD shows an incredible evolution in the sound and concept of the project. The guitar work is highly melodic, catchy, and much more prolific in its approach than most black metal albums and can draw comparisons to the Amott brothers work in Arch Enemy. The overall atmosphere of the music is perhaps stronger than ever for this project. This album itself can be described as a mixture of black metal, doom, and traditional metal with a strong emphasis on melody, and a clear production quality that does not belittle the atmosphere of the music. The Grand Contraction further proves why this project should be considered one of the premier underground metal bands in France.


New CDs from Ridge Ov Dragon

Cyber Baphomet (Rus) "Cyber Baphomet" --- CD

It’s the reissue on CD of the first album of cult Chaotic Industrial Black Metal band from Stavropol (Russia). Post-nuclear Hymns, Destruction, Chaos, Technocratic Blasphemy. Industrial Black Metal

Rozhdenie Vetra (Rus) "Pamyat'.Pepel" --- CD

It’s the reissue on CD of the most interesting material of the underground band from Perm (Russia). Inspired by the ancient Ural legends. Dark Shamanism, Esotericism, Shadows of the Past, Nordic Archetypes. Dark Death Metal.

Shoggoth/Ars Sacra (Rus) "Twilights Of Existence/The Ashes In The End Of The Worlds " --- Digipak

The split of two Chaos followers - Ariakhas'a (Shoggoth) and ErichZahn'a (Ars Sacra, ex-Odor Mortis). Raw Black Metal from the Cult’s followers. Madness, Pain, Cynicism, Aversion to Life. Black Metal.

The True Nihilist (Rus) "The Ancient Forest... The Forest of the Forgotten Wisdom" --- CD

The first album by the talented band from the Yekaterinburg's underground. Spirit, Rage, Spite, Elitism. Paying tribute to European Black Metal.

Wolf's Source (Rus) "Remission Of Spirit" --- CD

The unique project (one-man band) on Black Metal stage which was recorded being imprisoned in high security jail (murder convict). Dampness, Spite, Hate, Despair, Irrevocability. Absolute Exclusive! Raw Black Metal.


New CDs from Doom Specialist-Solitude Productions

Abstract Spirit (Rus) "Tragedy and Weeds" --- CD

Album “Tragedy And Weeds” has become a new era in the bands work, denoting the transition to a new, high quality sound, more thoughtful material, and the desire to mature. The team once again became a trio, but the Abstract Spirit has ceased from a side project of famous musicians to a full band, performing live shows. “Tragedy And Weeds” is the same sludgy funeral doom, full of fleeting touches of depressive black. Melodies, filled with despair, and if is filled with schizophrenic delusions, evokes feelings of anxiety and fear, casting the listeners down into the abyss of despair. The sound of wind instruments resemble the old, sad, funeral orchestra, accompanying the low belly growl, hysterical cries and sepulchral recitative. All this gives birth to a unique atmosphere Abstract Spirit!

Astral Sleep (Fin) "Angel" --- MCD

A novel work from Finnish band. EP “Angel” consists of three parts featuring more traditional doom-death metal style compared to their debut album. This makes their composition more monolithic both conception-wise and music-wise. Nevertheless, the band keeps their gloom and heaviness according to the genre requirements: the exceptional work for true lovers of the doom-death metal.

Ea (Rus) "Au Ellai" --- CD

The third album of this enigmatic band combines the conceptions laid in their previous albums: exalted lightness of «Ea Taesse» and severe darkness of «II». Unique atmosphere of Ea fuses epic funeral doom with atmospheric ambient adding touch of classical music to the work’s canvas. Melancholic piano, beautiful guitar solos and choirs create a monumental memorial to ancient civilizations bringing their echoes in enchanting Ea music. The epilogue of Ea trilogy is the start of the path to the roots of the World.

Ophis (Ger) "Withered Shades" --- CD

The second full-length album of German band. New material, even more harsh and gloomy is professionally produced and ready both to bring joy to old fans of traditional doom-death metal and to attract interest of those who just has started to get familiar with the genre. “Withered Shades” accumulated heavy riffs and acoustic passages, combined dynamic parts and atmospheric interludes. The new album of Ophis is a new precious book in the world library of doom..

Revelations of Rain (Rus) "Emanation Of Hatred" --- CD

The third full-length album of the Russian band further develops ideas of the previous albums. Revelations of Rain presents high-standard uncompromising doom death metal. Even more heavy material featuring high record quality is close to early Evoken works and is saturated with depressive mood of estrangement and deep thoughts of world futility. Forget about violins, roses and romanticism: only gloom and hate fill this undoubted pearl of the genre. With their new record Revelations of Rain confirm their status of one of the best Russian doom metal bands.

Stoned Jesus (Ukr) "First Communion" --- CD

The long-awaited debut album from Ukrainian stoner doom metal band. After recording several demos and performing a number of gigs appreciated by the audience Stoned Jesus summarized all their experience in “First Communion”. Besides the influences by such masters of the genre as Sleep, Electric Wizard and Saint Vitus the band features a powerful load of psychedelic rock and old good blues rock. Groovy guitar riffs, suspension lasting until the last minute of the record and professionalism bring the band to the leaders of Ukrainian stoner scene. Guest appearance of members of The Grand Astoria, X-box Murder and Without God evidently approve this position.

The Howling Void (Usa) "Shadows Over the Cosmos" --- CD

The second album of project of the talented musician Ryan reveals new masterpiece of symphonic funeral doom metal! “Shadows Over The Cosmos” has a potential to become a master form of the genre along with best pieces of such bands as Colosseum and Ea: five endless tracks of majestic funeral doom filled with cold enigma and infinity of Cosmos. This sincere music will capture the listener until the very last second opening the beauty of Creation before him. Additional sense is brought by a picture called “Thaw” by a Russian painter of 19th century Feodor Vasilyev used in the artwork:. The CD is printed with pit-art and gold plated.

The Sullen Route (Rus) "Madness of My Own Design" --- CD

The debut album of young Russian band from Volgograd continues traditions of death/doom metal and represents the band as talented professional musicians. String material created without keyboards and other trend features will suit the tastes of fans of uncompromising death/doom in the vein of Mourning Beloveth, Process Of Guilt and Ataraxie.


CDs arrived from Dark Adversary,Total Holocaust Records,and Twilight Records

Drowning the Light (Aus) "The Blood of the Ancients" --- CD

The first full length written & recorded in 2008 by this cult Australian black metal entity. The Blood of the Ancients will take you through journeys of melancholy, hatred & glory! By far the bands best work to date! Raw, Melancholic yet Epic black metal!

Ill Omen (Aus) "Spear of Salvation" --- CD

Debut EP from this ominous force of Occult Black Metal Esoterica. Dissonant and atmospheric Black Metal that really manages to crawl under your skin like none other. Comes with one additional bonus track that wasn't featured on the cassette EP entitled "Adorned in Garments of Pestilence". Limited to 500 copies.

Ill Omen (Aus) "Compendium Melificarum" --- Digipak

O.A.A Black Metal cult! With over 70 minutes of play time, This is a CD compilation of the first 3 sold out demo tapes: Ill Omen, Black Esoterica and Adverse Order. A co-release between Adverse Order Music and Total Holocaust Records as a deluxe 6 panel digi-pack on heavy cardboard, Occult Black Metal Esoterica!

Fear of Eternity (Ita) "Light of the Night" --- Digipak

The new amazing melancholy and depresive opus of this italian cult act. A great album full of sad and desperation. Pianos, violins and keyboards with a voice in a black metal stile make this cd a big thing. For fans of Shining, Nortt .

The Soil Bleeds Black (Usa) "The Knightly Years" --- Digipak

The Soil Bleeds Black celebrate 17 years of composing neo-medieval music with the release of "The Knightly Years," a compilation of select favorites and rare tracks featured only on previous vinyl record releases. Also included is an unreleased track to appear on their next full-length album as well as a cover version of Tears for Fears "Shout." In sum, this special release features of 15 tracks of TSBB's best work over the years.


CDs arrived from Autumn Flood Productions,Pest Productions, Rotting Grave Distributions, and Eyes of the Dead Productions

Morose (Uk) "Autumn Poetry" --- CD

Entering the eternal death, With requiem sounding in the paradise... The fall, the dark, And the grey poetry in the scent of your rose... This is a special release from the UK's one-man shoe-gazing Black Metal project MOROSE. We were in contact with MOROSE back in 2007 and this album was set to release at that time. The world is, however, always unforeseen . The band disappeared with unknown reasons and no signs of life could even be found. This compilation includes all the available recorded demo tracks by MOROSE. The autumn-like beauteous melody leads listeners to the path innovated by Alcest in the "Le Secret" era. A covert manifestation of inner feeling - there is always a secret in your mind.Don't miss this out - you'll be touched, without any doubt.Lim.500 only!

Sinisterite (Uk) "Sinisterite" --- CD

The first onslaught initiated by another embodiment of hatred of Shatraug, the mastermind behind the long existing black cult HORNA, namely SINISTERITE! Old-skull Black Metal as it is meant to be - filthy, sludgy, immense darkness and infused with doom. The lord of chaos is once again reigning the world of hell! Insanely recommended!

The Last Days (Mex/Bra) "When The Tomorrow Is A Grey Day" --- MCD

The debut EP from The Last Days, a sound travel to the nostalgics and grey days in our lives, induced by well-built atmosphere through the enhanced touch of plentiful Post Rock tones. Fans of Amesoeurs and Lantlos should never let this slip through your ears.

Obskure Torture (Den) "Spilling The Blood Of The World " --- CD

Raw and Torturous Death influenced Funeral Doom from Denmark. This album will contain both their "Necro Rituals" demo and their "Worship The Beast" EP with a brand new song. This album is highly recommended for people into Necro Schizma, Nortt, Mournfull Congregation and is only for the true Devil Worshippers! Limited to 500 copies.

Tod (Ita) "Black Metal Manifesto" --- CD

We're glad to notice Tod walks a different path: no room for childish bullshit and ignorant proclamas, no fucking occult magick revealed, no misanthropic "superman" (super-homos?) wannabes. Only pain and despair as travelmates, Tod chants the only one possible, naked, hopeless wisdom : the human misery. A provocatory, intense, dramatic black metal opera, in the veins of Nehemah, Carpathian Forest, Forgotten Tomb. Alternating furious, livid passages to bittersweet moments of deep sadness, Tod depicts the human canvas with the deepest of black and a lugubrious orgy of grey. That's really all. There's no fucking escape.


CDs arrived from Descending Towards Damnation(Finland)

Inhumane Deathcult (Fin) "On Behalf of Satan" --- CD

"Aggression, devotion and varied atmosphere... Inhumane Deathcult returns more sinister and matured than before. From curse to curse you will be lead through nine songs with strong character and passion. Finnish Black Metal with total devotion."

Lordamor (Fin) "S/T" --- CD

"Excruciatingly slow black/doom metal in the vein of Unholy, Worship, Thergothon and Beherit with lyrical themes involving man's dark shadow-nature, decay and death."

Misantropical Painforest (Fin) "Firm Grip of the Roots" --- CD

A metasensory journey through the mysteries of primordial nature, into the treasurous depths of formless chaos. Travelling in an armour of different metals, with a majestick sylvan black metal leather tunic, Misantropical Painforest elevates perception with 10 new tracks of unfathomably enhanced intensity.

Night Must Fall (Fin) "Dissonance of Thought" --- CD

"Torturous Funeral Doom. Invoking agony & hate and the pleasure in reflecting them towards the humanity - the lethal injection of planet earth - the two lenghty tracks manage to be cruel and mesmerizing and yet still somewhat beautiful in their crudeness. A giant leap after their demos towards the torch bearers of Finland´s Funeral Doom genre. Imagine a mix of eerie funeral doom with the ugly crushing sludge attitude and you´re somewhere close to the sound of this release."

Saturnian Mist (Fin) "Repellings" --- MCD

"This altar shall be prepared in myriad ecstacy..." "Repellings" delivers 27 minutes and three psalms of possessed harangue with revolting ascension, atrocious woe & convoyed demonic embrace; where all attempts to understand shall drown into the everlasting chaos while Luciferian truth shines simultaneously through every putrid and impure being without a single word or a form... Gnothi seauton.

Teloch (Fin) "Morbid Prayer" --- CD

"Morbid Prayer(s) is a manifestation of the forces that work within and beyond this entity known as Teloch. Taking the listener from raging Hellfire into the bottomless depths of Tehom. Do not expect "typical" Finnish Black Metal from this album."


CDs arrived from Darker Than Black Records

Ad Hominem (Fra) "Dictator - A Monument of Glory" --- CD

47 minutes of martial industrial black metal.

Askival (Uk) "Eternity" --- CD

Askival combines pure atmospheric/instrumental songs with epic pagan black metal, still with the same atmosphere, but including the great vocals and more instuments.

Bekhira (Fra) "Demo 1996" --- Digi file CD

2009 reissue on Darker Than Black Records with bonus track.

Bustum (Pol) "The Return of Hate" --- CD

The debut album of this Silesian cult horde. With Necro/Ohtar on the vocals!

Cripta Oculta (Por) "Ecos dos Dólmens Esquecidos " --- CD

New album of this heathen-occult band from Portugal!

Menegroth (Swi) "Gazourmah" --- CD

A futuristic, audial praise of the Heliocracy and the aesthetics of Fascism.

Purest (Ger) "Renascence" --- CD

German Black Metal with CAEDES-members, among others. Preaching the pure philosophy of sinister misanthropy!

Somnolence (Usa) "As Midgard Weeps" --- CD

Bleak and melancholic soundtrack for the end of this world. With Akashah-members.

Stormheit (Fin) "Kvenland" --- CD

Epic Pagan Metal in the style of Morrigan and Bathory!

Svyatogor (Ukr) "ENERGY - FREEDOM Force is Strong Power is Imperious" --- CD

Folk Black Metal from Ukraine

Vogelsang (Ger) "Aus den Trümmern Empor" --- CD

German, folkish Black Metal! Debut. Cardbox.


CDs arrived from War Against Yourself,Midwinter Records,LADLO Productions and War Prductions

Avsked (Ger) "Livets Ironi" --- CD

Deel and Depressive Black Metal from Germany

Durthang (Swe) "Passage Beyond the Cold Vales of Desolation" --- CD

Depressive Black Metal with member of Hypothermia, Lustre and other.

Frozen Death (Ger) "Ravenstorm" --- CD

Icy German Black Metal! 93's album,Latest reissue

Pensées Nocturnes (Fra) "Grotesque" --- CD

Avant-garde Black Metal from France

Bloody Lair (Cze) "Total Mayhem" --- CD

A Perfect blend of pure devastation. Black/Death Metal at its best

Ars Diavoli/Irae/Penitência/Thy Black Blood (Por) "Black Throne of Disease" --- CD

Four Portuguese Black Metal hordes devastating the Underground. No mercy, no compromises, only Black Metal.


CDs arrived from Puissance and Naga Productions from Czech Republic

Puissance (Swe) "State Collapse" --- CD

The masters of martial Neo-Classical Industrial return... Sumptuous and majestic as ever, and exploring their melodic side even further.(Regain Records)

Heiden (Cze) "Tinne" --- CD

Melodic pagan black metal with harsh vocal, acustic guitars and rock groove.

Heiden (Cze) "Obsidian" --- CD

HEIDEN presents their 4th dark opus since 2003, called Obsidian. Now, after first two pagan metal albums, progressive album Era 2 and successful split with Trollech, Heiden presents the darkest and most comprehensive album ever. Organic mixture of Black / Doom and Rock discover melancholic and decadent mood and whole negativity in their poem lyrics. All recorded in legendary Czech SHAARK studio, which powered Obsidian sound on max. Enjoy!

War for War (Cze) "Kovy Odjinud" --- CD

Epic Experimental black metal in the vein of Master’s Hammer, Lord Morbivod‘s solo project (Trollech, Stiny plamenu…). The third album of Morbivod´s solo project War for war is a piece of work that noticeably differs from a previous output. Lyrics are not related to the previous concept at all and now it´s used Czech language exclusively. Music techniques are more varied and sophisticated, the sound is precise, clear and dynamic. Songs describes dreamy and real visions about hardness and segmentation of the earth and human soul. We infiltrate into depths of rocks for mineral materials to behold the work of masters, these journeys are very tempting, but if we do a step in the wrong direction, the Death followed with a horrible scream, will strike us and throw us down into a vertical flooded mine. The album is for its connection with mines in Stříbro dedicated to the local Miner´s historic association and for the same reasons to admirers of the legendary band Master´s Hammer.

War for War (Cze) "Věž smrti" --- CD

Mining-Historic project WAR FOR WAR led by Lord Morbivod gained lot of followers already with Kovy odjinud album. Now new album Věž smrti is coming and mining history themes goes far as well as music is more cold and electronic based. Overall epic, experimental black metal influenced by industrial. Guest appearances: Petr „Blackosh“ Hošek (CALES) vocals, BMKrieger (NAURRAKAR) solo guitar and Tomáš Kofroň (TROLLECH, UMBRTKA) vocals.

Wyrd (Fin) "Kalivägi" --- CD

Finnish pagan / black metal band WYRD (Tomi Kalliola+AZAGHAL members) brings their 8th album since 1998. After last two albums “The Ghost Album” and “Kammen” mostly in doom / rock vein, Kalivägi represent again the old pagan / black metal style known from their cult albums “Heathen” and “Huldrafolk”. This unique release brings Finnish melodic influences as well as melancholy.


CDs and DVD arrived from Sun & Moon Records from Romania

Nocturnal Depression (Fra) "Mankind Suffering Visions" --- DVD

The first official DVD, including a full concert recorded on the bands last European tour (Haunting Europe Tour) with pro-cameras and the official video-clips of the band! Professional edited & mastered DVD with menu points. DVD is Zone 2. Customer outside of Europe and Japan should have a multizone player for reading it. Contains a special inside booklet. The first DSBM live dvd/recording!

Atman (Spa) "L'Assassí de Venus" --- CD

The 4th full length album from this great, enigmatic Black Metal band hailing from Catalonia (Spain). One of the best Black Metal albums ever recorded a band from Spain! Raw old school Black Metal, with more of a melancholic feel to the music-as oppose to the chaos. 12" vinyl LP released by Ishtadeva Vinyl Productions in 2008.

Chelmno (Ita) "Horizon of Events" --- CD

Chelmno is another great band of Vidharr (Tenebrae in Perpetuum, Beatrìk, Near, Profezia) performing traditional Black Metal, paying tribute to the old spirit, combining the austerity of BM with dark & misty visions. Entering the world of Chelmno you are entering the world of sinister and gloom! Expect obscure and tenebrous Dark Italian Black Metal, performed with great skills and sound! The 2nd full length album after the "Under Our Cemetary" debut and the "From the Ancient Dolomitic Forests" Split 7" Ep with Tenebrae in Perpetuum, Near & Lorn.

Nocturnal Depression (Fra) "Nostalgia - Fragments of a Broken Past" --- CD

Re-release of the band's first full-length (released only on CD-R & tape format), expect depressive & melancholic Black Metal in purest tradition. Re-recorded, re-arranged, re-mastered. CD contains the video for Nostalgia.

Nocturnal Depression (Fra) "Four Seasons to a Depression" --- CD

The re-mastered version of the band’s acclaimed demo-tape from 2006. Four Seasons To A Depression, unlike the previous outfits is concentrated on themes like nature, cycle of life, and musically is also something different this time. Depressive emotional Black Metal, a soundtrack of the seasons.CD contains a special video for the track Host.

Permixtio (Ita) "Il Canto dei Sepolcri" --- CD

Permixtio is reflective black metal performed with great passion. Having a grim & bleak approach on BM and a transcendent feeling in their music, this band from Northern Italy plays very well-structured songs filled with feelings of melancholia, anguish and spiritual catharsis. The result is a desolate, grim, introspective & majestic BM with a sorrowful and almost ceremonious/religious aura. The 1st full length album after many great demo tapes!

Siculicidium (Rom) "Utolsó Vágta az Univerzumban" --- CD

Let's ride with the Transylvanian wolves! The long awaited first full length album! The last gallop in the Universe...six steps to Eternity! Pure Transylvanian Black Metal. Power, pride & fire with touch of melancholy. The 8-pages booklet containing all lyrics written in ancient Hungarian language!

Windbruch (Rus) "Collision of the Worlds" --- CD

Windbruch (meaning wind break/fracture) is a Russian one man band that mixes elements of folk metal and black metal. Strongly folk-influenced music focuses on a strong atmosphere with a lot of emotional feeling, hypnotizing sounds, beautiful Russian landscapes with coldness of black metal, taking the listener to the forests on full moon nights. The debut full length album contains 7 own tracks and a very special cover song.


CDs arrived from Lower Silesian Stronghold from Poland

Dark Fury (Pol) "The Price of Treason" --- CD

Dark Fury (Pol) "Saligia" --- CD

Dark Fury/Ohtar (Pol/Pol) "Auri Sacra Fames/Necrohate" --- CD

Harza (Rus) "War" --- CD

Selbstmord (Pol) "Dawn of a New Era" --- CD

Thoth (Pol) "Zamglenie" --- CD

Wschód (Pol) "O Dumie, Sile i Ogniu" --- CD


CDs arrived from Totalrust Music

Beneath the Frozen Soil/Negative Reaction (Swe/Usa) "Split" --- CD

This split presents a bitter and unforgiving struggle between the raw blackened Doom Metal of Swedish Doomsters Beneath The Frozen Soil, and the well-known hateful Sludge of New York's gods, Negative Reaction. There are no winners in this dirty Battle, just fifty bleeding and harsh minutes straight from the most unpleasant side of the genre…Expect for totally punishing experience! Split to your face...

Highgate (Usa) "Highgate" --- CD

The album of Kentucky sick trio Highgate offers 1 untitled track, but not less then 54 minutes of nasty combination between Hybrid minimalist Doom, experimental noise and Grim Black Metal. Expect for a loud and noisy production and prepare yourself for the worse! The sound of apocalypse…

Highgate (Usa) "Shrines to the Warhead" --- CD

After two years of silence Highgate is back with another grim slab of sickness. Shrines to the Warhead delivers 4 noisy tracks of almost 45 minutes and shows once again their unique Crusty Doom/Black that is nasty, oppressive and suicidal. This album has been recorded at Candyland Studios and definitely the heaviest effort of the band so far. Devastating.

Hyadningar (Fra) "The Weak Creation" --- CD

The Weak Creation is the band's second full-length album and it brings 8 tracks of black metal that is varied and sick (epic, yet raw and chaotic). Complex and unique song structures (lots of rhythm changes and sudden twists), powerful production and another insane vocal performance by Marquis (Bethlehem, Ataraxie, Funeralium) that consist on black metal screams, low grunts and bestial moaning cries...61 minutes that have been recorded, mixed and mastered at CCR studios (Belgium) by Kris Belaen and shows French black metal at its best (Comes with a nice 12 pages booklet).

Lords of Bukkake (Spa) "Desorden Y Rencor" --- CD

Desorden y Rencor is the second album from Spanish trio, Lords of Bukkake, and it brings 40 minutes of sickening slow motion Sludge/DOOM filled with dirty riffs, greasy feedbacks, high-pitched nuts vocals and lots of effects and electronics in the background. Extremely heavy, psychedelic and noisier / weirder than any of their previous material. Think Iron Monkey meets Swans meets Grief meets Godflesh meets Esoteric meets Eyehategod and you are still not even close. Album has been mastered by Bri Doom (Lazarus Blackstar) at Studio 1in12.

Mourning Dawn (Fra) "For the Fallen" --- CD

Two years after the band's self titled album, Mourning Dawn is back with eight new pieces of despair and not less then 70 minutes of their unique painful Black/Dark Metal. The production is freezing, the material is slower then ever and together with the guest vocals of Jonathan Thery (Ataraxie, Hyadningar, Bethlehem, Funeralium), "For The Fallen" is definitely the sickest effort of this suicidal French band so far.

Paganus (Fin) "Paganus" --- CD

Paganus full-length features 4 tracks of vicious extreme Doom metal clocking in at almost 50 minutes! A raw Extreme heaviness filled with crushing riffs, "doomy soundscapes", wicked vocals and lots of negative emotions… Recommended for fans of Burning Witch, Khanate, High on Fire, Neurosis...

Pyramido (Swe) "Sand" --- CD

Sand is the first full-length album of Swedish maniacs, Pyramido, and it delivers five punishing tracks of raw Sludge for almost 50 minutes. This old school slab of DOOM is primitive, dirty and gruff! Get crushed.

The Knell (Isr) "Harm" --- CD

After 9 hard years of existence, the long awaited debut album of the Israeli Doomsters The Knell is finally out! "Harm" has been mastered by Greg Chandler (Esoteric) and contains 7 tracks for more than 50 minutes of heavy, thick and beefy Doom/Death Metal. This album is not a tribute for the nineties and the glory days of the genre, but a proof that Doom/Death is still kicking in the twenty one century and even more relevant than ever. Doom on!

Volition (Uk) "Volition" --- CD

The full-length album of this British gang delivers eight songs of punishing sick Doom that consist in ultra heavy downtuned guitars, slow pounding drums, guttural vocals (from deep grunts, to fucked up screams) and an excellent dirty, yet crushing production! This hour of filth has been recorded, mixed and mastered at Studio 1in12 by Bri (Lazarus Blackstar) and is recommended for fans of Coffins, Corrupted, Winter, Noothgrush, Toadliquor…

Wraith Of The Ropes (Usa) "Ada" --- CD

After a very long, meticulous and painful process, WOTR's debut album "Ada" is finally released. The album contains 6 tracks for nearly an hour of depressive and nightmarish Horror Metal. Horror film inspired atmospheres mixed with lethargic and Doom-laden Metal. Heavily mind-and-mood altering...


CDs arrived from Avantgarde Music and Ewiges Eis Records

Forgotten Tomb (Ita) "Vol. 5: 1999-2009" --- DCD

Depressive Metal maestros celebrate their tenth anniversary re-recording their classics shots, a few covers and some new material in a "live-in-the-studio" dimension. Marvellous rough and brilliant sound... Over TWO hours of Pure Southern European. Black Discomfort music.....

Lifelover (Swe) "Konkurs" --- CD

Third album from Lifelover, no introduction needed.

Mortuary Drape (Ita) "Buried in Time" --- CD

Mortuary Drape's 4th album from 2004

Wyrd(Fin) "Kammen" --- CD

Killer album from the Finnish gods of Dark, epic atmospheric (black) Metal!

Defaillance (Fra) "Defaillance" --- Digipak

Depressiv/misanthropy Black Metal from France.Silver print digi-pack with special raw paper carton, special - CD with Pit Art- Defaillance and Ewiges Eis Records logo.

Dødkvlt (Fin) "I" --- CD

Experimental/suicide - Black Metal from Finland CD is limited and handnumbered to 500 copies ! Studio sound, Lord Theynian - Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Keyboards & Drum/sound programming

Hexenwald (Ger) "Descent, Rebirth and Black Light" --- CD

Hexenwald - Descent, Rebirth and Black Ligth CD The second chapter of raw doom evoking Occultism Black Metal. Channeling diabolical sound frequencies into a serpentine journey of spiritual descent. A Germanic black ceremony, Keeping the bands German roots alive in Vinland. The CD is limited to 500 copies handnumbered inkl. Bonus Material

Korpblod (Swe) "Uråldrig Samklang" --- CD

Cold swedish Black Metal. The amazing Album Uråldrig Samklang by Korpblod released on CD through Ewiges Eis Records. The CD is limited and handnumbered to 500 units !

Pagan Blood (Fra) "The last Empire" --- CD

French Pagan Black Metal, this is the new Band from Julien - (Heathen Dawn/Drachenfels).

Seul (Fra) "Suicidal & Emotional Black Metal" --- CD

French depressiv Black Metal/Ambient, 6 Page-Leporello-Folder, limited to 900 units


CDs arrived from Ludah productions and New Era Productions

Emptys (Idn) "Destroyed Holy Shrine" --- MCD

Melodic black metal from Indonesia.

Immortal Rites (Idn) "Api Dari Timur" --- CD

Chaosadistic Blackness Death metal from Indonesia.

Rajam (Idn) "Burning Antarctica" --- CD

Seven amunisi completely arogant beastial war metal. This is the way to hear Antarctica burn

Dissection (Swe) "Frozen in Wacken" --- CD

Recorded live in Wacken 1997.also includes the song "Night's Blood" that was omitted from the official release due to errors in the recording

Impaled Nazarene/Beherit (Fin/Fin) "Day of Darkness festifall" --- CD

Live release recorded at the Finland festival on August 23rd, 1991. Featuring 8 tracks from Impaled Nazarene & 7 from Beherit. Warhammer.

Mysticum (Nor) "Demons Never Sleep" --- CD

Industrialized satanic Black Metal..... Both ultra rare 1993 demos! Made in Planet Satan !

Stalaggh (Nl) "Pure misanthropia" --- CD

Pro private release in 300 copies only with different cover and original mix.. Longer and louder than the official version, handnumbered..


CDs arrived from various labels

Arcana (Swe) "Le Serpent Rouge" --- CD

"Le Serpent Rouge" abandons the soaring vocals and thunderous approach which have typified Peter Bjargo's work in the past. The new direction which has been taken is a tantalizing mix of Arabic, Oriental and classical elements. Armenian duduk, Dulcimer, Egyptian finger cymbals, Timpani and Cabasa are just part of the musical arsenal used on "Le Serpent Rouge". (Erebus Odora)

Bosse-De-Nage (Usa) "Bosse-de-Nage" --- CD

Hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area, the black metal act known as Bosse-de-Nage, is equal parts Slint, Darkthrone and Alcest. Flenser Records is gleefully proud to present the release of Bosse-de-Nage’s long delayed self-titled full-length album. We, the Flenser, feel that we have no choice but to finally give this masterpiece its proper release. Finally, the self-titled full-length debut by Bosse-de-Nage is available in its finest form to date. This CD release is the first time that these tracks are available in the sound quality that they were intended to be and is housed in artwork created by the band and printed on quality linen paper stock. (Flenser Records)

Horna (Fin) "Hiidentorni" --- CD

Original Solistitium version from 1997 (Solistitium Records)

Horna (Fin) "Kohti Yhdeksän Nousua" --- CD

First full length album of Horna,original Solistitium version from 1998 (Solistitium Records)

Isvind (Nor) "Dark Waters Stir" --- CD

The only full length album of Isvind,original Solistitium version from 1996(Solistitium Records)

Lunar Aurora (Ger) "Elixir of Sorrow" --- CD

Over 50 minutes of eerie, cold and raw Black Metal! A masterpiece made up of freezing atmospheres, ambient passages and a truely original sound!The darkest shining star of the deepest underground!!! (The Oath)

Palace of Worms (Usa) "The Forgotten" --- CD

"A dizzying blend of troo black metal buzz, and experimental post rock, which is evident from the first few seconds of the record, beginning with haunting majestic synths, then a brittle lo-fi blast of metal, that sounds like it was played on a mandolin, or pitched up, before the song proper kicks in with a wall of frenzied super saturated black buzz, croaked vokills, and buried in the mix blast beats, switching gears multiple times throughout the song, chugging doomic sprawl, to gnarled Deathspell style blackprog, with plenty of tangly guitar lines and lurching tempo changes, clean guitar, very reminiscent of another aQ BM fave Woe, the same sort of melodic sensibility fused into a seriously harrowing chunk of grim black aggression. The rest of the record follow suit, dipping occasionally into ultra raw, old school black metal pound, weird almost industrial shoegazey ambience (sounding a bit like Nadja or Jesu), classic midtempo Burzumy blackness, awesomely creepy Eastern tinged black ambience, almost Katatonia moody sounding melodic blackness, but always returning to that furious heaviness, all lightning speed riffage, hellish vox, dizzying complex rhythms, soaring synths, but all infused with that strange, and subtle pop element that turns grim and black into something much more interesting, and makes Palace Of Worms another band to add to SF’s black pantheon."(Flenser Records)

Silexater (Ger) "Silexater" --- CD

Old school Black Metal from Germany (Wolfsgray)


CDs arrived from Misanthropic Art Productions,Zero Dimensional Records and Eole Noir

Dimidium Mei (Pol) "Flames of Hatred" --- CD

Primitive Oldschool Style Black Metal from Poland, features member of Besatt, Mystes

Ignis Gehenna (Aus) "Revelations of Sinister Rebirth" --- MCD

Devil worship Black Metal from Australia. Dynamic and Violent Sound. For fans of Deathspell Omega, Ofermod

Lykauges (Gre) "Under the Veil of Depression" --- CD

Nihilism, cold, Atmospheric black metal from Greece!!

Moredhel (Ger) "Burn Your Local Church" --- CD

High quality live recording + demo . Black Metal from Germany

Moredhel (Ger) "Satanik Endsieg" --- CD

Black Metal from Germany. First Full-length album!! Guest-Bass Part and recorded, mixed, mastered by Kanwulf of Nargaroth

Kanashimi (Jap) "In My Tears" --- MCD

Depressive Black Metal "Kanashimi". Side project of Misanthropy of the Samayoi. "Kanashimi" is a meaning of "sadness" in English. A very dreary, sad Depressive Black Metal is played as its name suggests. 3-inch Pro CD,very interesting work!!! (East Chaos Records)

Quintessence (Fra) "Le Fléau de ton Existence " --- CD

Black metal from France. Japanese reissue with 5 bonus live tracks. The sound might be dramatic and be melodious just a little. It is wonderful!!! (Hidden Marly Productions)

Thränenkind (Ger) "Eine Momentaufnahme - Der Rest ist nur Einsamkeit" --- MCD

Shogaze Black Metal from Germany.(MAA release)

5 Way Split (Kor/Jap) "Oriental Abyss" --- CD

5 Way Split CD by black metal bands in South Korea and Japan. Korean Black Metal "Apparition" is very evil sound is played. It's a sound only in South Korea. Similarly, "Aek Gwi" is black metal band from South Korea plays Raw evil Black Metal! "Fenrisulf" is japanese primitive black metal bands.It's very melodic primitive black metal seen well for Japanese black metal. Similarly, "Juno Bloodlust" is black metal band in Japan.Music with a very high quality to imagine major symphonic black metak is played!! Svar Fra Hedensk"is plays straight black metal!! 5 way split in which a wonderful black metal band is concentrated! (I know the description from this Korean label is pretty hard to read, find more info on Metal-Archives if you are interested)

Eole Noir (Bel) "Eole Noir" --- MCD

Raw Black Metal from Belgium. Fuatures members of Nartvind. CD limited to 200 copies only(Thor's Hammer Productions)


CDs arrived from No Sign of Life,Wulfrune Worxxx and Dusktone

Blodulv (Swe) "Blodulv" --- CD

Due the sold out pressing and demand in the scene the first CD is re-released with bonus ep material. Swedish distorted black metal in the vein of Gorgoroth etc. Killer(Wulfrune Worxxx).

Crosswrecker (Fin) "Black Flame Divination" --- MCD

From the ashes of SACRIFICIAL DAGGER spawns a new black manifestation CROSSWRECKER. A Thrashing Hell Metal act that is ready to crush your pitiful minds. With their first MCD release "Black Flame Divination" this hell blasting act will either fire up your soul or plunge your very existence to the deepest pits of Hell. Consisting of five tracks this fiery MCD delivers you more than a decent dose of Black Thrash Metal in the vein of At War, Venom, Sodom, Deströyer 666 and Razor.

Denial of God (Den) "The Horrors of Satan" --- CD

NSOL is proud to announce a pact made with the Darkest of the Devils advocates: Denial of God from Denmark! The first work of this Unholy pact is ”The Horrors of Satan” CD. Licensed from Horror Records/DOG, official re-release. This piece of Horror Metal comes with a 16 page booklet. This band should need no further introduction.

Denial of God (Den) "The Dawn of Aemizaez:Demos 1992-1993" --- CD

After several problems with covers & other delays NO SIGN OF LIFE is proud to present a special release which celebrates the DOG forces now going stronger than EVER! After countless requests for the old and deleted demos "Oscularium Infame" (1992) and "The Dawn of Aemizaez" (1993) these have been released on one CD finally. The CD contains the complete demos completely remastered at Berno Studio for optimal sound quality, it features all lyrics, linear notes by both Azter and Ustumallagam, lots of rare and previously unseen photos presented in a neat 16 page booklet with silver prints.

Frostbitten Kingdom (Fin) "Infidel Angel" --- CD

The new Frostbitten Kingdom album hits you with six aggressive yet melodic songs. Fierce pounding and freezing melodies without forgetting the slower more epic parts. This album is about love and understanding towards the ragheads of Islam.“If you embrace the faith, you will be safe”. For fans of Dissection, Marduk, Watain and Immortal.

Utgard (Fin) "Thrones and Dominions" --- CD

No Sign of Life is proud to present the new album from the Mighty Finnish Black Metal warriors Utgard! This is their second full-lenght album after well over ten years working in the shadows of the deepest Finnish Underground. Feelings of Might, strenght and sometimes also despair and longing for times past are awoken by this opus of Black Metal from the misty lakes and dark woods of Central-Finland.

Grisâtre (Fra) "L'idée de Dieu" --- Digipak

The long awaited full lenght album for the french act Grisâtre finally released. After two acclaimed split albums here comes “L’idée De Dieu”, six unreleased tracks of pure bleaky black metal at its best. Grisâtre is a project of ambient / atmospheric Black metal founded in 2006 by Rokkr. At the beginning Grisâtre had no vocation to become a project which was going to evolve, it was simply a release researching for feelings that shall transcend the perception. But after some encouragements and propositions, Rokkr decided to propose its music to those who wanted to take time to listen to.. Grisâtre produces a music aiming at the call of the feelings which take to the reflexion, to the discovery of an unconscious occult knowledge, it’s also a personal representation of visions, perceptions. A vision Artistically metaphysical.. Grisâtre is an idea (Conceptually).(Dusktone)

Cold Body Radiation (Hol) "The Great White Emptiness" --- Digipak

Melancholic Shoegaze Black Metal from the Netherlands,from the restained flickering of candlelight to the blinding rays of the sun: The Great White Emptiness drowns everything in a hazy melancholic slumber that shimmers with golden shine.A depressive study on the nature of light(Dusktone)


LPs arrived from Infinite Wisdom Productions, CDs from various labels

Circle of Ouroborus (Fin) "Islands" --- LP

200 copies Limited edition sold out from Infinite Wisdom already.

Nuit Noire (Fra) "Lunar Deflagration" --- LP

Limited to 200 copies.

Karnarium (Swe) "Karnarium" --- CD

More occult and twisted death metal from the filthy sewers of the Swedish underground! Only full length of Karnarium(Blood Harvest Records).

Godflesh (Uk) "Slateman/Cold World" --- CD

2 in 1 Reissue of two early eps from 1991.(Earache Records).

Gorgoroth (Nor) "The Beginning" --- CD

Compilation contains "A Sorcery Written in Blood" 93,Promo '94,"The Last Tormentor" 96 and 5 bonus tracks taken from Live in Germany 96.(Cold Void Productions).

Primordial (Ice) "Spirit the Earth Aflame" --- CD

Celtic Folk Metal from Iceland(Candlelight Records).

Primordial (Ice) "Storm Before Calm" --- CD

Celtic Folk Metal from Iceland(Candlelight Records).

The Accüsed (Usa) "The Curse of Martha Splatterhead" --- CD

Martha Splatterhead returns! The pioneering kings of Splatter Rock The Accüsed are back from the wrong side of the grave! Accüsed axe slinger and founding member Tommy Niemeyer has resurrected the unholy Splatterbeast with a new lineup that is an efficient killing machine! Originally formed in 1981 near Seattle, Washington the Accüsed have released over 6 lps and several EPS over the last 28 years. The true Return of Martha Splatterhead is upon us! Over the last few years, surviving deaths, trends, and severe obstacles the Acccüsed have returned to rightfully reclaim the Thrash Metal throne! The new album: "The Curse of Martha Splatterhead contains even more face ripping riffs, more brutal throat shredding and more intenstinal morbid devourement than ever before. 14 songs clocking in at 29 min. FASTER, MORE VICIOUS, MORE BRUTAL than you can handle! Crushing production courtesy of Billy Anderson (Melvins, Neurosis, Eyehategod, High On Fire,Sleep etc.). (Southern Lord Recordings).

Oren Ambarchi (Aus) "In The Pendulum’s Embrace" --- Digipak

Oren Ambarchi continues his otherworldly investigations with "In The Pendulum's Embrace", a dark twin to his landmark 2004 album "Grapes From The Estate" . Returning again to the hallowed halls of BJB Studios in Sydney, Ambarchi expands the scope and range of his unique musical language, incorporating an even broader pallette of instrumentsand sensibilities. Despite the use of glass harmonica, strings, bells, piano, percussion and guitars, it's startling that the world created is still unmistakably his own, and that there is such a cohesion of vision throughout the albums's three lengthy pieces. With this record there's an even more tenuous coexistence of fragility and density; sounds as light as air mingling with wall shaking low-end. The converted already know the kind of trance-inducing euphoria of Ambarchi's music. Newcomers will be scouting the back catalogue...(Southern Lord Recordings)


More CD titles arrived from Moribund Records!!

Avsky (Swe) "Malignant" --- CD

Ayat (Leb) "Six Years of Dormant Hatred" --- CD

Azrael (Usa) "Obdurate / Unto Death" --- CD

Blood Stained Dusk (Usa) "Black Faith Inquisition" --- CD

Brown Jenkins (Usa) "Dagonite" --- CD

Brown Jenkins (Usa) "Angel Eyes" --- CD

Canis Dirus (Usa) "A Somber Wind from a Distant Shore" --- CD

Dodsferd (Gre) "Cursing Your Will to Live" --- CD

Dodsferd (Gre) "Death Set The Beginning Of My Journey" --- CD

Draugar (Usa) "Weathering the Curse" --- CD

Godless Rising (Usa) "Rising Hatred" --- CD

Godless Rising (Usa) "Battle Lords" --- CD

Grimbane (Can) "Let the Empires Fall" --- CD

Hacavitz (Mex) "Venganza" --- CD

Hacavitz (Mex) "Katun" --- CD

Horde of Hel (Swe) "Blodskam" --- CD

In Memorium (Usa) "Lost to Antiquity" --- CD

Winter of Apokalypse (Usa) "Solitary Winter Night" --- CD


New CDs arrived from various Brazilian labels!!!

Amazarak (Bra) "Ascensão Do Anticristo" --- CD

Amazarak describes their music as 80's Black Metal and have also more in common with Bathory's self-titled than most later examples of the genre.

Bestial (Bra) "Phalanx of Genocide" --- CD

Blackend Death Metal from Brazil(Mutilation Records)

Desaster (Ger) "Brazilian Blitzkrieg Blasphemies" --- CD

Live recorded in São Paulo, 25/10/2003 (Mutilation Records)

Dorsal Atlântica (Bra) "Searching for the Light" --- CD

Thrash / Crossover from Brazil. 2008 remastered reissue with bonus tracks (Encore Records)

Evilwar (Bra) "Bleeding in the Shades of Baphomet" --- CD

Black Metal from Brazil (Mutilation Records)

Hellishthrone (Bra) "Light a Candle for the Dead...and a Torch to Burn Their Corpses" --- CD

Black Metal from Brazil(Paranoid Records)

Maithungh (Bra) "Lust in the Kingdom of God" --- CD

Sex, Torture, Seduction, Perversion, Morbid Tales, Sadism and Obscenity. These are the main lyrical themes of this Brazilian Death Metal band (Free Mind Records)

Power from Hell (Bra) "The True Metal" --- MCD

Old School Extreme sound from Brazil(Dark Sun Records)

Power from Hell (Bra) "Spellbondage" --- CD

Latest Album in 2009(Dark Sun Records)

Septic Flesh (Gre) "Sumerian Daemons" --- CD

Last album before they split up in 2003. A interesting work mix of death metal, black metal,classical music and electronics sound.(Encore Records)

The Ordher (Bra) "Kill the Betrayers" --- CD

Extreme and intense, but catching. This is the best definition of “Kill The Betrayers”, second album of Brazilian Death Metal band THE ORDHER (Unique Leader Records/Free Mind Records).

Vobiscum Inferni (Bra) "Ordo Sinistrari Et Cultus Pentaculum Sanguine" --- CD

Satanic Black Metal from Brazil (Mutilation Productions).

War (Swe) "We Are... Total War " --- CD

A side-project formed by members of Ophthalamia, Dark Funeral and Hypocrisy.(Mutilation Records).


New CDs arrived from Temple of Torturous!!!

Kältetod/Veineliis (Ger/Ger) "Split" --- Digipak

A collaboration between 2 German cold & grim black metal acts, originally released as Gatefold LP format and sold out for long.

Spectral Lore (Gre) "I" --- Digipak(Sold out)

First opus from this Greek experimental ambient black metal project, expect black metal in its most elemental and protean form! Handmade Digipack with exclusive artworks (designed by Andrzej Masiani)

Gram (Ger) "May I Never Hear Your Voices Again" --- Digipak

Distress and dispair, anger, hate and distrust, tiredness (weariness) and the wish for loneliness are the dark feelings of GRAM, but there is also the will to find the place of eternal ecstasy (bliss)…Expect an album with nature sounding and emotional black metal art! Handmade Digipack with 6 Panels

Total Negation (Ger) "Zeitenwende" --- Digipak

This german debut lets you experience despondency and fury. 'Zeitenwende' creates an intense atmosphere. Dark, depressing and hauntingly beautiful. Expect some interesting depressive black metal in a progressive way and based on really killing vocals!

EgoNoir (Ger) "A New Philosophical Thunder" --- Digipak(Sold out)

COLD EXPERI:ENCE:MENTAL DARK METAL. After 1 demo and 2 full-length, at the very beginning of 2009, Temple of Torturous is very hornoured to release a brand new mini CD album for bizarre German black horde EgoNoir! EgoNoir is already known for its cold and dark atmosphere, this time BinZynisch with his comrades bring you to an even more experimental and darker musical world!

Fall (Pol) "Samozatracenie " --- Digipak

Half year since the first well-composed demo, the new Polish BM horde “Fall” strikes again, and they do succeed! With more melancholic sounds, a denser atmosphere, a man destructs himself in the falling forest

Kolp (Hun) "The Covered Pure Permanence" --- Digipak

Kolp is created to represent permanent death in a sonic way. The raw, unstoppable decease. Where change has no meaning, only the pure permanence exists. The heaviest hammer is striking from the doomy Hungary!


New CDs arrived from Pest Productions and some Underground Bands!!!

Heretoir/Thränenkind (Ger/Ger) "Wiedersehen - unsere Hoffnung" --- CD

An amazing collaboration of two new Post Black Metal acts hailing from Germany. New songs continue the way to the greatest feeling of depression and melancholy. In addition there is a stunning track contributed by both bands - "Wiedersehen-unsere Hoffnung(Farewell-My Hope)".

Means to an End (Bel) "Weathered By Time" --- CD

Debut album from Depressive Black Metal art Means To An End. Vacant, Majestic, Solitude, Despair, A Lost Vision Towards The Future, Emptiness And Yet full of Emotions. We can never escape from those misery from inside and the unforgettble past, present and future that is full of scars...

V/A Der Wanderer über dem Nebelmeer --- Digipak

Each track featured on the compilation is EXCLUSIVE. This means that the bands/projects did record their track, only for the compilation, and that track can't be found on another album, ep, ...The cd includes "Folk/Ambient/Metal,BANDS list: October Falls - Nechochwen - Musk Ox - Agalloch & Mathias Grassow - Gallowbraid - Oskoreien - Thayer Cabin - Dämmerfarben - Kauan - Wandar - Schwarze Heimat - Underjordiska - A Death Cinematic - Fen - Ädresjäl - Nachtreich - Vindensang - Nebelung - Enmerkar - Stroszek - Kehrä - Quellenthal - Spectral Lore - Carved In Stone

Decayed (Por) "Shadow - Land" --- CD

70 minutes of Pure Black Metal in 80's vien. Seven unreleased tracks, Bathory cover and for the first time in cd the re-editon of "Ataque Infernal" and "Live 9/9/99" Limited to 500 copies in cooperation with Universal Tongue(Universal Tongue/Satanhades Productions)

HSN (Fra) "The Eye" --- MCD

New Black Metal band from France. Check out the band's myspace page:



Nekrasov (Aus) "Into the No-Mans-Sphere of the Ancient Days" --- CD

Nekrasov is a black metal / ambient noise crossover project very much in the vein of Vargr, L’Acéphale or Miasma, and has to be judged in those terms – those looking for straightforward black metal should look elsewhere. The swirling, smudgy black and grey artwork of the album’s classy digifile sleeve gives fair warning that this isn’t a run-of-the-mill BM release, an impression immediately confirmed by intro track ‘Freedom From Self-Joy’, a ferocious maelstrom of teeth-on-edge feedback, textured drones and abrasive industrial noise, which leads into the title track, ‘Into The No-Mans-Sphere Of The Ancient Days’, opening with low-key brooding dark ambient atmospherics, before the black metal assault spews forth in a venomous wave of snarling vocals, blastbeat drums and dirty riffing, something like Les Legion Noires or similar lo-fi BM bands. However, this doesn’t last long before the lengthy (13-minute) centrepiece track ‘Ashes Of The Lords In My Hand’ returns to deep whirring drones, heavily distorted vocals, all malevolent hisses and whispers, and thunderstorm sound effects evoking a hostile atmosphere of discomfort and dread. (Self-released)

Nekrasov/Humiliation (Aus) "Split" --- CD

Nekrasov is weird rumbling transmissions from beyond the veil, ancient and futuristic sounding at the same time. He veers from blown out caustic screams and blasting machinery driven black metal to massively oppressive hum and click drone meditations. Humiliation are Ontario's most negative band; embracing the self-collapse of modernism and finding the sacred in the profane. The sound of music falling apart from disease. Industrial without resorting cheap goth-rave black metal shit.(New Scream Industry)

Nekrasov (Aus) "Cognition of Splendid Oblivion" --- Digipak

This recording marks the third full length in over a year and has been crafted intensely in order to hurt and bring about maddening disillusion to the listener. The artwork and packaging is the most evolved of the Nekrasov releases features the best work to date by Exotic Corpse. A nobel six panel digi-pak with uv spot to enhance the depth of this release.(Siege of Power Records)

Tyrael (Ger) "Der Wald ist mein Zuhause" --- CD

Check their myspace page:


( Self released)


New CDs (second part)arrived from Osmose Productions and 7' from Foul is Fair Records!!!

Lifelover (Swe) "Dekadens" --- MCD

This is the latest manifestation from the infamous Lifelover. Entitled Dekadens, this MCD takes the band further than ever before. It contains 7 tracks of sick miserable metal/rock.The sound is heavier and more aggressive. This is so much more than just an ordinary MCD; it's a must for every fan of Lifelover and their notorious works.With this perfect mix of hatred, strangeness and melancholy, Lifelover once again show what they're made of, and with this release they strengthen their positions as the kings of this so far nameless genre of sick, miserable music.

Master's Hammer (Cze) "Ritual" --- CD

Original version from 1994 !

Master's Hammer (Cze) "The Jilemnice Occultist" --- CD

Original edition.

Necromantia (Gre) "Ancient Pride" --- DigiPak

Black Metal from Greece.

Shining (Swe) "V - Halmstad" --- DigiPak

Referring to Osmose "The most ambitious album up to date in this form of Black metal ever been done ! "

Shining (Swe) "VI - Klagopsalmer" --- CD

6th Full length from Swedish Shining

Bleakwood (Aus)"Blood & Faith" --- 7'

Blood & Faith is a record of extreme juxtapositions:chaos and discipline, aggression and melancholia,agitation and calm. A surging expulsion of pure emotion. 7' EP limited to 150 hand numbered copies


New CDs arrived from Osmose Productions!!!

Antaeus (Fra) "De Principii Evangelikum" --- CD

Second full length of Antaeus.

Black Witchery (Usa) "Upheaval of Satanic Might" --- CD

War metal in the veins of Blapshemy

Impaled Nazarene (Fin) "Tol Cormpt Norz Norz Norz..." --- CD

First full length of Impaled Nazarene.

Impaled Nazarene (Fin) "Nihil " --- CD

Revenge (Can) "Victory.Intolerance.Mastery" --- CD

Sadistik Exekution (Aus) "We Are Death... Fukk You !" --- CD

Sadistik Exekution (Aus) "Fukk " --- CD

Sadistik Exekution (Aus) "Fukk II" --- CD

Vital Remains (Usa) "Forever Underground" --- CD

Vital Remains (Usa) "Dawn of the Apocalypse " --- CD


New CDs arrived from Hells Headbangers Records!!!

Arphaxat (Fra) "Loudun la Maudite" --- CD

The long awaited full-length album from the mighty ARPHAXAT now awaits! Truly Necro & Morbid Blasphemous hymns, NOT for open-minded idiots who have no idea what true primitive Black Metal is about! Consists of Shaxul (ex-HIRILORN, ex-founding DEATHSPELL OMEGA member, SABBAT (Jpn) session member, etc). and DRAKEN (ex-Putrefactor). "Loudun la Maudite" forges even more holocaustic and obscurity, inspired by their majestic and mysterious myths of Pictavia. Those possessed by their 2003 demo tape easily know what to expect from this obscure album.

Atomizer (Aus) "Caustic Music For The Spiritually Bankrupt" --- CD

The bleakest, most powerful ATOMIZER offering, completely evolved and removed from the conjurations of any other thrash or black metal outputs of today. The band has stripped down their already well-known style and dejected the atomic metal power with a dismal aggression full of depth and gritty catchiness backed by a strong murky production, compliments of Kurt Ballou (Converge). In addition to the radical audio and superb gloom packaging, guest contributions have been made by drummer Sean Cummiskey (Astriaal), Iscariah (ex-Immortal, Dead To This World) and Yasuyuki (Abigail, Barbatos).

Cerekloth (Den) "Pandemonium Prayers" --- MCD

No bullshit Death Metal the way it used to be played. Nothing fancy or technical here, just simple, catchy, non compromising, evil death worship recorded at Necromanteion Studio (Funeral Winds, Infinity, etc). This CD edition has the correct sounding audio (master audio to vinyl output sounded dodgy), and features an improved layout/artwork plus 1 exclusive bonus track not available on the 7" EP. Played in the fucking graveyard by members of VICTIMIZER, KARNARIUM and more.

Church Bizarre (Den) "Sic Luceat Lux " --- DCD

The final death breath from the temple of Church Bizarre. This deluxe 32 track double CD set includes all recorded demo and EP material to date as well as tons of bonus material. Good sounding live tracks, unreleased Nunslaughter cover and rehearsal demos for the second and never recorded album - it's all included here along with a few other surprises. Comes in high quality packaging and includes tons of photos from all eras of Church Bizarre. A fucking massive overdose of Bizarre, catchy, filthy and fucking Evil black/death metal with a vengeance! "From the river of Styx to the womb of judgement". Booklet features a nice metallic silver foil stamping.

Deiphago (Phi) "Filipino Antichrist" --- CD

The ultimate annihilation in audio torture is now at hand! In this time of over-saturated bestial metal, Deiphago blazes their own barbaric trail to introduce Satanic Metal to the world and expose the posers as the the wimps they are. This record annihilates all the pretenders and offers the most punishing, primitive & bestial attack of 2009!! With a background of demo tapes throughout the 90's & their debut full-length endorsed by the Ross Bay Cult, the Filipino Antichrist's succeed in making this hi-speed attack even more rewarding than before. No wannabe Fallen Angel Of Doom, no wannabe The Oath Of Black Blood, no Angelcunt or even War Cult Supremacy. Just pure uncompromising, unconventional violence: this is bestiality. Deiphago are the true beasts.

Destruktor (Aus) "Nailed" --- CD

A real value for your money: quality silver & metallic foil print on black paper.Raging for well over a decade in the isolated land of Australia, Destruktor have stood the test of time with a few EPs and a demo under their bullet belts. Now after much anticipation the war beast strikes again with their debut full-length album entitled "Nailed" featuring 10 new tracks of the highest degree accompanied by blasphemous Riddick illustrations. Harnessing the essential elements of fore founding extreme metal troops, Destruktor deliver a dark brutal desecration of exceptional warring bestial black metal of death that easily rivals those in the same battlefield. Destruktor will win the war... with or without your support!!!

Evil Army (Usa) "Evil Army" --- CD

Most metal fucks missed this while the punks bought the first pressing on Get Revenge Recs. This Hells Headbangers re-issue has a re-worked layout with new interior artwork & band photo.Some of the very best real thrash around these days! Not to be lumped in with the latest craze of crappy thrash polluting the underground. Features 13 tracks of demonic driven speed metal with a raw hardcore attitude. For fans of old SLAYER, D.R.I., old METALLICA ("Kill 'Em All" era). GET THIS!

Havohej (Usa) "Kembatinan Premaster" --- CD

The second full-length album is now complete! Deemed to be the grand master of unholy darkness and black perversion, "Kembatinan Premaster" destroys all past work & is the definite Havohej ritual to be observed by ALL devotees of the genre. Easily the ultimate contender on the bestial black throne of metal to deliver such complete utter fucking darkness so very few can capture. "Kembatinan Premaster" is a single meditation consisting of 8 parts in 37 minutes of total fucking blackness with acclaimed black vocal vomits and signature style profanatic percussion. This is the continuation of the now classic Ledney atrocities committed in 1993 and yet again breaking major ground 16 years later.

Hunters Moon (Aus) "The Serpents Lust" --- MCD

BLOOD FIRE DEATH! Epic Black Metal in the spirit of the ancient cults, for fans of Bathory, Morrigan, Primordial etc. Featuring six epic tracks played by current & former members of Denouncement Pyre and Nocturnal Graves. After a promising demo tape in 2006, "The Serpents Lust" mini-album is now complete

Shackles (Aus) "Traitors' Gate" --- CD

After several years of anticipation, the chain gang finally returns with their debut album which is sure to become a timeless classic! Ruthlessly headbanging Supreme Sydney deaththrash in a similar alliance as their old country mates Slaughter Lord, Armoured Angel, Hobbs' Angel Of Death, Destroyer 666, etc. A must for those who crave the Australian sound and/or the old style of black thrashing metal of death!

Trench Hell (Aus) "Southern Cross Ripper" --- MCD

Long awaited debut mini album with six new Dirty Black Thrashing Speed Metal songs from down under. Up front raw production with no bullshit just real heavy fucking metal certain to be added to your list of Australia's finest. For those who discovered the brilliance of newer old school bands like TOXIC HOLOCAUST and/or crave the sound of real fucking metal from over 20 years ago, this is for you! You won't escape TRENCH HELL's hammer!!!

Victimizer (Den) "Resurrected Abominations" --- MCD

Prepare to be blown to smithereens... An unreasonable take on fast, hard hitting and head splitting diabolical thrash/black/speed metal with a downright crushing, powerful and mean sound. Surely not to disappoint any fan of bonebreaking armageddon metal.


New CDs arrived from old school Polish Label Pagan Records!!!

Christ Agony (Pol) "Trilogy" --- CD

Satanic Black Metal from Poland with a lot of originality. Fifth album with re-mastered cult demo "Epitaph of Christ" from 1992 as a bonus!

Lux Occulta (Pol) "Maior Arcana: (The Words That Turn Flesh Into Light)" --- CD

Rare jewel containing unreleased material from 1995-1997 period. Three new songs, covers of DANZIG and THE SISTERS OF MERCY plus the whole, remastered demo "The Forgotten Arts". Majestic Occult Metal with a lot of originality.

Profanum (Pol) "Profanum Aeternum - Eminence Of Satanic Imperial Art" --- CD

Most innovative and the most mysterious Black Metal band on Earth, always standing alone in their own, dark world of sounds. Mournful opus of five dark, majestic, infernal symphonies with no use of guitars or bass or any "typical" metal sound, but replacing it with symphonic orchestra instruments - like piano, violins. Obscure, ambient touches added for a special dark effect - Ambiental Infernal Symphony.

Profanum (Pol) "Misantropiae Floris" --- CD

Different PROFANUM works from 1995-2001 period, gathered on one CD, including one exclusive track plus complete, long sold out debut album. Supreme Black Metal unlike any other, combined with classical and Dark Ambient influences.

Throneum (Pol) "Mutiny of Death" --- CD

THRONEUM play blackened, nightmarish Death Metal the old way. Raw and straight to the point. They are heavily influenced by early Death metal bands from the 80's and early 90's like ASPHYX, ORDER FROM CHAOS, VENOM, POSSESSED, early SODOM, HELLHAMMER and so on. Yet they sound is still something fresh. Another dark & ugly material of old-school Death/Black Metal band. Death Terror Metal!

Throneum (Pol) "Deathcult Conspiracy" --- CD

Slipcase version Brand new full length album from THRONEUM after the highly anticipated releases on on such labels as Displeased, Deathgasm, Apocalyptor, Hellsheadbangers. Blasphemous morbid blackened death. Their most bestial album so far. Recomended to fans of Necrovore, Nihilist, Asphyx, Order From Chaos, Nihilist, Merciless, Imperator, Bestial Warlust, Possessed, Blasphemy...

Varathron (Gre) "The Lament of Gods" --- MCD

Legendary band from Greece - VARATHRON were one of original creators of the Black Metal Cult together with SAMAEL, NECROMANTIA, ROTTING CHRIST, BLASPHEMY and MAYHEM. The powerful atmosphere and feelings associated with the culture of the ancients, long forgotten myths and forbidden magic rituals. Exceptional, majestic Black Metal with the unique "greek" sound. Includes cover of MERCYFUL FATE classic "Nuns Have No Fun".

Witchmaster (Pol) "Violence & Blasphemy" --- MCD

The ultimate SATANIC METAL ATTACK from Poland! Includes cover of Canadian Cult Black Metal act - BLASPHEMY "Ritual" Excellent, old school Speed/Thrash/Black Metal played with violence, aggression and no stupid "retro" attitude. Features members of cult Black/Ambient band PROFANUM.

Witchmaster (Pol) "Masochistic Devil Worship" --- CD

"Masochistic Devil Worship" consists of 11 tracks, including cover versions of Sodom's "Blasphemer" and Sarcofago's "Satanic Lust", of raw and extreme thrash/black metal. The album comes out with a 12 pages sick and bloody layout. Not for the weak


New LP and CDs arrived from Psychedelic Lotus, Black Mass Records, True Face Of Evil records and Viacitum.

Of Darkness (Spa)"Death" --- LP

Of Darkness (Spa) "The Empty Eye/Death" --- DCD

OF DARKNESS is an experimental Funeral Doom Metal band from Barcelona, Spain,. Their music includes the most representative traits of the genre, along with other varied influences such as ambient, industrial and classical music. Highly atmospheric and deep, their sound is the perfect landscape for their extreme nihilistic beliefs.OF DARKNESS is formed in 2003 by Bastard and Julkarn (Graveyard) and released their first demo “Death” a few months after. In 2004, the entities behind the band started working on a new work, “The Empty Eye”, which was released in 2005. Now that the creature has got the respect it deserves, OF DARKNESS is ready to unleash some new requiems and oratories.

Defuntos (Por) "Sangue Morto " --- CD

"Sangre Morto" is unique on many levels, not least because of its dependence on an instrument often conspicuous by its absence in BM. This gives rise to a hollow and subterranean sound that UG denizens should savour. It's an unusual and disturbing ride that hits like a crossbreed of Inquisition and Esoterica. Fans of Nortt should appreciate this in a big way. Lo-fidelity funereal black metal has a new standard bearer.

Viaticum (Usa) "Reliquary of the Horned One" --- MCD

US Orthodox Black Metal. Debut release, three track MCD limited to 500 copies.


New CDs arrived from Pest Productions

That was quick,many titles sold out already. I am organizing a new trade with Pest Productions very soon. Anyone interested in the sold out titles or Pest's 3 new releases, Please Email me now, I will trade accordingly.

Dark Fount (Chn) "A Sapless Leave Withering in the Night Fog" --- A5 CD(Sold out)

Passing bell cries for painful sadness.Abyssic water buries everlasting darkness.First full length album of Dark Fount.A one-man primitive blackmetal band from CHINA!Kvlt northern blackmetal with pessimistic emotions!

Líam (Ger) "Journey...Two years and a fragment" --- CD(Sold out)

Post Rock / Doom Metal band from Germany. this is their first album, including all the songs from their 07 and 08 EP which never been publicly released. Their songs are made with Solitude, isolation & melancholy, and also their attitude towards the modern society. Best for Depressive black metal and post rock/metal fans.

Heartless (Chn) "Suicidal Engagement" --- CD(Sold out)

The first debut album of the one man depressive black metal band from China. Misanthropic depressive riffs and insane voices! This album is also the No.001 product of Pest Prod's Self-Destruction Series. For all fans of Make A Change Kill Yourself and Bethlehem!!!!

Vergissmeinnicht (Chn) "Whispering Solitude" --- Digipak

That is the debut album from Depressive / Dark folk project from China. Silent and dark, like crying in the dark night and whisper of the dead. Every word and note echos like sounds in your dreams. The memory still remains. Is that the past betrayed you, or may just the opposite? Sadness Album, for all fans of EMPYRIUM and Ulver…!!! Vergissmeinnicht is a side project of Lu, the only member of the depressive blackmetal band "Heartless".

Elhaz (Fra) "Goetic Experience " --- Digipak(Sold out)

The French Esoteric Dark Metal act ELHAZ now returns in two years of silence after the highly-praised debut album "Malemort" in 2006. The brand new album "Goetic Experience" comes with blackened and inclement atmosphere as it is supposed to be. 70 minutes of the true mysterious dark rituals in the eternal chaos!

Dysthymia (Isl) "The Shivering Opus" --- CD

The debut full-length album spawned by Icelandic Ambient Misanthropic Black Metallers - DYSTHYMIA. 8 dark depressing hymns, yet at the edge of tearing power of explosion. Musical arrangements tend to be ranging away from Depressive Black Metal in the traditional sense, a large amount of ambient/neo-classical elements are well-mixed into it,Great Album!!

Anhedonia (Swe) "Der Schrei Der Natur" --- CD(Sold out)

Naturalistic depressive Black Metal act hailing from Sweden, Sorrowful melodies dissolved in your ears can easily get your mind sinked into. Classic depressive Black Metal sound and arrangements, for all fans of Abyssic Hate and Anti.

V/A - The World Comes To An End In The End Of A Journey --- CD(Sold out)

Leave this bleak city full of solitude, And start our lonely grey journey, Shall we see more hope in the end of the sky far away? Gathering 6 Black Metal / Shoegaze / New Wave bands hailing from 5 different regions, namely: Dopamine(CHN) / Ethereal Beauty (US) / Dernier Martyr(RUS) / Heretoir(GER) / Soliness(GER) / Shyy(BRA)

Heretoir (Ger) ".Existenz." --- MCD

5 Solitude Songs from Black Metal / Shoegaze Project "Heretoir", nostalgia, melancholy and a glimmer of hope... You will really be empathized! for all fans of Amesoeurs and Lantlôs!! Highly recommended!!!

Chaotic Aeon (Chn) "Chaotic Aeon" --- MCD

The debut EP from the most excellent old-school Death Metal horde in the Chinese scene. 6 darkened hymns of death with ultimate cruelty and darkness. Greatly influenced by legends like Slayer, Morbid Angel and Incantation. The decree of the God of Chaos now spreading all over this mental fucking world!

Hinsidig (Nor) "Bak og Forbi... " --- CD(Sold out)

The new act of depressive Black Metal hails from Norway/Germany, whose members come from Nyktalgia, Sterbend, Total Hate and Armageddon. Hinsidig mixes the North folk elements along with a great deal of clear back vocals based on the lines of primitive Black Metal, sounding like Ulver from their early era. The inspirational instrumental arrangement and melancholic melody can also be easily related to Nyktalgia and Wolves In The Throne Room. Highly recommended!

V/A - Depression and hatred of 3 years --- CD(Sold out)

This will be our everything, blackness, depression, And despair that full of hatred...The 3-year anniversary compilation including selected tracks from the previous releases and some upcoming album by bands under the banner of PEST Productions!.


New CDs arrived from ATMF, and Fall of Nature Records.

Arcana Coelestia (Ita) "Le Mirage de l'Idéal" --- CD

After the brilliant feedback of the previous "Ubi Secreta Colunt" the mystical creature Arcana Coelestia comes back with "Le Mirage de l'Idéal", a superb merging of dreamlike guitar riffs, evocative singing, but without fleeing away from the funeral doom's heaviness. Arcana Coelestia is one of the three creatures of MZ, mastermind of Urna and Locus Mortis, this chapter features also the collaboration of Sephrenel of Absentia Lunae as bass player. This new opus will become a dangerous trip for those into Primordial, Anathema, Shape of Despair, My Dying Bride, Summoning, Novembre, Esoteric and Alcest.

Janvs (Ita) "Vega" --- CD

After their brilliant debut album "Fulgures", JANVS' "Vega" represents another big step forward for the band who managed to realize its most musically and lyrically complex, rich and unpredictable work so far. An eclectic and intense effort which goes beyond any easy definition of musical genre. "Vega" consists of 7 new songs for almost 50 minutes of music and includes important contributions from various guest musicians. Starting from the basis of the milestone "Fulgures", the progressive influence showed before by the band becomes clearer and stronger culminating into an haunting visionary form of expression. Giving voice to a constant quest, to the fiery longing for a lost point of reference which constantly glimpses through the ever storming sea of the flowing eras, "Vega" lets the potential dispayed by the band in the previous release finally bloom, confirming JANVS as one of the most deep and unique acts in the current independent scene.

Joyless (Nor) "Wild Signs of The Endtimes" --- CD

There are bands so much capable of writing history that their intuitions become a trend for the followers. These bands can be rightfully recognized as fathers of their musical genre. Wild Signs of the Endtimes collects material from 96-99 and will unveil amazing moments of madness for those into the pessimistic rock-shogaze bands going on today, played as usual with the incredible spontaneity of the black metal legends Rune Vedaa & Olav Berland (Forgotten Woods). Joyless is a personal way to mix melancholy, folk, rock, shoegaze, avantgardish and depressive black metal echoes in a cocktail of raw emotions.

Sanctus Nex (Uk) "Aurelia" --- CD

The Coldness can be manifested into different forms in its timeless truth. U.K. based Sanctus Nex are the modern black metal wanderers, their harmonic and disharmonic tunes a current of perception. A trip into usual and unusual shadings starts there, where Black metal is a constant recall but a departure point to develop a new visionary and evocative journey. The traditional black metal instruments are just a gateway to depart from the mortal, the vision is luckily, far beyond… Sanctus Nex are the feverish mood of introspection of Deathspell Omega detached from the Judeo-Christian paradigm, walking a different occult path, drenched into the heritage of their island: in pursuit of Albion.

Svarti Loghin (Swe) "Empty World" --- Digipak

Svarti Loghin are destined to become the Swedish point of reference for words like skillfull, emotive and depressive Black Metal. The gloomy atmosphere of their debut leads to progressive territories and to strong disharmonic and melodic vibrations. Empty Wold is the anti-modern anthem which sophistication is the feeling of the music itself instead of any sort of instrumental joy. Empty World is like a twilight gradually covering Midgard, the demonstration that Scandinavia has still something unique to offer to the Black Metal and obscure music scene more in general. The awesome songwriting can sometimes recalls the darker feeling of Forgotten Woods’ “The Curse of Mankind” or younger bands like early Alcest but it’s something beyond. Attractive like nature but in the meantime deadly “Empty World” is the hard cider that will lead to watch the last breath of this vanishing world.

Funerary Call (Can) "Dark Waters Stirred" --- CD

Heralded as one of the progenitors of black ambient music, Funerary Call returns from dormancy with his darkest release to date. "Dark Waters Stirred" is a ceremonial maelstrom of ominous electronics and dark ambient textures, an audial descent into ritualistic obscurity and misanthropy. Features guest appearances from the likes of Deathlord (Blasphemy, ex-Conqueror), and Troy Southgate (H.E.R.R., Seelenlicht) amongst others.

Helcaraxë (Usa) "No God To Save You" --- MCD

Nearly 30 minutes of death metal insanity that will tear your face off. Hail the old school!

Nekros Manteia(Aus) "Deus Otiosus " --- CD

With 'Deus Otiosus', Nekros Manteia present obscure and brooding layers of texture. Rusty coils of aural depravity act as a catalyst to self-reflection and lucid contemplation. This work seeks to confront the listener with ill-concocted hymns of lament. "Deus Otiosus; Leave the universe, let stars devour abominable life!

Nekrasov/Moon/Nekros Manteia (Aus/Aus/Aus) "The Haunting Resonance" --- CD

"A conceptual work has been forged, and three of Australia's most obscure bands come forth with ghastly fruits from beyond the tomb. A horrid exploration of ghosts and spirits; Close your eyes and experience... The Haunting Resonance". Three lengthy tracks of ghastly, cavernous sounds. Blending the boundaries between dissonant Black Metal, hypnotic droning soundscapes and destructive sounds of dark ambience. This is audial darkness in it's purest form.

T.O.M.B.(Usa) "Total Occultic Mechanical Blasphemy II" --- CD

Recollecting selected fragments from the past of one of underground music's most mysterious and obscure forces, "Total Occultic Mechanical Blasphemy II" serves as an archival release of today's leading Black Noise artist T.O.M.B. Resonating with a pulsing necrotic ambience and saturated in graveyard ritual noise, this is only for the most extreme of tastes.


New CDs arrived from Regimental Records.

Helcaraxë (Usa) "Broadsword" --- CD

"Broadsword is easily one of my favorite albums of 2009; the nimble, memorable guitar lines, shout-along vocals, and a bass-heavy production make this one easy to spin on repeat for hours at a time. Those who like their death metal both heavy and complex should look no further than this! Highest recommendations."- Vorfeed

Kampf (Gre) "Nothing But Wrath" --- MCD

Short blast of Oi! treading Black Metal heavy on the misanthrope/exterminate-every-last-one-ov-‘em vibe. Fast, intense, passionate, nihilistic.Features members of DODSFERD and THE SHADOW ORDER.

Octagon (Usa) "Death Fetish" --- CD

"Grueling and transcending sadomasochistic art. Black Metal leather devoid of pity. Slaves of the flesh, mistreated under fearless guidance. In hindsight, the Master's Whip..."- Sadomantic 'Zine. Features member of members of (ex) GORGOROTH, OBTAINED ENSLAVEMENT, and RU-486

Psykotisk/Vredgad (Swe/Swe) "Split" --- CD

Swedish Black Metal. Both projects feature members of ORNIAS.

Sanctus Daemoneon (Den) "Grey Metropolis" --- CD

Spawned with no specific genre in mind yet carrying elements of dark ambient, doom, soundtracks & black metal without sounding like either one of them. The debut album, “Grey Metropolis,” was written, recorded, mixed and mastered during a period of spiritual turbulence and crafted with uttermost perfection - dedication can never be faked! “Grey Metropolis” is surely the most personal outlet either one of the members have ever been involved in.

Tarm (Est) "Nad tulevad kääpaist" --- CD

Pagan Black Metal from Estonia. Features members of URT and REALM OF CARNIVORA.

War (Pol) "Dawn of New Epoch/The War Horde" --- CD

Polish Black Metal. Remastered "Dawn of New Epoch" (Tracks: 1-10) + "The War Horde"demo (Tracks: 11-18).

Warlust/Pestis (Hol/Hol) "The Final War / Plagueridden" --- CD

Dutch Black Metal War Machine tag-team! WARLUST's previous album "Trench Warfare" was sold out long ago (during the Summer of 2004)... This rare (also 'sold out' long ago) recording "The Final War" (from 1999) conisists of devastating War Hymns with killer vocals and top-notch guitar attack; featuring members of SABBATICAL GOAT! The Netherlands' PESTIS debut with "Plagueridden", a [rehearsal] demo track. PESTIS still consists of WARLUST / B.O.T. (BRINGERS OF TORTURE) duo Nocturnasz and Furor only. No other members are involved.


New CDs arrived from Obscure Abhorrence Productions.

Benighted In Sodom (Usa) "In Hora Maledictus Part I" --- CD

First piece of a two-part series from this depressive/ambient black metal band from the USA.limited to 500 copies.

Enfeus Lodge (Fra) "Enfeus Lodge" --- CD

Excellent epic and elitist Black Metal from France:new band of hunferd (O.T.A.L.) and Xaphan(Seigneur Voland,K-Nacht,Finis Gloria Dei)

Foudre Noire (Fin) "The Dark Gods" --- CD

Brilliant black metal from Finland.With Shatraug from Horna/Sargeist.

Horned Almighty (Den) "Contaminating the Divine" --- CD

After 3 years Horned Almigthy returned back with a new album!!! Great black/thrash metal from Denmark with a big production and songs that destroy your mind!

Korgonthurus (Fin) "Marras" --- CD

Finally out now the debut album of finnish black metal band Korgonthurus.Await two long tracks full of hate and despair. Features member of Horna and Behexen

Nordlys (Ger) "Nordlys 'til Pest " --- CD

Old school german black metal from the mid 90”s finally on CD. Compilation of stuff from this band that they have created under the names Nordlys,Pest and Die Pest !

Paria (Ger) "VerminRace" --- Digipak

Debut album of germany cult sick black metal act Paria.Await uncompromising perverse black metal.comes on noble digipack format with silverprint and 12 sided booklet

Teratism (Usa) "Pure Unadulterated Hate" --- CD

Brandnew opus of this brilliant US black metal band.With guest vocals of Dagon/Inquisition


New CDs arrived from My Kingdom Music and Kunsthauch.

Crest of Darkness (Nor) "Evil Knows Evil" --- CD

When Black Metal meet Thrash Metal with progressive elements and tons of solo, that's Evil Knows Evil. Highly recommended

Crest of Darkness (Nor) "Give Us the Power to Do Your Evil" --- CD

Evil Black Metal from Norway. Re-stock

In Tormentata Quiete (Ita) "Teatroelementale" --- CD

“Teatroelementale” is a brilliantly crafted masterpiece that takes both the fragility and passion of humanity and moulds it into musical/lyrical concept that turns around the eternal live-and-outlive struggle. Delicate melodies and mighty distortion sound are the principle on which ITQ has his roots trying to give people simply great emotions. There will be everything from the italian tradition of Folk-Progressive Rock via an avantgardish Black Metal form a la SOLEFALD to the theatricality of the great DEVIL DOLL. It’s a music influenced by any sound that gives emotions… each single element delivers you to be amazed and to dream.

Liquid Graveyard (Spa) "On Evil Days" --- CD

Former member and frontman in legendary British Death Metal band CANCER, John Walker, is the mind behind this schizophrenic project. Groovy melodies extremely varied in texture and feel, with a huge rhythm section and with a vocalist that shifts between stunning soprano highs and semi-spoken tones, and a full of menace growl, is what LIQUID GRAVEYARD proposes, spanning from Progressive territories to a much darker place, taking up the challenge of dark, Death Metal where bands like Dominion, Opera IX and Atrox left off. For friends of original Metal with an open-minded vision of music, Liquid Graveyard is definitely a band to keep an eye on.

Resonance Room (Ita) "Unspoken" --- CD

RESONANCE ROOM successed in mixing a Heavy Prog vein with Dark Gothic atmospheres and haunting melodies. A concept album that will make you taste the protagonists‘ sorrow, rage and desperation through an involving journey in searching of truth. Katatonia, Pain Of Salvation, Anathema, Porcupine Tree, Riverside are just some of the many influences you’ll hear in "Unspoken", an album that will satisfy both Progressive Metal and Gothic fans.

All the Cold (Rus) "One Year of Cold" --- CD

Atmospheric black ambient from Russia

Au Sacre des Nuits (Bra) "Anti-Humain" --- CD

Experimental Funeral Doom from Brazil

Drevo (Rus) "Величие" --- CD

Neoclassic Ambient / Pagan metal from Russia

Hopeless (Spa) "Elements" --- CD

Depressive melancholic metal from Spain

Lustre (Swe) "Serenity" --- MCD

Atmospheric black / ambient from Sweden


New CDs,7' and 10' arrived from Art of Propaganda and Helvete Records.

Aosoth/Malhkebre (Fra/Fra) "The Truth Through Salt" --- 7'

One exclusive song from each french band on this noble gatefold ep. Comes with printed innersleeve and inside/outside print.Limited to 666 copies.

Horned Almighty (Den) "Live Exsanguination" --- 10'

7 great livesong from tue UMM 2007 in Bitterfeld.Really great sound quality.

Hellvetic Frost (Che) "Misanthropic Devotion" --- CD

After 4 years this great swiss band return with a very great new album.Nothing that you can compare with the old material.this is more intense and near to the old times!!!

Wolfthrone (Spa) "Unleash the Hate" --- MCD

After some months of total inactivity,Wolfthrone are back with their long awaited Mini CD called Unleash The Hate.The best material of the band 'till the date withput any doubts.4 songs of black metal,how it has to sound,raw and without compromises.With Kryth of Korgonthurus and the Ex-Behexen Bass player Lunatic on the drums.

Fourth Monarchy (Ita) "Amphilochia" --- Digipak

Great esoteric medieval Black Metal from Italy! Lusterless digipack with gold stamping. Full-colored 12 pages booklet with gold paint. The data side of the disc is gold-colored and contains pit-art.

Gramary (Fin) "Suffocation" --- CD

Finish Black Metal! Special deluxe edition Jewelcase in slipcase with 8-page booklet - silver paint and selective varnish coating.Disk contains a bonus video track Limited to 998 copies.

Patria (Bra) "Hymns of Victory and Death" --- CD

Black Metal from Brazil. Limited to 500 hand numbered copies.

Verge (Fin) "To Rest the Last Time in Our Filth" --- MCD

Dissenting Black Metal madness from Finland!!!

Vidharr (Ita) "Eclipse" --- CD

Well-played, solid, raging black metal with a sound that recalls various Swedish black and black/death bands of the early to mid '90s. CD comes with a Logo sticker


More CD titles arrived from Moribund Records!!

Acheron (Usa) "Anti-God, Anti-Christ" --- CD

Catacombs (Usa) "In the Depths of R'lyeh" --- CD

Fear of Eternity (Ita) "Toward The Castle" --- CD

Fear of Eternity (Ita) "Spirit of Sorrow" --- CD

Fear of Eternity (Ita) "Ancient Symbolism" --- CD

Fear of Eternity (Ita) "Funeral Mass" --- CD

I Shalt Become (Usa) "Wanderings" --- CD

I Shalt Become (Usa) "Requiem" --- CD

Merrimack (Fra) "Obsecrations to The Horned " --- CD


Hot Selling CD titles arrived from Moribund Records!!

Azaghal (Fin) "Omega" --- CD

Merrimack (Fra) "Of Entropy And Life Denial" --- CD

Merrimack (Fra) "Grey Rigorism " --- CD

Sargeist (Fin) "Tyranny Returns" --- CD

Sargeist (Fin) "Satanic Black Devotion" --- CD

Sargeist (Fin) "Disciple of the Heinous Path" --- CD

Wind of the Black Mountains (Usa) "Sing Thou Unholy Servants" --- CD

Xasthur (Usa) "Xasthur" --- MCD

Xasthur (Usa) "To Violate the Oblivious" --- CD


New CDs and Special packaging CDs from Self Mutilation Services, All depressive Black Metal Titles

Grisâtre/Desolation (Fra/Fra) "Split" --- A5 CD

Split of two Depressive Black Metal band from France(SMS 001)

Lupus Nocturnus (Mex) "Suicidal Thoughts Pt. I" --- A5 CD


Black Hate/Deep-pression (Mex/Pol) "Dwellers in an Infertile World" --- A5 CD

Sound of Depression(SMS 004)

Svedhous (Kor) "From Despair to Suicide" --- A5 CD

Depressive black metal from Korea(SMS 005)

Grimlair (Fra) "Au Commencement de l'ombre" --- CD

Depressive black metal from France(SMS 007)

Funereal Moon/Circle of Ghosts (Mex/Can) "From Darkness They Are" --- CD in 7' packaging

Special Packaging CD in 7' Gatefold cover.(SMS 008)

The Eternal Night (Usa) "Our Failed Human Existence" --- CD

Depressive black metal from Usa(SMS 010)

Managarm (Usa) "Poems of the Shadows Disappointment" --- CD

Depressive black metal from Usa(SMS 012)

Deep-pression/All the cold (Pol/Rus) "Deep Cold" --- A5 CD

Special A5 packaging(SMS 013)

Managarm/Sterbenzeit/78424325 (Usa/Ita/Mex) "Three Ways to Live in Pain" --- CD

As the album title says(SMS 014)

All the Cold/Fornicatus/Happy Days/Black Hate (Rus/Fin/Usa/Mex) "Children of Failure" --- CD

4 ways split(SMS 015)

Fornicatus (Fin) "Omnium Animalis Terminus" --- CD

Depressive black metal from Finland(SMS 016)

Depressive Years (Usa) "Failing to Confront Suicidal Thoughts" --- CD

Depressive black metal from Usa(SMS 018)

Andrarakh (Ger) "9 Jahre & 13 Monate asymmetrischen Krieges" --- CD

Depressive black metal from Germany(SMS 019)

...(Ita) "Somebody Save Me" --- A5 CD

Special A5 packaging, and yes the band name is ...(SMS 022)

Leichenstätte/Nostalgia/Grimlair/Todessucht/Moloch/Horgr(Ger/Per/Fra/Ger/Ukr/??)"Suicide Reflections" --- CD

6 ways split.(SMS 025)

Blodarv (Den) "Civitas Diaboli " --- CD

Latest full length from Blodarv(SMS 026)

Happy Days (Usa) "Happiness Stops Here " --- CD

Latest full length from Happy Days from US(SMS 026)

Inmitten des Waldes/Mortualia (Bra/Fin) "Happiness Stops Here " --- CD

(SMS 029)


New CDs and 7'arrived from Doom Specialist-Solitude Productions, and Dismal Cursing Records

Abstract Spirit (Rus) "Liquid Dimensions Change" --- CD

This is a side project of a black metal band Twilight is Mine from the suburbs of Moscow. Several musicians have been heard in a well known Moscowian funeral doom band Comatose Vigil. Those guys – Stellarghost (keys) and Hater (bass/guitars) began this project. Present Comatose Vigil vocalist took the vocal duties together with the drums in this project. The first full length album “Liquid Dimensions Change” brings you six tracks with the total length of 60 minutes. This is classic funeral – doom like it was meant to be. Thin of the bands as: Shape of Despair, Coliseum and of course the main band of the participating musicians – Comatose Vigil. At the same time the music is very versatile. You will find very sludgy and muddy parts combined with some beautiful melodies.(Solitude Productions)

Astral Sleep (Fin) "Unawakening" --- CD

The first full length album of this young Finnish doom death band, with a line-up consisting of musicians who have played in lot of projects and bands, performing music from heavy and power metal to black and death! This work of Astral Sleep draw apart the frames of doom and death metal, in the tradition of Unholy and Umbra Nihil. “Unawakening” is addressed not only to the listeners of the genre, but also to people who search for new music and fresh sensations.(Solitude Productions)

Autumnia (Ukr) "O´Funeralia" --- CD

New album by the leading Ukrainian doom death band AUTUMNIA! Including in five majestic hymns “O’Funeralia” absorbed all the best traits characteristic of previous work of this group: excellent sound, beautiful melodies, perfect skill and mighty voice by Vladislav Shahin (also voice in Mournful Gust). What’s more for recording of the album extra musicians were invited who performed the parts of bass, piano and violin that introduced new mood and shades into the sound.Disc with gold evaporation and pit art.(Solitude Productions)

Ea (Usa) "Ea II" --- CD

This brand-new work of the mysterious Ea continuous to suck the listener in a unique atmosphere, creating epic music based on Funeral Doom in a style of Shape Of Despair and Monolithe with noticeable classical influences. Acoustic parts, melodical solo’s and ambient pieces with increasing sounds of an organ are being used again. While collecting great reviews from the listeners and critics all over the world, the band is ready to invite new listeners, those who are ready to touch the mystery of faded times.(Solitude Productions)

Ea (Usa) "Ea Taesse" --- CD

The debut album of mysterious band EA is based on the sacral texts of ancient civilizations. EA uses a dead language which was recreated according to the results of archeological research. Speaking about musical part – it’s emotional funeral-doom, actually one song for 55 minutes, which contains three parts where epical riffs, acoustic insertions, melodic solo-parts, ambient and horror elements are combined. On the one hand, some people may consider consider EA to be similar to Shape Of Despair, Skepticism, Evoken, but on the other hand it is original music, filled with its own, unique, emotional atmosphere.(Solitude Productions)

Ekklesiast (Rus) "When The Dead Boughs Will Awake From The Dreams" --- CD

Legendary Russian band Ekklesiast returns with the new studio album compiled of the material from the two old historic demo-albums, not officially released before, “When the dead boughs will awake from the dreams” and “Touch of a snowstorm”. The songs have been newly reconceived, recorded and mastered in a professional studio. Having inspired the old songs with a new life, the new Ekklesiast, once again, proved the title of one of the best Russian bands in the genre, combining in their music the inner dramaturgy with the outward rush of powerful doom riffs.(Solitude Productions)

Frailty (Lat) "Lost Lifeless Lights" --- CD + DVD

Debut album of the first Latvian doom/death band Frailty. “Lost Lifeless Lights” – rigid, bright and technical music in the vein of European doom death metal school (My Dying Bride, Anathema, Mourning Beloveth), with dark metal influences, which makes the band’s sound very original and fresh. All this makes Frailty one of the best bands of a Baltic heavy scene. The first 200 copies of the album contain Bonus DVD with performance at “Shadow Doom Fest” in “Shade” Club in Moscow. All the copies at Goatowarex come with the DVD (Solitude Productions)

Intaglio (Rus) "Intaglio" --- CD

Conceptual album “Intaglio”, is a fruit of imagination of musicians from bands “S.C.A.L.P”. and “Yachur”, it is filled with a unique, depressive atmosphere of cold and gloom, developing the best funeral doom in its genre (Evoken, Mournful Congregation), following the traditions. CD contains the eight-page booklet with photos and texts. “Intaglio” – is the first Russian funeral band which has been officially issued! .(Solitude Productions)

My Lament (Bel) "Broken Leaf" --- CD

Revelation from this Belgian band with their debut album “Broken Leaf”! The first album of MY LAMENT consists of eight powerful, perfectly recorded songs, which have a balance between cruelty of ATARAXIE and melodic lines of OFFICIUM TRISTE and SATURNUS. Brilliant playing skills of the musicians with great sound separate MY LAMENT from a lot of modern bands in this style, and put their music on same line with the famous bands of doom death metal scene!(Solitude Productions)

Nox Aurea (Swe) "Via Gnosis" --- CD

The debut album of a young Swedish band Nox Aurea is specially created for those ones seeking for combination of aesthetic sophistication with solid sound and deep sense in doom death metal. “Via Gnosis” album is close in musical sense to the early works of Swallow the Sun being pierced by the gnostic philosophy veil and creating a unique atmosphere. Members of Nox Aurea earlier played in several black metal bands while now they try to create the very traditional doom death sound with its own mentality. Nine album tracks based on atmospheric keyboard sound are opened up before a listener as the pages of ancient book carrying esoteric wisdom in lyrics sung by vocals varying from growling to clean male and female vocals.The album was recorded and mastered at Sonic Train Studios, in collaboration with Andy LaRocque (King Diamond)!(Solitude Productions)

Somnolent (Ukr) "Monochromes Philosophy" --- CD

First album of Ukrainian band Somnolent!Long play album became a result of long work of band members, who played in different music festivals and made a self-release of their concert record “Live in Odessa”, in 2007. Somnolent present to listener a trip to gloomy world of funeral doom metal, mixed from viscous guitar riffs and long solo parts. This is a 1 hour road trough pain and despair, it’s a time of “Monochromes Philosophy”.(Solitude Productions)

S:t Erik (Swe) "From Under the Tarn" --- CD

Debut full-length album “From Under The Tarn” is a brilliant first step of a Swedish doom metal band S:T Erik towards the top of the genre. The music is mainly inspired by bands like Ufomammut, Sleep, Om, Electric Wizard and High On Fire. But the combined influences of the members’ previous engagements (ranging from death metal and stoner to post-rock), extensive use of spacey synthesizers and something as rare as a talented vocalist, result in an interesting sound, quite unique to the genre. Psychedelic doom metal filled with dense riffs performed by S:T Erik is an outstanding discovery for adepts of the genre.(Solitude Productions)

Dekadent Aesthetix /Joyless (Rom/Nor) "Split" --- 7'

Split 7' of Goatowarex's own Dekadent Aesthetix with Joyless.Printed on full colour reverseboard cover with matte finish; including a full colour double-sided insert page and a Joyless sticker made of PVC.The sticker has the band logo printed in gold metallic speckled ink on a black background.(Dismal Cursing Records)


New CDs arrived from Deviant Records, Black Mass Records and Unlight Productions

Arvet (Fin) "Ihmiskärsimys" --- MCD

3 new songs of Arvet, gloomy and desperated, playtime about 20 minutes, initial press of 500 copies. Melodic finnish Black Metal Act(Deviant Records)

Silent Leges Inter Arma (Ger) "Synästhesie" --- Digipak

4 Songs/25min, released as digipak. 500 copies pressed.Less old school Black Metal, to be compared with Secrets of the Moon, Code etc..(Deviant Records)

Disjecta Membrae (Fra) "Taedium Vitae" --- MCD

Experimental Funeral Doom from France(Black Mass Records)

Domains (Spa) "Towards Pleroma " --- MCD

Occult 80s Death Metal from Spain(Black Mass Records)

Anwynn (Fra) "Voices of perdition" --- CD

Raw Black Metal from France, release from Drakkar's Sublabel-Unlight Productions(Unlight Productions)

Voqkrre (Fra) "Palans in Pestilens" --- CD

Raw Black Metal from France, release from Drakkar's Sublabel-Unlight Productions(Unlight Productions)


New CDs arrived from Eerie Art Records and Heidens Hart

Common Grave (Ita) "Il Male di Vivere" --- CD

The COMMON GRAVE debut album, "Il male di vivere", is an ambitious and profound concept album about the "spleen", the suffering of everyday life. It’s possible to consider a long suite of 65 minute, divided in 8 long chapters, where all tracks are linked together (this means no silence between each tracks) and where there's a perfect equilibrium between dark black metal, avantgarde touches and acoustic passages. An imaginary journey between early SHINING, FORGOTTEN TOMB and even DRUDKH. A complex album that unveils itself listening after listening, offering many moments of rare beauty. Everything supported by an excellent performance of these skilled musicians and a professional sound. If you are looking for evolved depressive/dark black metal, COMMON GRAVE can become your therapy to get your daily dose of sorrow.(Eerie Art Records)

Enmerkar (Usa) "Starlit Passage" --- MCD

A fantastic voyage through time and space. A monolithic and atmospheric black metal opus, with intense and chaotic moments, acoustic passages and drone interferences. Multiple guitar layers and whispered distant vocals sustained with an elaborate and skilled drumming work, performed by Tentakel of brillant TODTGELICHTER. An outstanding piece of art for fans of bands like DRUDKH, WALKNUT, WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM... Mastered from A.O.D. (ETERNITY, KATHARSIS...)(Eerie Art Records)

Obitus (Swe) "March Of The Drones" --- CD

Hate! This is the only way to describe "The march of the drones"! Brutal, destructive, abrasive black metal with razor-sharp guitars and hysterical drumming that sometimes leaves the space to some mid-paced post apocalyptic and martial passages. A release that defies all preconceived concepts of any normal album: 45 minutes of uninterrupted music all recorded as one seamless arrangement. The style can be described like a mix of WANING for the melodic side, NIDEN DIV. 187 for the non-stop assault, and some ANAAL NATHRAKH for the apocalyptic feeling! A concept album that can be summarized as a multi-pronged attack against the non thinkers (like the drones they are) of the world, a relentless attack on heard mentality of the intellectually lazy, enriched by a deluxe 28 pages booklet that includes all lyrics! Mastered by legendary Peter In De Betou (ENSLAVED, KATATONIA...). (Eerie Art Records)

Vhernen (Fro) "The Funeral Era" --- CD

Here's a monolitic release for all VHERNEN fans, a precious collection of two "old" records. "Sepulchral sorrows", that is the unique testimoniance of the pre-"S.y.b.e.r.i.a." era; An underground cult piece of extreme funeral doom, with a black metal riffing atmosphere! Something deep and sorrowful, in vein of acts like NORTT and DEINONYCHUS but with the personal sound (including his classic cello) that represent the VHERNEN trademark. "S.y.b.e.r.i.a.", the first classic Ep, finally available again after two years! A real masterpiece of funeral black metal, highly praised by media and audiance worldwide. A obscure sound full of mournful feelings, sinister ambiances and distant desperate whispered vocals. (Eerie Art Records)

Waning (Swe) "Population Control" --- CD

"Population control" is a sumptuous mix of emotions and brutality, atmospheres and controlled chaos, modernity linked to the classic. Tons of guitar layers to create a real wall of sound, a thundering rhythmic section and impressive evil vocals. The WANING is a personal way to intend extreme music... martial and depressive, avantguardist and visionary black metal, with slight indus and post-rock vibes. Everything supported by a powerful production and a superb studio performance. A new wave of fresh and inspired black metal. (Eerie Art Records)

Ancestors Blood (Fin) "A Dark Passage From The Past" --- CD

Compilation gathering the three demo's from '04, '05 and '06, showing the roots of the bands' famous epic sound. Now for the first time put together, remastered and released on cd! 16 pages booklet with all original artwork, lyrics, photos. The demo's are actually prefered over some of the re-recorded tracks appearing on the debut by a lot of people, as these original recordings capture more of the grim atmosphere whereas the debut sounded too polished for many.(Heidens Hart)

Ancestors Blood (Fin) "When the Forest Calls" --- CD

Brand new second album of epic and highly atmospheric pagan black metal. Powerful production, catchy and bombastic keyboard melodies and aggressive guitars and vocals. Ancestors Blood have more and more found an own identity, however still reminding of that old, typical Scandinavian sound bands like Grievance, Demonic, Covenant, Troll, Gehenna and Dimmu Borgir used to have. Essential release!(Heidens Hart)

Deifecation (Hol) "Cathartic Octogenaricide" --- MCD

Excellent Dutch old school Death Metal with some Swedish melodies.(Self release Pro CD)

Impiety (Sgp) "Bestial Domination Tour 2008" ---T-shirt(L)


New CDs arrived from Sentinel Records and Daemon Worship Productions

Abaddon Incarnate (Ire) "Nadir" --- CD

ABADDON INCARNATE return with their ultrabrutal second album. Recorded in Soundlab Studios, Sweden, and produced by Mieszko of Nasum (Relapse), Nadir provides a musical fist in the face with its weighty production and hammering speed. Cold and grim artwork by Paul McCarroll compliments the lyrical exploration of humanity's grotesque and macabre face. They have delivered certainly the finest in pure extremity that Ireland has produced to this day. Released in September 2001.(Sentinel Records)

For Ruin (Ire) "December" --- DigiPak

Debut album from Cork's melodic dark Metal outfit FOR RUIN. Strong influences from Rotting Christ, Death, Katatonia & Amorphis gelled together to create their own distinctive sound. December consists of 10 tracks in a stunning digi pack. (Sentinel Records)

Morphosis (Ire) "Rise of the Bastard Deities" --- CD

MORPHOSIS finally unleash their debut album. Ten tracks of vicious, aggressive hammer to the head Death Metal. 30 minutes of modern Death Metal with a strong old school feel, drawing on two decades of influences. Recorded in Trackmix Studios, Dublin. Featuring guest vocals from PRIMORDIAL'S Nemtheanga.(Sentinel Records)

Sol Axis (Ire) "...To Mark the Ages " --- CD

This release is a collective of all the recorded SOL AXIS tracks in existence for the first time available on CD. It not only contains the To Mark The Ages 10” tracks but also a re-mastered version of the extremely limited SOL AXIS demo from 2004 as well as a previously unreleased track, two Bathory covers in tribute to Quorthon and alternative versions and is a comprehensive collection of everything Sol Axis put to tape to date.(Sentinel Records)

Funeral Goat (Hol) "Mass Ov Perversion " --- CD

From the darkest depths, from the deepest caverns ov unexistence, the unholy prayers for the coming ov the Lord echo and thunder high and low. Eternally dedicated to the glory of our Master, FUNERAL GOAT is a channel of His will. This unholy entity, summoned by His loyal servants, - HerrAIDS and Ludas - manifests itself in a form of pure Orthodox Devilworship! No beautiful melodies, just pure religious exaltation and Satanic devotion. Influenced by and dedicated to such prophets, as VON, Beherit, Archgoat and War, FUNERAL GOAT spreads the Gospel of Ancient Black / Death. Primitive and raw, yet entrancing and hypnotic chants, played solely for His glory and in His name!(Daemon Worship Productions)

Insult (Swe) "Abysmal Incantations" --- CD

INSULT, hailing from Sweden, was born in 2004, as a manifestation of sinister and hateful spirit of Old-School Death Metal in its (im)purest form! At the moment the band is writing new anthems, and, in preparation for the forthcoming full-length attack, a pact was signed with DAEMON WORSHIP PRODUCTIONS to release both of the band's official demos - "Decree" and "Axiom" - on a single CD, to finally make them available to wider audience. Pounding raw hatred combined with haunting melodies, INSULT proudly marches forth, crushing everything to dust! 11 hymns of (im)pure blasphemy - "Abysmal Incantations"(Daemon Worship Productions)

Paragon Impure (Bel) "To Gaius (For The Delivery Of Agrippina)" --- DigiPak

One of the Old Goatowarex release is available in Digi-pack form now, with bonus tracks.(Daemon Worship Productions)

Pest (Swe) "Blasphemy is my Throne" --- CD

A masterpiece, proven by years of worship, now available again, limited only to 1000 copies with a new cover and layout by Necro himself. Originally released on vinyl by Bloodstone Entertainment (Blood005) in 2002. A year later, the same label released a CD-version (Blood005SE) with a different mix on three of the tracks and with two bonus tracks taken from the 1999 demo “Black Thorns”. This CD — the third edition — contains the original vinyl material, without being remastered and without bonus tracks. The way it was and the way it shall be... The only thing that is altered is the artwork/layout, since the original photos have been lost over the years.(Daemon Worship Productions)

Sadistic Grimness (Swe) "Asteni" --- CD

From bleak and funeral emptiness comes forth SADISTIC GRIMNESS. Do you feel this rotten stench from beyond the grave? This suffocating, blinding and devouring stench of desolation and death.... It surrounds you and gets through you, infecting your soul with ancient fear and bloodfreezing terror. Where graves burst wide open and legions of the dead arise and prowl the earth in their morbid lust for FLESH, where endless horizons are flooded with blood and gore, where you can no longer distinguish life from death or day from night, stands SADISTIC GRIMNESS. Drawing influences from the most ancient of Death Metal Cults and the darkest of Black Metal Hordes, they represent the malevolent force of real Death Metal; wicked and grim, atrocious and painful(Daemon Worship Productions)


New CDs arrived from BlackSeed Productions, Nihil Ward Productions and Erebus Enthroned

Anal Vomit (Per) "Gathering of the Putrid Demons" --- CD

Third full lenght album of these Peruvian Demons!! Total old school riping Thrash / Black Metal in the classic South American Way. Latest 2009 release.(BlackSeed Productions)

Ars Manifestia (Ita) "The Enchanting Dark's Arrival" --- CD

Raw but emotional Black Metal with bloodfreezing riffs and a dak mysterious feeling lasting for near one hour.(BlackSeed Productions)

Ars Manifestia (Ita) "The Red Behind" --- CD

Over 70 minutes of dark and cold Black Metal following the path marked by their debut album but with a higher level of composition and recording.(BlackSeed Productions)

Beastcraft (Nor) "Baptised in Blood and Goatsemen" --- CD

New album from this True Norwegian Black Metal band with total raw and necro sound!(BlackSeed Productions)

Decayed (Por) "The Black Metal Flame" --- CD

Lusitanian Black Metal. New full lenght album + extra bonus!(BlackSeed Productions)

Vetche (Ukr) "Vetche" --- CD

Cult project of NOKTURNAL MORTUM and LUCIFUGUM, Ritual Dark Ambiental Black Metal(Nihil Ward Productions)

Erebus Enthroned/Nekros Manteia (Aus/Aus) "Spiritual Deconstruction" --- CD

Split of two Aussie underground Black Metal bands, self released professional production, comes with a free sticker.


New CDs arrived from Inferna Profundus Records and Shaytan Productions

Argharus (Lit) "Pleištas" --- DigiPak

Eight Cynical, crude expressions and malice towards society is born in the new Argharus album Pleištas. Rotting mankind dissolves in its etablished control. Grave is approaching each day. Die Now. Hearken and behold. Deluxe 6 panel Digipak.(Inferna Profundus Records)

Poccolus (Lit) "Ragana" --- CD

Discover Black Metal from Lithuania, for Burzum, Mayhem, Emperor and Bathory fans. Remastered tracks from 1994 demo record and 2 never published live tracks. Darkness and Melancholy with hints of occultism shall over whelm.(Inferna Profundus Records)

Slagmaur (Nor) "Domfeldt" --- Digipak

Mysterious Black Metal from Norway. Demo re-released as an exclusive 6 panel Digipak with 2 extra bonus tracks. Re-mastered sound quality and new design made by Rober Hoyem.(Inferna Profundus Records)

Aarni (Fin) "Tohcoth" --- CD

Tohcoth is Aarni´s second full-length album and contains a plethora of musical styles ranging from various subgenres of doom metal, 70´s prog and folk to ambient, while remaining charmingly guitar-driven. A number of chord progressions and melodies have been implemented so as to cause beneficial effects in the listener (hopefully) according to the principles of "sacred geometry". You may find the album´s overall atmosphere somewhat proggy, experimental and freaked-out. The themes on "Tohcoth" consist of occultism and futuristic theories, brain-change and collective and personal liberation... with added Lovecraftian, alchemical, mythological, Discordian and Thelemic content. Languages featured this time include English, Latin, Finnish and Enochian. Tohcoth also features what may be the first ever recording of "The Battle Hymn of the Eristocracy" from the cult classic book Principia Discordia. As on Aarni´s critically and popularily acclaimed debut album Bathos, the Finnish media personality Sampo Marjomaa has contributed guest vocals and VV from the band Umbra Nihil plays most of the drums. The album has been lovingly dedicated to the late great Robert Anton Wilson.
You will probably find "Tohcoth" more brutal than your mom, more sensitive than your dad, more wicked than your uncle, more Kabbalistic than Madonna, straighter than Manowar, more proggy than Slayer, more balanced than Jesus or Moses or Mohammed, more educated than Hitler, more scientific than Dawkins, more honest than any government and perhaps less emo than you.(Epidemie Records).I got only 1 copy left in Distro, if you are into progressive music, do not miss out

Al-Namrood (Sau) "Atba'a Al-Namrood" --- MCD

From The Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, come forth Al-Namrood (the non-believers) With rageful Arabic vocals and depressive atmosphere. Join the legion of Al-Namrood!A blend of a fiendish Black Metal and an Archaic Arabian culture. Limited to 1000 hand numbered copies.(Shaytan Productions)

Dantesco (Pri) "Pagano" --- CD

Dantesco is today the most famous HEAVY METAL band hailing from the isle of Puerto Rico.“Pagano” shows from the first notes an incredible change in Dantesco’s offering compared to the first album, with the distinctive and operatic vocals of Erico “La Bestia” taking the lead, perfectly accompanied by some of the most classic guitars you can hear in today’s HEAVY METAL scene.The songs are built again on an epic and heavy metal background, reminding of classic acts such as Mercyful Fate and Candlemass but sometimes, with their complex structure, going even further back in time to the 70s, to the roots of hard rock/heavy metal. The lyrics, in Spanish, deals with historic and mythological events and figures such as Beowulf and Anibal and the Crusades, but also with Pagan themes as the title in the end suggests. (Coqui Satanico Records)

Dhul-Qarnayn (Bah) "Jilwah" --- MCD

Eastern Ritualistic Ambient from the Kingdom of Bahrain with a culture and history of its own, Dhul-Qarnayn brings forth the ritualism of ancient civilizations with Jilwah. Listenable only for those that are willing to meditate upon the black book of Al-Jilwah, delving into the Ancient Eastern atmospheres.(Shaytan Productions)

Kalki Avatara (Ita) "Mantra for the End of Times" --- MCD

Kalki Avatara supports the speeding of the end of Kali-Yuga process. Every vicious and corrupt act is just a step nearer to the rebirth. Every effort to save the debris of our civilzation is a waste of time. The righteous shall preserve uncorrupted his virtue, his honour, his solitude, and he shall not conform nor fight evil, but let it act undisturbed. Kalki will give birth from the ruins to a new mankind.We are awaiting.
"Neoromantic Mystical Avantgarde"(Shaytan Productions)


New CDs arrived from Nothern Heritage

Baptism (Fin) "Grim Arts of Melancholy" --- CD

BAPTISM is known as one of the most reliable Finnish black metal acts with it´s instantly recognizable, yet deeply traditional, sort of puritanical "Eliterian" musical worship and esotericism. Referencing both older metal and a newly awakened purpose for a more extreme form of Luciferian art, BAPTISM´s work is always more than mere music - it´s a theistic black metal ceremony. As it is, "Grim Arts of Melancholy" stands as a natural continuation of the work BAPTISM initiated in the 90´s. Sargofagian´s articulated vocals unveil mysteries of a blackest nature in the foreground of a deeply darkened, almost insane, mostly mid-paced riffscape, which seems this time to have kept to a minimum the use of beautiful counterpointing of melodies. Old-school thrashing parts are captured amidst songs in their flight across godless depths, yet return to obscurity as soon as the listener is awakened from the morbid trance of a mid-paced minor key hammering. For most of the time the whole album sounds like one single extended ceremonial track dedicated to Azazel or some other force whose name is unknown to mankind. It achieves this atmosphere without using standard tricks such as extremely lo-fi production; in fact, this one probably has the clearest and most dynamic production BAPTISM ever had. It serves it´s purpose here to highlight the nature of the album as a sort of anti-symphony, a prayer, a clear vision of doom. The messages of BAPTISM´s "Grim Arts" are serious prophecies, not entertaining background music! 6 panel cover booklet including exclusive artwork and for the first time all lyrics printed also in CD version

Baptism (Fin) "Morbid wings of sathanas" --- CD

Second full length from Baptism

Clandestine Blaze (Fin) "Deliverers of Faith" --- CD

One of the well selling title, restock now.

Clandestine Blaze (Fin) "Night of unholy flames" --- CD

Clandestine Blaze (Fin) "Fist of The Northern Destroyer" --- CD

Repress from Nothern Heritage.One of the well selling title, restock now.

Clandestine Blaze/Satanic Warmaster (Fin/Fin) "Split" --- CD

half collaboration recordings and half each band does "normal" solo track

Satanic Warmaster (Fin) "Strenght & Honour" --- CD

Northern Heritage is proud to finally present the definitive reissue of possibly the single most powerful Finnish black metal album of the late 90´s: "Strength and Honour". Combining the satanic aggression of early Finnish black metal with the arising militant pagan awareness, this album was instrumental in the subcultural development of Finnish (black) metal. A reissue was deemed necessary because thousands of copies have been sold in several different editions, but lacking the clarity and perfection of a definitive version. That version shall be available now. Despite being a well-known name these days, SATANIC WARMASTER was known from it´s inception as a serious and provocative project. It´s musical awareness of black metal tendencies from EMPEROR to MUTIILATION and moreover, awareness of the heritage of ancient pagan traditions both in national resurgence and through the witchcraft of Satan, the adversary, with it´s unconscious symbolism to modern heavy metal youth as the destructive energies in man, makes the album concrete and evil. It´s possessed with a feeling that makes you think it´s mere presence will turn over tombstones and set churches on fire. Halfway through this album, back in ´99, this reviewer was turned from scepticism towards modern Finnish black metal, to acclaiming it´s potential future existence as a radical artistic force. The truth of this prophecy has since been proved numerous times, by the same artist, and others unmentioned. Whereas SATANIC WARMASTER´s demo works presented a rather different style, the spiritual root of the later works must be found in the obscure, almost secret work of BLUTRACHE, whose demo has been dug up from the archives to serve as part of the current reissue. Also the bonus track "Legion Werwolf" from S&H tape and vinyl version is included here. The CD is remastered from the original master tape with a different vision in mind and has better dynamics and definition, yet containing the esoteric power of the original savage production. The booklet includes new artwork, all the controversial lyrics plus an expanded manifesto revealing some of the aims of the artist in originally creating this Carelian Pan-satanist manifestation and a meditation on its consequences and where he now stands in respect to it.

Warloghe (Fin) "The First Possession" --- CD

Official re-release of the first album! Same material, same cover as original Drakkar version. Cult band from Finland who barely needs introduction.

Warloghe (Fin) "Womb of pestilence" --- CD

Official re-release of the 2nd album! Same material, same cover as original Illuminating Void prod version. Cult band from Finland who barely needs introduction.


New "dishes" arrived from Autopsy Kitchen

Ensepulchred (Usa) "Suicide in Winter's Moonlight " --- CD

USA's best kept secret in the torrid underbelly of the black metal world rapidly return with a new release! Originally released in an extremely limited run of hand numbered cd-rs in slimline dvd cases in 2006. This final and definitive version also includes a completely re-designed layout with a few newly recorded tracks not on the original version. "Suicide In Winter's Moonlight" is 16 miserable tracks of lugubrious, woebegone black fire.

Funereal Moon (Mex) "Satan's Beauty Obscenity" --- CD

Funereal Moon have been creating Satanic audio blasphemies in this world since 1993 with the debut release of their "Prayers Of The Crystal Tablet Of Beli" demo cassette. They have had a unique approach to the dark arts from their very inception and it has only grown phenomenally over the decade since. Funereal Moon eventually returned from absolute obscurity however and began recording full time once again much to our own pleasure.This is the first new Funereal Moon recordings in years: "Satan's Beauty Obscenity".

Marblebog (Hun) "Forestheart" --- CD

Originally released in 2005 on simple tape only format (later to be re-released on tape again!), Marblebog's conceptual blend of anything but jovial ambient passages and deeply personal as well as mature, nature and global depopulation inspired black metal eventually bled it's way onto a super limited CD pressing. All of which made their rounds across the world to end up in the collections of the most die hard and adventurous music lovers and underground black metal fanatics. Here it is again reissue on CD from AKR

Silencer (Swe) "Death - Pierce Me" --- CD

Probably one of the most influential and pertinent black metal recordings to effect today's black metal climate, Silencer is world renowned for their unique blend of psychotic melancholia and somber black atmospheres. They accomplished this with only one album ever recorded. Recorded between 1995-2000 and originally released in 2000 by Prophecy Productions. It can be said that more popular bands of today such as Xasthur and Leviathan might perhaps be itching that ghost limb were Silencer to be eradicated from history. "Death Pierce Me" is available once again in it's original form with a slightly different layout than the original version.

Torch of War (Ger) "The Principle of Cosmic Instability" --- CD

Furious German black metal sitting atop the throne of scathing, uncaring & unabashedly cold records of this genre. Every single track a gem on it's own and every riff completing the circle started by Darkthrone with Transilvanian Hunger. A record made by Torch Of War for Torch Of War...this beast left in tow for your ritual worship.

Thou (Usa) "Peasant" --- CD

Every now and again the rare occasion arises that you come across a record clearly created by fanatics that simply can't help but stand apart from the crowd. Fanatics that have deep roots in nothing else but bashing out the most grim yet beautiful sounding doom.. doom isn't the genre here, doom is the atmosphere. Eyes peer beyond shadows and blood flows beneath footprints. The world is not as vast as the mind. Reality suffers the consequence and we are it's slaves. "Peasant" is Thou's 2nd full length after their debut LP "Tyrant" and both LPs were summoned in their hometown of Baton Rouge, LA which many here in the states consider the home state of that true soulful doom vibe somewhat akin to Motown via Detroit. Unlike many bands of the ilk, Thou doesn't just simply plow over you with riff after unbearably crushing riff over the duration of the album but choose to riff over your soul track by track with more venom per ounce than is likely healthy by any standard. Needless pain and suffering are all around you, Thou are not the answer... they are the alternative. No true pleasure can ever be experienced without a healthy dose of pain. Look no further.

Marblebog/Vorkuta (Hun/Hun) "Wanderings" --- 7'

Anyone with an ear to the underground or just good taste in what it has to offer are surely familiar with Hungary's Marblebog, and recently riding that same cold, deep and despairingly black wave are countrymen Vorkuta. Marblebog contribute "Uttalan Utakon", a ferocious 7 minute bass driven beast of a track that begins with a fire that only years of black metal tradition can ignite and then segues into a deep deep canyon of despair as only Marblebog know how. Most have never heard Marblebog sound like this as it is their most mature material to date and despite activity on numerous splits recently, Marblebog hasn't had a full length in quite some time. This split will leave you begging for it... Fellow countrymen Vorkuta attack this split with a brand new track "Prophecies" which certainly isn't the lighter side of this release. Written in 3 parts (War/Cleansing/Triumph) the track is a blazing assault in tribute to man's oldest pastime. Those already familiar with Vorkuta absolutely need this in their collection as (like the Marblebog track) it is some of their most mature work to date. PINK Marbled vinyl with 2 sided full colour inserts.


New CDs arrived from Poem Productions, Neverheard Distro and Ahdistuksen Aihio Productions.

Black Omen(Tur) "Sinphony" --- CD

With a sound filled with deep and intense use of keyboards as of the scadinavian forefathers of atmospheric black metal, this darkened bands comes to head-to-head comparisions with the major acts of the genre, such as,AGATHODAIMON, GRAVEWORM, etc. 2nd full length from 2007(Poem Productions)

Groza(Tur) "Geçmişin Kasvetli İzleri" --- CD

Groza is a solo project which was created by Bahadir Uludaglar in 2004. the first solo project with its dark-black metal sound in Turkey. Life ,after life was dedicated in the memory of Bosnian people who lost their life in Bosnian War.2nd full length from 2007(Poem Productions)

Zifir(Tur) "You Must Come With Us" --- CD

Debut album of Raw Black Metal Band consisting 10 tracks of misanthropy,antihumanity,antireligion and hate. "Zifir is a confession. About what Zifir are and what you are…"(Poem Productions)

Veér(Hun) "The Measure Of Waste" --- CD

VEER is a classical five piece band from Hungary. Plays BM based groovy Metal music with a bit of R'n'R feeling.The band members are well-known musicians from other Hungarian bands like Witchcraft, Ater Tenebrae, Koprofaagia and Sanguis in Nocte."The Measure Of Waste" is their first full-lenght. Contains 9 songs + outro.The band previously released three demos (self releases) and a split 7" EP at Miriquidi Prods. as RAVENSHADES.(Abismal Caverna / Neverheard Distro)

Blood Red Fog(Fin) "Radiating Desolation" --- MCD

Almost 30 minutes long EP. More straight-forward, stripped-down and rawer Black Metal than on the debut album.(Ahdistuksen Aihio Productions)

Kraken Duumvirate(Fin) "From the Dying Soil to the Eternal Sea" --- MCD

Kraken's tendril reaching out from the great faceless waves, impelling you to take a bow where the heavens meet the waters. Seizing you to your knees, forcing to gaze to the veiled bottomless depths... First part in the series of experiencing the concealed underwater mysteries, manifested through experimental Black Metal.(Ahdistuksen Aihio Productions)

Slave´s Mask(Fin) "Faustian Electronics & Bruise Poetry" --- Digi pack

As a counterbalance to raw black metal releases, years of delays and several drawbacks, AAP has finally the honour to present the debut album of Slave´s Mask "Faustian Electronics & Bruise Poetry". Kaarna and SG.7 have poured an absinth-odorish coctail FE&BP into a glass ready to drink, using the finest elements of their several artistic works in the mixture of the potion, consisting of nine organic, polished, pounding and pulsating semen injections to the rubbercunt underlining the attraction not to life, but to its exceeded rate. As a sugar at the bottom of the glass, the quaff has been decorated with luxurious six-panel digipack with four lyric cards, thus making it even more irresistable to devour this deceitful drink down the throat. (Ahdistuksen Aihio Productions)

Profetus(Fin) "Coronation of the Black Sun" --- CD

"Heavens are dropping with black seed of Doom when Profetus´ congregation burdensomely shambles its burial march onwards. Scandinavian Funeral Doom pioneers of the early ´90s have had a big part in the process of shaping Profetus as the embodiment of their despondency. Yet their musical roots in Finnish underground Black/Death Metal scene lay a strong effect of rawness on their solemnly forged sound - finally burying everything under a suffocating blanket of northern snow. "Coronation of the Black Sun" offers 4 tracks & 50 minutes of Funeral Doom in devastation of solitude, saturnine bleakness and despair - guided with lyrical & conceptual luciferian light shed by the author Johannes Nefastos to invoke this majestic and mesmerising journey into oblivion."(Rusty Crowbar Records)


9 CD titles and 1 new LP arrived from all different labels.

Vinterthron (Bra) "Reign Ov Opposites " --- LP

Debut from this Brazilian Black Metal band now is on LP,The LP is 500 handnumbered limited copies and comes with a great A2 POSTER + Sticker!!!(Novus Ordo Diabolum)

Krumkach (Blr) "Black Visions of Hatred" --- CD

Black Metal from Belarus.Blackness. Rawness. Dirt. Disgust. Hatred(Nomos Dei/Wolfram Prod)

Odar (Bih) "Zavjet Dalekom Snu" --- CD

Raw, devastating oldschool black metal from Bosnia & Herzegovina in the vein of Burzum, Immortal, Dissection, Satyricon... 8 pages booklet(Sonic Temple records)

Profundis (Pol) "Nokturn" --- CD

Debut album, 6 nocturnal hymns + untypical cover, rapid rates & crushing riffs with melodious arrangements.(Diachell Musik)

Scorched (Swe) "The 5th Season" --- CD

Second full length from these Swedish Black Metal horde(Othal Productions)

Seclusion (Uk) "Skies Veiled In Black " --- CD

Ambient Black Metal from UK. (Novus Ordo Diabolum)

Sol Evil (Usa) "Sanctus Satanas " --- CD

Kult demo, live tracks of old material recorded before Lord Morder and Arminius were sent to prison! Includes two bonus tracks unreleased trax from a side project of Lord Morder, and a 12pg booklet complete with photos and lyrics! (Anti-Xtian Terror Records)

Varhorn (Rus) "Labyrinths of Darkness " --- CD

Old school black metal from Russia. (Cold Breath of Silence Records)

Warmarch (Svk) "Pactum Cum Diabolus" --- CD

9 tracks of true Underground Black Metal from Slovakia (Hexencave Prod)

Weltkrieg (Svk) "Final Death " --- CD

Underground NS Black Metal from Slovakia (Armour Get Dawn Productions)


New CDs arrived from Darker Than Black Records, Stellar Winter.

Absurd (Ger) "Raubritter/Grimmige Volksmusik " --- CD

Reissue of Raubritter/Grimmige Volksmusik EP on one CD.(Darker Than Black Records)

Forest (Rus) "Forest" --- CD

1996\2008 - OFFICIAL RE-RELEASE with 3 exclusive bonus-tracks and original art-work with 20 pages booklet! (Stellar Winter)

Forest (Rus) "Like a Blaze Above the Ashes" --- CD

CD'97/'08. Legendary raw Black Metal band from Russia, which truly achieved the levels of coldness and darkness only underdreamt by Norse BM masters of 90's. Freezing melodism meets haunting trancelike obscurity of endless russian forests at night. Re-release with proper and enchanced artwork. (Stellar Winter)

Forest (Rus) "As a Song in the Harvest of Grief" --- CD

CD'98/'08. Raw Black Metal, cold and grim as russian winters are. Harsh and evil yet heartpiercing melodic primitivism meets hypnotic darkness. Re-release with proper and enchanced artwork. (Stellar Winter)

Forest (Rus) "Foredooming the Hope for Eternity" --- CD

CD'99/'08. One hour of Raw Black Metal journey through harshest blizzards and winterstorms into the atmosphere of ghostridden obscurity. Re-release with proper and enchanced artwork. (Stellar Winter)

M8L8TH (Rus) "By the Wing of Black" --- CD

CD'05/'08. Highly melodic Aryan Black Metal with hysterically agressive vocals, atmospheric elements and ultrafast drumming. The band is particulary known for it's vocalist who is now under investigation in prison's psychiatrical ward, being accused in 4 murders and a few acts of robbery. Re-release with new artwork and now excluding the rehearsal demo which was present on original release as bonus. (Stellar Winter)

M8L8TH (Rus) "Nepokolebimaja Vera" --- CD

Brand new album 2009. Highly technical and extremely professionally recorded melodic Pagan Black/Death Metal. Features songs with amazing clean vocals in the vein of TEMNOZOR'.(Stellar Winter)

Nezhegol (Rus) "From the Heart to Sun" --- CD

CD..08. 10 tracks of pure heathen metal with Slavonic lyrics and original atmosphere. CD comes with full-color 8 pages booklet.(Lost reich rex)

Oprich/Chur (Rus/Ukr) "Ognetzvet/Z Moroku " --- CD

SplitCD`08 Folk Pagan Metal on OPRICH side, a new opus after the split with KRODA(UKR): an unique and powerful interpretation of 2 archaic Russian folk songs in Metal form + their 2 own songs. CHUR's side here is completely different to it's debut full-length, this time CHUR arrives with haunted, deeply atmospheric and cold traditional Black Metal meditation in the vein of BURZUM "Hvis Lyset Tar Oss" without any folk influences or whatever you may recall from their debut. (Stellar Winter)


New CDs arrived from Frostscald Records, latest 2009 releases

Dråpsnatt (Swe) "I Denna Skog" --- CD

Swedish Black Metal band hailing debut album composed in absolutely unique way. The grand impressive musical creation devoted to the nature, thunderstorm blast-biting, dark sorrowful doomish & lyrical acoustic passages are supported by piano & sympho with strongest ideal clean vocal.

Drephjard (Nor) "Maktdominans" --- MCD

Brand new album from Norwegian Black Metal hateful war-machine in the vein of DARKTHRONE and GORGOROTH. Cold and merciless massacre in the classic traditions, greatly upbrought and advanced since their debut on Northern Silence Productions back in 2006.

Dysperium (Usa) "Dysperium" --- CD

Doom Metal with indepth nature atmosphere, superb acoustic parts & some Black Metal touch strongly inspired by ULVER, AGALLOCH, PRIMORDIAL, AETERNUS, KATATONIA, OPETH. Features founder members of US Black Metal cult TYPHOS.

Kailash (Ita) "Past Changing Fast" --- CD

2nd album composed in their own extremely avantgarde style according to genre masters VED BUENS ENDE – a genius mix of progressive acoustic & distorted riffs with the proper drum section. CD features bonus cover song on VED BUENS ENDE.

Midvinter (Swe) "At the Sight of the Apocalypse Dragon" --- CD

Classic Swedish Black Metal straight from the 90s, spirit and agression meets melody and freezing cosmic sympho passages. Features ex-SETHERIAL vocalist. Originally released by Invasion records/Metal Blade Records in 1997. Re-release with new artwork.

Sorgeldom (Swe) "Innerlig Förmörkelse" --- CD

Swedish Black Metal band hailing debut album composed in absolutely unique way. The enigmatic journey through the solitary cosmos to the total eclipse immersed in magical atmospheric introductions, raw guitar coldness, shoegaze tunes slightly reminding STRID, WALKNUT, SVARTSYN, ARMAGEDDA.

Svart (Swe) "Våran Tid är Förbi " --- MCD

Brand new second album 2009. Swedish depressive Black Metal. Features debut demo 2008. Enjoy 76 minutes of pure raw melancholy and despair in the best traditions of genre masters like early SHINING and FORGOTTEN TOMB.

Svart (Swe) "Vanära, Vanmakt och Avsmak " --- CD

Brand new debut album 2009. Swedish depressive Black Metal in the best traditions of genre masters like early SHINING and FORGOTTEN TOMB.

Ulvhedner (Nor) "For I Tida " --- CD

Striking with their 2nd newest album band performs nowadays Norwegian Black Metal based on classic traditions. Album was composed around mystic fjords & woods in the vein of WINDIR, STORM, OTYG. It brings many excellent solo melodies, powerful guitar riffs, clean vocals. Album was mastered by Ese from VREID.


New CDs arrived from Ruin Productions,Dark Adversary Productions, Total Holocaust Records and Ture Face Of Evil Records

Black Silence / Paroxysmal Descent (Aus/Aus)"Into the Lightless Depths / The Suffering Within" --- CD

Black Silence unveiling a traditional black metal sound with material combining the extremes of anger and sadness, Dragging you down into a place of darkness, hate and sorrow...Into the Lightless Depths...
Paroxysmal Descent bring forth 3 original tracks of pure, life neglecting, black hatred and an Abyssic Hate cover! The path to salvation lies within the will to demise, For death is the only fucking god on this earth!(Ruin Productions)

Crimson (Aus)"Fading" --- CD

Grief, solitude and autumn skies in crimson blossom. The music of Crimson is like well written poetry. You should let it speak for itself, there's no words to fully describe this work. Melancholia lingers in perfect harmony with this soothing and acoustic creation. Music to detach from this plane of existence. Dreams to dust. Reality ablaze. Crimson awakes. Fading. (Total Holocaust Records)

Eternum (Aus)"An Ode to Our Fallen" --- CD

Epic, ancient and proud black metal from this mysterious Australian horde! An ode to our fallen ancestors and their memory.(Dark Adversary Productions)

Mistress of the Dead (Cze)"I Know Her Face from the Tombstone" --- CD

Yet another monumental collection of deep and emotionally moving czech funeral doom unveiled on CD.
The funeral winds forever blow, covering the tombstone of loss and mourning with thousand year aged snow. Fans of Mistress of the Dead’s previous opus, “Weeping Silence of the Dead” shall not be dissapointed, As this material is as haunting and deep as ever...(Ruin Productions)

Paroxysmal Descent (Aus)"Paradigm of Decay" --- CD

Pure life-neglecting negativity...Paroxysmal Descent summon forth from the deepest vaults, A virus of dark,Suffocating black metal despair. Presenting the decaying world their debut full length offering, To scar the world once more...(Ruin Productions/Total Holocaust Records)

Spiderpact (Fin)"Goatspeed Into Magenta Vacuum" --- MCD

Avant-garde metal from Finland(Ture Face Of Evil Records)


New LPs arrived from Ahdistuksen Aihio Productions

Circle of Ouroborus (Fin)"Streams" --- LP

Second CoO full-length available on vinyl. A unique mix of lo-fi (black) metal and post-punk. Gloomier and more coherent wholeness than its predecessor. Not only the presentation (completely new lay-out & 20 page A4 booklet), but also the format adds a lot to the whole, highlighting the bilateral differences of the vinyls sides and their overall unity.

Peste Noire (Fra)"La Sanie des siecles - Panegyrique de la degenerescence" --- LP

Raw Black Metal. The highly anticipated first album of Peste Noire "La Sanie des siècles - Panégyrique de la dégénérescence" is now released on LP format. The release is a proud collaboration of De profundis, and Ahdistuksen Aihio Productions. The LP contains same tracks as the CD version, only the track order has been changed, and the layout is different.

Due to the high postage for this trade, the price for these 2 LPs are slightly higher, 30 AUS$ per copy. Postage within Australia for 1 LP is 7Aus$, 2 or more LPs will be charged a fixed postage of 12Aus$ only.


New CDs arrived from Black Tower Production

Atritas (Che)"Rising Of Eternal Dusk / Dunkler Reigen" --- DCD Digipak

Symphonic Black Metal from Switerland. 2 of the early demo reissue on Double CD digipack.

Black Jade (Che)"...Of Forest And Fire..." --- Digipak

Melodic Tolkien Black Metal from Switzerland, this is the special extended edition digipak with 4 bonus tracks

Black Jade (Che)"Helvetica Diabolica" --- CD

Helvetic pagan Metal, cd limited to 666 hand numbered copies.

Nightside (Fin)"The End Of Christianity" --- CD

True Finnish Black Metal,2001 full length ablum reissue on Gold disk.

Moloch(Ukr)"A journey to the Vyrdin " --- CD

Raw atmospheric Nordic-influenced black metal, Nordsturm Prod 2009 release.


New CDs arrived from Supernal Music

Capricornus (Pol)"Alone Against All" --- CD

Debut album from Capricornus' (THOR'S HAMMER, ex-GRAVELAND) eponymous project. The explosion of disgust towards the system based on illusions of equality, freedom, and brotherhood culminates 10 years of the band's existence. Similar in style to THOR'S HAMMER's 'Three Weeds from the Same Root', but with more extreme vocals and a more radical stance, as well as cosmic ambiance.

Dark Ages (Ukr)"A Chronicle of the Plague" --- CD

DARK AGE's second album continues offering us minimalist Dark Ambient from the main member of DRUDKH and HATE FOREST, this time more melodic than before, and inspired on the horrors of the Middle Ages. Between the fall of the Western Roman emprie in A.D. 476 and the fall of Constantinople (capital of the Eastern Roman empire) in 1453, Europe was ravaged by plagues and superstition. Greek was largely forgotten, and with it much of the learned texts of antiquity. 'A Chronicle of the Plague' is a musical tale of the terror of 1349, which depopulated entire villages and decimated Europe's human population; the disease was not understood at the time, and therefore it was assumed to have been the wrathful punishment from the Judaeochristian Deity. Alas, prayers were of no avail...

Dawnfall (Ger)"Drei Räume" --- CD

Recorded many years ago, this is the long-vaulted successor to the infamous "Dominance of Darkness" debut. Weird, nightmarish, disfigured, you will most likely be repelled at first by what these Germans recorded, walking the thin dividing line betten torture and demented genius. Yet this is a clever work, necro and avant garde at the same time, grimly deranged.

Ethereal Woods (Uk)"In The Forest of Arden" --- CD

Second album from this Warwickshire entity. Same dreamy mysticism and sylvian sensibilities, but now with heavier guitars, a generally more robust sound, and more confident dynamics. A step forward from the debut.

Ethereal Woods (Uk)"Kenilworth " --- CD

Third album. This time ETHEREAL WOODS return with an even heavier sound (now touching Death Metal), retaining their Doomy and melancholic sound while infusing a dose of sylvian fantasy into their unique Elizabethan theme.

Woods of Infinity (Swe)"Hopplös Väntan " --- MCD

Very long mini-album, with six tracks and clocking in at half an hour. This talented duo offer us here some very strange tracks: they are, of course, full of the depressive melodies and melancholic desperation that constitute their trademark sound, but the tracks are very twisted and obscure, done in the weird, sarcastic way that only WOODS OF INFINITY would.

The Meads of Asphodel/Mayhem (Uk/Nor)"Jihad / Freezing Moon" --- CD

Split of two excellent bands in CD format with bonus tracks, lyrics, and controverail artwork.


New CDs arrived from Asphyxiate Recordings

Denial (Mex)"Catacombs of the Grotesque" --- CD

Debut album from Mexican death metal outfit Denial! Features members of Cenotaph. Crushing, morbid and dark metal taking you on a path to the abyss! Pure Lovecraftian Horror!

Diocletian (Nz)"Decimator" --- MCD

Crushing metal from New Zealand in the vein of Blasphemy, Order from Chaos, Revenge and more. Features all exclusive tracks and a cover of Bolt Thrower's "All That Remains".

Paganizer(Swe)"Born to be Buried Alive" --- CD

Old school death metal straight outa the same book as Dismember, Unleashed, Grave, Seance & Exhumed! 5 new tracks, bonus live track & video footage in a full length packaged release!

Vassafor(Nz)"Vassafor " --- MCD

Blackened doom death, displaying some of the best and freshest style of extreme music in today's underground! Finishes off with a pure classic cover of Mercyful Fate's "Black Funeral"!

Vinterriket/A.E.P.(Ger/Fra)"Split " --- CD

The well known subtle dark ambient from Vinterriket slotted alongside the dark, dungeon deep noise from AEP! Booklet features some of the most beautiful and dark landscapes on this earth!

Eligor(Ita)"Ante Lucem" --- CD

Melodic Black Metal from Italy,released through MKM.


New CDs/EP arrived from War Arts Productions and Prime Cuts Music

Irae (Por)"Hellnation " --- CD

New album, 8 songs of devotion to him. Still raw but more melodic than their other releases.

Onirik (Por)"After Centuries of Silence " --- CD

2009 latest release,10 hymns of deep Black Metal art in cruel devotion to darkness

Sturmkaiser (Ita)"Veni vidi vici" --- CD

A violent masterpiece with 9 tracks of epic tunes and warcries and it's going to be a bloody milestone in the modern war metal scenes

Malfeitor / Amok (Ita/Nor)"Split" --- 7'

Featuring members of Aborym and Taake. 7" Gatefold limited to 666 copies handnumber by the bands

Dawn of Azazel(Nz)"Sedition" --- CD

Second full length of Brutal War Metal from New Zealand

The Furor (Aus)"Advance Australia Warfare" --- CD

Second full length from excellent Aussie War Black Metal band

Grotesque (Aus)"Museum of Human Disease" --- CD

High quality Brutal Death from Western Australia

Tzun Tzu (Aus)"Kunoichi" --- MCD

Death Metal with Ancient Japanese theme. Features members from Stargazer, Oni


New CDs arrived from My Kingdom Music and Baneful Genesis records

Crest of Darkness(Nor)"Give Us the Power to Do Your Evil" --- CD

Evil Black Metal from Norway

Deinonychus(Hol)"Warfare Machines" --- CD

Suicidal Doom Metal from Holland

Majestic Downfall(Mex)"Temple of Guilt" --- CD

MAJESTIC DOWNFALL is a one-man-band, which recaptures the feeling of the 90’s European Doom Metal scene, and mixes it with some more modern Doom Metal and Depressive Black Metal overtones. The music is somber and melancholic in some moments, while in others it is simply apokalyptic and funereal. Find here the right way for a travel into a true, supreme and mournful Doom Metal world that doesn’t follow trends. For real fans of early My Dying Bride, Katatonia, Saturnus, Celestial Season, early Katatonia and Forgotten Tomb.

ThanatoSchizo(Por)"Zoom Code" --- CD

ThanatoSchizO’s fourth album is the perfect match between Progressive Death Metal and World Music: avant-garde in all its potential. With ethnical melodies, catchy vocal melodies and a strong production, Zoom Code is the wet dream of every mélomane. It is a sure must for all fans of bands like Ayreon, Porcupine Tree, Strapping Young Lad, Paradise Lost, Pain of Salvation, Amorphis.

Spiculum Iratus(Usa)"Summa Anti-Theologica" --- CD

Haunting, and well crafted US underground Black Metal,Baneful Genesis 2009 release


Some of the best titles from Avantgarde Music/Woulded Love Records arrived!!

Ad Hominem(Fra) "Climax of Hatred" --- CD

Third album of one of the most extreme black metal bands from France!

Carpathian Forest(Nor) "Strange Old Brew" --- CD
Carpathian Forest(Nor) "We're Going to Hell for This - Over a Decade of Perversions" --- CD

Carpathian Forest need no introduction.

Dark Space(Swi) "III" --- CD with slipcase

"Dark Space III" is a giant album written and recorded over the course of a couple of years withe the band almost getting nervous breakdowns at arranging every single bit and detail of it, though not missing their now worldwide recognized aural and minimalistic apocalypse.

Dolorian(Fin) "When All The Laughter Has Gone" --- CD

Dolorian, a word reminiscent of grief, perfectly embodies the very essenced of the band; expressed through slow yet powerful music where flesh tearing vocals portrait their own gloomy vision of daily, real life.Impossible to come up with a specific range of musical influences, for the band spans from doom to dark ambient, but those lovers of sickening atmospheres will relish " When all laughter has gone " the band's very first output.

Dolorian(Fin) "Dolorian" --- CD

Hjarnidaudi(Nor) "Pain:Noise:March" --- Digi Pak

Niklas Kvarforth(from Shining,Bethlehem,Ondskapt and Diabolicum etc.)'s Drone/Funeral Doom Metal Project

Lifelover(Swe) "Konkurs" --- CD

Third album from Lifelover, no introduction needed.

Nortt(Den) "Galgenfrist" --- CD

Talented Funeral Doom from Denmark, latest album.


Choronzon(US) "Magog Agog" --- CD

Blackened Industrial Metal from USA, Nocturnal Art Productions original copy. only have 3 copies left, don't miss out

Circle of Ouroborus (Fin) "Tree of Knowledge" --- CD

latest full length from Circle of Ouroborus,Hospital Productions.

Nartvind (Bel) "Until Their Ruin" --- CD

Black Metal from Belgium, Painkiller Records

Hoth (Por) "Rites of the black Goddess" --- CD

Another cult Black Metal band from Portugal, original Bahamut Records released in 2001. I only have one copy left, sold already

Dark Fury (Pol) "Fortress of Eagles" --- CD

NS Black Metal from Poland, sorry only one copy available.


Cryfemal (Spa) "Perpetua Funebre Gloria" --- CD

Black Metal from Spain,Oniric Records

Evoked Curse (Fin) "Merciless Revenge" --- CD

Old school Black Metal from Finland, Time before Time Records

Infernö (Nor) "Downtown Hades/Utter Hell" --- CD
Infernö (Nor) "Metal Commando Attack" --- CD

Thrash Metal from Norway, 2 releases from Duplicate Records

Malveillance (Can) "L'appel du Neant / Le Froid du Nord" --- CD

Black Metal from Canada, released by Suffering Jesus


lastest release from Ancient Dream Records(Germany)arrived.

Dead? (Fra) "Dead?" --- CD

12 Tracks that cuts the smile out of your face, await outstanding Black Metal with a decent packaging. Created by Kaiser from Ad Hominem. A mix of cynical Lifelover, suicidal Shining - and martial totalitarism.12 page booklet with golden print on thick and rough paper.
- created by Kaiser from Ad Hominem (Guitar, Bass, Vocals) and with members from
Eternity (Basilik: Drums),
Frangar (Il Colonnello: Vocals),
Forgotten Tomb (Algol: Vocals)
Gosforth (Luxitan: Vocals)

HellLight(Bra) "Funeral Doom" --- CD

Amazing Doom Metal from Brazil. A melancholic Masterpiece with some of the most emotional moments you have heard for years. Join the journey to the deepest place in your mind.

Explosicum (Chn) "Conflict" --- CD

One of the best chinese Thrash Metal band, Areadeath Production.


Bestial Mockery/Destruktor(Swe/Aus) "Metal of Death" --- CD

Victimizer (Dnk) "Rapid Thrashing Violence" --- CD
with 11 live tracks as Bonus.

2 releases from Hells Headbangers in 2006


Winter Decadence (Ita)"Lacrime di Solitudine Invernale" --- CDR
Selfproduced - Ambient music on CDR with 8 pages Pro booklet,limited to 100 handnumbered copies Only

Black Angel (Per) "From the Darkness" --- CD
Black Metal from Peru,features members from Goat Semen, Ketzer Records.

Darkest Hate Warfront (Bra) "Satanik Annihilation Kommando" --- CD
Black Thrash from Brazil, Ketzer Records.

Kharon (Nor) "Raised By Hellish Demons" --- CD
Black Metal from Norway, Ketzer Records.

Lux Ferre (Por) "Antichristian War Propaganda " --- CD
Black Metal from portugal, Ketzer Records.

Myrk (Ice) "Icons Of The Dark" --- CD
Black Metal from Iceland, Ketzer Records.


Velehentor (Rus)"Cak-Enra" --- CD
A5 CD,Dark ambient/noise project from Russia

Krieg (Usa) "Patrick Bateman" --- MCD
MCD released in 2004.

Krieg / Azaghal (Usa/Fin) "Split" --- 10' Vinyl
From Beyond Productions, limited to 666 hand numbered copies


Karna (Rus) "Diabolic (Soundtrack For My Nightmares)" --- CD
Karna (Rus) "Raven" --- CD
Black Ambient from Russian,Possession Productions


Judas Iscariot (Usa) "Thy dying light" --- CD
2000 reissue with bonus video track, Moribund Records


Frostmoon Eclipse/Ritual Day (Ita/Chi) "Split"" --- CD
3 copies only

Voices Of The Styx (Hug) "16 Hungarian black Death metal bands"" --- CD
limited to 500 hand numbered copies.

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