SDL001 Mortifera (Fra) "Complainte d'une Agonie Celeste" MCD
Debut Mini CD of melancholic raw french black metal, first press limited 1000 copies, sold out, repress of digipak out later on 2006. (Sold out)
SDL002 Goatreich (Ita) "Inhale the Cold Breath of Who Hates You" CD
Italian war metal that in the vein of Candian and Australian pioneers, limited to 200 copies only, split release with Glorification Music.(Sold Out)
SDL003 Celestia (Fra) "Cave Full of Bat" CD
No introduction need, classic Celestian black metal repressed with brand new artwork.(Sold out)
SDL004 Urfaust (Nl) "Geist ist Teuful" CD
Geist Black Metal!! Songs to celebrate the great emptyness. Debut album of this now infamous band, inlcude first ambient demo as bonus.(Sold out)
SDL005 Krieg/Morte Incandescente (Usa/Por) 'Death Glorification" CD
Feature exclusive tracks of both well respected horde, Krieg contributes some almost doom like droning tracks, while Morte Incandescente offer 4 tracks of ritualistic black metal .(Last 2 copies)
SDL006 Mortifera (Fra) "Vastiia Tenebrd Mortifera" CD/DIGIPAK
Melancolic black desolation from beyond the grave, first fulllength. (Sold out)
SDL007 Coldness (Por) "Poisoned Gift" CD
Extreme harsh and offensive black metal, both musically and visually. Side project of N.H from Corpus Christii, Morte Incandescente and others.
SDL008 InThyFlesh (Por) "Crawl Beneath Our Shadow" CD
Old school nihilistic black metal, this debut album bring them a contract from cult label Drakkar France, limited to 1000 copies.(Sold out)
SDL009 Flame/Ghastly (Fin/Aus) "Morbid Split" CD
Demo from both bands, Ghastly feature members from Misery Omen and Myrddraal. Flame plays transhing black metal not too far away from their country mate URN.(Sold out)
SDL010 Planet AIDS (Nl) "Apokalyptik AIDS" CD
Extreme monotonus industrial blackend DOOM!!(Sold out)
SDL011 Urfaust (Nl) "Verrarischer, Nichtswar Geist" CD
Obscure and macabre GEIST metal in their unique way that no others can match. 50 mins of Occult and Perversion, something you never dare to hear before.(Sold out)
SDL012 Zwartketterij (Nl) "Sodomizer Dirty Sodomizer" CD
Old school thrashing black metal with amazing folk elements and awesome lyric about swedish perversion. 2nd album is on the way, this time is about Japanese Perversion.(Sold out)
SDL013 Paragon Impure (Bel) "To Gaius" CD
30 mins of Tyrannic Black Metal, dedicared to the villains of ancientry, for the ones blinded by his cum. Unlimited regular version available, digipak with bonus trx is delayed til future notice.(Sold Out)
SDL014 Gestapo 666 (Fra) "Black G Metal" CD
Strongest and Harshest black metal, first fulllength albums after several demos and eps, as well as dozen of rumours.(Sold out)
SDL015 Gauhaert (Nl) "Ygwaet Gwyr Gwynn Novi" CD
Raw blackend celtic metal.(Sold out)
SDL016 Absolutus (Bel) "Ostendit Quam Nihil Sumus" CD
Absolute black metal from this young yet promisng Belgain band, heavyly influenced by Old Satanic Warmaster and Deathspell Omgea without losing their own identity.
SDL017 Vrolok/Emit (Usa/Uk) "Pestilence 1440/The Divine Eye" CD
Long-delayed split containing the aural manifestation of hidden knowledge and black arts. Emit returns with a new twist on its "anti-art", while Vrolok contributes some of its most violent and moving material to date.
SDL018 Verloren (Bel) "In Zalvend Onmin" CD
SDL019 Storm Legion (Por) "The Eyes Of The Prophet" CD
After years of silence the grimster Storm Legion reappear with their long awaited debut album after a demo,EP and several compilation tracks.It was about time to let the world listen what they had in storage for many years.An album invoke the old days of acts such as Dodheimsgard and Darkthrone with dose of blacktrash poison.No new ground broken? so what the fuck narrow mind grim black metal it is???
SDL020 Morte Incandescente (Por) "Coffin Descerators" CD
"Coffin Desecrators" is the 2nd full lenght from Morte Incandescente that has been long awaited since the release of the debut "...your funeral".This new album started to be recorded in mid 2004 but only finished in mid 2005.This album is finally ready to come out and show to the corpses around the world what means Grim Funeral Black Metal.This is not a typical boring plain album but yes an album full of emotion and going deep various fields,already explored yes,but why should Black Metal be re-invented when itLs just right the way it is. (Sold out)
SDL021 Grimm (Nl) "Dark Medieval Folklore" CD
Debut album aftr 10 years of existence, great ducth blacking forlkish MEATL, 16 pages artwork with lyric in ancient german and dutch. Fan of Storm, Urfaust and Gauhaert, check this album out. Limited edition.(Sold out)
SDL022 Ibex Throne (Usa) "Total Inversion" CD
Ibex throne has unleashed the next round of artillery and warfare aimed at allreligion and humanity. The future is lost, humanity is worthless, herald the end of existence and obtain this piece of black hatred. 8 new songs of blasphemous, Black Metal is Warfare, Not Music!!!
SDL023 Sangraal (Usa) "Unearthly Night" CD
Pure fucking depraved death metal lacking political goals or other such human bullshit.
SDL024 Ghremdrakk (Bel) "Sterrenpracht" CD
A 60 min journey to the stars and beyond, looking for and becoming ultimate darkness. Ghremdrakk brings forth 8 tracks of Death Worship dedicated to Him. A protest against atheïsm and a manifesto for religious devotion. Escape Earth! (Sold out)
SDL025 Torka (Slo) "Old Hatred" CD
SDL026 Kilte (Bel) "Absence" CD
SDL027 Lifelover (Swe) "Pulver" CD
Lifelover rose from the ashes of the delusions of life - a life without promises nor dreamlike sequences.  (Last copies of second edition available)
SDL028 Isarnheimr (Nor) "S/T" CD
SDL029 Kinstrife&Blood (Aus) "On the path long forgotten" CD (last copies)
SDL030 Drowning The Light (Aus) "The fallen years" DCD
(Sold out)
SDL031 Rift (Aus) "Eyes of Basilisk" CD
SDL032 Funeral Mourning (Aus) "Drown in Solitude" CD
(Sold out)
SDL033 Thronum Vrondor (Bel) "Vrondor I:Epitaph of Mass Destruction" CD
SDL034 LDRTFS (Esp) "Ex nihilo nihil,ad nihilum nihil posse reverti" CD
SDL035 Pestilential Shadows (Aus) "Cursed" CD
SDL036 Emit (Uk) "The Dark Bleeding Gods" CD
The Dark Bleeding Gods features no new material from Emit, but a collection of recording that previously known as 'The Dark Bleeding' & 'The Dark Gods'. This time comes with totally re-mastered sound and updated artwork. First 500 copies come with a Emit Logo sticker.Photo
SDL037 Kilte/Funeral Mourning (Bel/Aus) 'Emission Through self Infliction" CD
SDL039 Drowning The Light (Aus) 'A World Long Dead" CD
(Sold out)
SDL040 Abyssmal Sorrow (Aus) 'Abyssmal Sorrow" CD
SDL043 Dekadent Aesthetix (Rom) 'Dekadent Aesthetix" CD
The first full length album from Dekadent Aesthetix features all of the band's work to date. It captures both the first aggressive black metal compositions from the demo times as well as the new experimental work. All the songs including the first compositions are now mastered by Dan Swano in Unisound Stodio and re-arranged resulting in a fresh new unheard material. This release comes with 50 T-shirt in two colours (Black/White).
SDL044 Dead as Dreams (Usa) 'Their steps become unbearable" MCD
Epic sorrowful black metal. A 24-minute anthemic journey filled with disillusionment and disdain, musically spanning various niches of the supreme black metal art.Limited to 500 copies, first 100 copies comes with a free woven logo patch. Photo
SDL046 Austere (Aus) 'Withering illusion and desolation" CD
(Sold out)
SDL047 Lyrinx (Uk) 'Nihilistic Purity" CD
SDL048 Todesstoß (Ger) "Selbstentleibung - Der Annäherung erster Teil" CD
"One speech track accompanied with one lenghty mid-paced instrumental song. A concept release based on an interpretation of leaving the body behind."

WAXGOAT001 Merrimack (Fra) "Ashes of Purification" LP/PIC LP
(PIC LP Sold out)
WAXGOAT002 Sabbat (Jap) "Live Curse" DLP
(Sold out)
WAXGOAT003 Hirilorn (Fra) "The Revenge is Near" LP
(Sold out)
WAXGOAT004 Nachtmystium (Usa) "Demise" PICLP
(Sold out)
WAXGOAT005 Kriegsmaschine (Pol) "A Thousand Voices" LP
(Sold out)
WAXGOAT006 Blasphemous Evil (Fin) "Old Necromancer" PICLP
(Last copies)
WAXGOAT007 Mortifera (Fra) "Vastiia Tenebrd Mortifera" LP
(Very Limited copies)
WAXGOAT008 Urfaust (Nl) "Verraterischer, Nichtswurdiger Geist" LP
(Sold out)
WAXGOAT009 Mutiilation/Drowning The Light/Satanic Warmaster (Fra/Aus/Fin) "Dark Hymns" Pic LP
(Sold out)
WAXGOAT010 Grimfaug (Bel) "Defloration Of Life's Essence" LP
WAXGOAT011 Bone Awl (Usa) "Bog Bodies/Magnetism of War" LP
(Sold out)
WAXGOAT015 Drowning The Light (Aus) "...Of celtic blood and satanic pride" LP
(Sold out)
WAXGOAT016 Funeral Mourning (Aus) "Drown in Solitude" LP
(Last copies)

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