We have successfully traded with(Goatowarex releases can be found in these labels/Metal shops):

Prime Cuts Music(Australia)

Ancient Dreams Records(Germany)

O'Riffs Metal Shop(France)

Avantgarde Music(Italy)

Rauta from Circle of Ouroborus(Finland)

S.S. from Nartvind(Belgium)

Supernal Music(UK)

War Arts Productions(Portugal)

Black Tower Productions(Switzerland)

Baneful Genesis Records(USA)

My Kingdom Music(Italy)

Northern Heritage Records(Finland)

Black Metal Russia webstore(Russia)

Frostscald Records(Russia)

Autopsy Kitchen Records(USA)

Cold Breath Of Silence Productions(Russia)

Ahdistuksen Aihio Productions(Finland)

Daemon Worship Productions(Russia)

BlackSeed Productions(Spain)

Eerie Art Records (Italy)

Moribund Records (Usa)

Neverheard Distro (Hungary)

Osmose Productions(France)

Ruin Productions(Australia)

Novus Ordo Diabolum(Germany)

Inferna Profundus Records(Lithuania)

Hexencave Productions (Slovakia)

Poem Productions (Turkey)

Obscure Abhorrence Productions (Germany)

Art of Propaganda (Germany)

Kunsthauch (Russia)

Black Mass Records (Spain)

Self Mutilation Services (Mexico)

Shaytan Productions(Canada)

Helvete Records(Russia)

Hells Headbangers(Usa)

Pagan Records(Poland)

Sentinel Records(Ireland)

Regimental Records(Usa)

Solitude Productions(Russia)

Deviant Records(Germany)

Dismal Cursing Records(Belgium)

Pest Productions (China)

THA Distro/Wolfsgray (Japan)

Misanthropic Art Productions (South Korea)

No Sign of Life(Finland)

Temple of Torturous(China)

Soul Erazer Distribution (Brazil)

Zero Dimensional Records (Japan)

Flenser Records (Usa)

Ludah productions (Indonesia)

Dusktone (Italy)

Ewiges Eis Records (Germany)

Sun & Moon Records (Romania)

War Against yourself (Italy)

Lower Silesian Stronghold (Poland)

Darker Than Black Records (Germany)

Naga Productions (Czech Republic)

War Productions (Portugal)

Twilight Records (Argentina)

Hypnotic Dirge Records (Canada)

Old Temple (Poland)

Aphelion Productions (Uk)

Arx Productions (Ukraine)

Thor's Hammer Productions (France)

Dark Hidden Productions (Argentina)

Violent Journey Records (Finland)

Immortal Frost Productions (Belgium)

I am still in waiting for package from:

Grimm - http://www.grimm-folklorealm.tk/
Dead Raven Choir - http://wolves.tamu.edu/
Dimentianon - http://www.dimentianon.com/
Hypothermia - http://hypothermia-band.cjb.net/
Ibex Throne - http://ibexthrone.christcrusher.com/
InThyFlesh - http://www.inthyflesh.com/
Isarnheimr - http://home.no/isarnheimr/index.html
Lifelover - http://www.lifelover.se/
Meldkhwis - www.meldhkwis.com/
Morte Incandescente - www.morteincandescente.cjb.net
Merrimack - http://merrimack.satanslegions.com/
Paragon Impure - http://paragon-impure.cjb.net/
Rigor Sardonicous - http://www.smilingdeath.com/RigorSardonicous
Storm Legion - www.stormlegion.com
Torka - http://sst.kom.org/torka/index.htm
Vrolok - http://vrolok.luxferous.com/
Zwartketterij - http://www.zwartketterij.tk/

OPB Graphic & Web Design - http://www.metalwarprod.com/opb

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