Dead As Dreams --- White t-shirt (M, L ) Front Back
Dekadent Aesthetix - White shirt --- t-shirt (M, L ) Photo
Dekadent Aesthetix - Black shirt --- t-shirt (M, L, XL) Photo
Domini Inferi (Hol) "In Nomine Domini Inferi " --- t-shirt (L, XL)
Galgeras (Hol) "Reliekrover" --- t-shirt(L)
Grimfaug (Bel) "Defloration of Life's Essence" --- t-shirt(L,XL)
Haatstrijd (Nl) "Pentagram" --- T-shirt(L)
Haatstrijd (Nl) "Cacodaemony" --- T-shirt(L,XL)
Impiety (Sgp) "Bestial Domination Tour 2008" ---T-shirt(L)Photo
Infinity (Nl) "Enter thy Labyrinth of Hell" --- t-shirt(L,XL)
Infinity (Nl) "Enter thy Labyrinth of Hell" --- long sleeve(XL)
Infinity (Nl) "Enter thy Labyrinth of Hell" --- sweat hoodie(L)
Mortifera (Fra) "Complainte D'une Agonie Celeste" --- t-shirt(XXL)
Weltbrand (Nl) "The cloud of retaliation" --- T-shirt(L, XL)

For zines, 15 AUS$ per copy.

Blutvergieen (Ger) "English Version No.1" --- Zine: "The German Black/Pagan Metal Magazine "Blutvergie?en" presents its first English issue (so far eight German issues). It features very detailed interviews with: PAGAN REIGN (Russian Pagan Metal), MACABRE OMEN (Hellenic Pagan Metal), HELLEBAARD (Dutch Pagan Metal), VICIOUS CRUSADE (Patriotic Heavy/Thrash/Death from Belarus).

Kaleidoscope (Fin) "#2" --- Zine A5 size zine with interview of Necro Christo, Bone Awl, Nocturnal Grave, Thesyre etc, as well as reviews and article.

F.T.Y.K.P (Usa) "#4" --- Zine A5 size zine with interview of Clandestine Blaze, Death Church, Winterblut, Black Mass of Absu and more.

Northern Shadows (Aus) "#4" --- Zine A4 size zine with interview of Absu, Nile, Arcane Necrosis plus review and article, one of the best Australian fanzine.

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