Short list 5$ sales

All disks in this short list have light scratches or marks, but All PLAY PERFECTLY in my JVC player. If you are not too fussy about disk condition, do not miss out the bargain
Prices are POST-PAID within Ausralia, international order will be sent through Airmail, contact me for postage

Abominant(Usa) - Conquest (Deathgasm)

Abominant(Usa)- The Way After (Deathgasm)

Allfather (Can)- Weapon of Ascension (Invictus Productions)

Amp�tator/ Baphomets Horns(Usa/Usa)-Satanic Forcefucked Annihilation(Invictus Productions)

Aphoom Zhah/�miercieslaŭ (Bel/Bel)-Eternal Pain / Biessmjarotny Czorny Mietal (Tribulacion Productions)

Arallu (Isr)-The Demon From The Ancient World(Epidemie Records)

Avulsion (Usa)-Indoctrination into the Cult of Death(Deathgasm Records)

A.I.D.S.(Usa) - Syndrome of the End Approaching(Those Opposed Records)

Ancestors Blood (Fin)- A Dark Passage From The Past(Heidens Hart)

Black Seas of Infinity / Aymrev Erkroz Prevre (Usa/Fra) - Split(Sonic Tyranny Production)

Benighted Leams (Uk) - Ferly Centesms (Supernal Music)

Bauda/Leuku (Chi/Chi)-Mares(Tyrannus Records)

Dapnom (Fra) - Verklart Nacht(Sonic Tyranny Production)

Gloomy Sunday (Swe) - Beyond Good And Evil(Solitude Productions)

Mytile Vey Lorth(Aus) - Disillusion(Prime Cuts)

Odor Mortis (Rus)- Shining Substance (TSK Rec, limited to 418 copies)

Obsecration (Gre)- Seeds of A Pervert God(Obse Prod)

Procer Veneficus (Usa)- Ghostvoices (God Is Myth Records)

Warage (Fra) - Black Metal War(Desastrious Records)

Free CD

anyone who order from Goatowarex can ask me to add the following cd into your package(one cd per order), most of the titles here I only have one copy each,so better be quick.

Lusitania Dark Horde -Requiems To The Rebirth Of Unholy Black Metal (Nightmare Productions)
Booklet and Disk only, no back cover.

M�tiilation (Fra) - Grimly Reborn (Tragic Empire)
Disk only, no booklet no back cover.

Mortifera(Fra) - Vastiia Tenebrd Mortifera (Goatowarex)
Disk only, no booklet no back cover.

Austere (Aus) - Withering Illusions and Desolation (Goatowarex)
Disk only, no booklet no back cover.

Drowning the Light (Aus) - A World Long Dead (Goatowarex)
Disk only, no booklet no back cover.

Speical/A5 packaging

20 AUS$ postpaid worldwide, ask for discount if you plan to buy more than 2 titles

...(Ita) "Somebody Save Me" --- A5 CD
Black Hate/Deep-pression (Mex/Pol) "Dwellers in an Infertile World" --- A5 CD
CYT/Hostis/Drastus (Fra/Fra/Fra) "From the womb of ferocious" --- CD
Deep-pression/All the cold (Pol/Rus) "Deep Cold" --- A5 CD
Funereal Moon/Circle of Ghosts (Mex/Can) "From Darkness They Are" --- CD in 7' packaging
Gris�tre/Desolation (Fra/Fra) "Split" --- A5 CD
Lupus Nocturnus (Mex) "Suicidal Thoughts Pt. I" --- A5 CD
Mordaehoth/Myself/Veinen (Nl/Bel/Nl) "Gates of helheim/A new begining/Bloodoath" --- A5 CD
Nocturnal Depression (Fra) "Mankind Suffering Visions" --- DVD
Spite Extreme Wing (Ita) "Vltra" --- Digibook
Svedhous (Kor) "From Despair to Suicide" --- A5 CD
Velehentor (Rus)"Cak-Enra" --- A5 CD


A Dream of Poe (Por) "AntediluvianThe Mirror of Deliverance" --- Digipak
Alternative 4 (Uk) "The Brink" --- Digipak
Amber Asylum (Usa) "Still Point" --- Digipak
Amnis Nihili (Gre) "Christological Escalation" --- Digipak
Argharus (Lit) "Plei�tas" --- DigiPak
Atritas (Che)"Rising Of Eternal Dusk / Dunkler Reigen" --- DCD Digipak
Azure - "King of stars" --- Digipak
Bannerwar (Gre) "Centuries of heathen might" --- Digipak
Bergthron (Ger) "Faust Fur Faust" --- Digpak
Beyond Helvete (Ger) "Self Therapy" --- Digipak
Bilskirnir (Ger) "In Flames of Purification/Totenheer" --- Digipak
Black Jade (Che)"...Of Forest And Fire..." --- Digipak
Black Sea of Infinity (Usa) "The Quintessence --- Digipak
Band Of Pain (Uk) "Que Amiga" --- Digipak
Caina (Uk) "Mourner" --- Digpak
Caldera (Fra) "Mithra" --- Digipak
Cobalt ( Usa) "Eater of Birds" --- Digpak
Cold Body Radiation (Hol) "Deer Twillight" --- Digipak
Conspiracy (Hol) "Reincarnated" --- Digipak
Crimson Moon (Ger) "Xepera Xepe Xeperu" --- Double Digipak
Darkmoon Warrior (Ger) "In Fundus Inferiorum" --- Digipak
Defaillance (Fra) "Defaillance" --- Digipak
Die Saat (Ger) "Wir Laden Zum Feste" --- Digipak
Disjecta (Ita) "Da Marmorea Lapide Ombrati" --- Digipak
Dom Dracul (Swe) "Attack on the Crucified" --- Digipak
Eona (Esp) "Croyances Eternelles" --- Digipak
Faded (Ita) "Essences" --- Digipak
Fall (Pol) "Samozatracenie " --- Digipak
Fear of Eternity (Ita) "Light of the Night" --- Digipak
For Ruin (Ire) "December" --- DigiPak
Fourth Monarchy (Ita) "Amphilochia" --- Digipak
Frostkrieg (Gre) "Das Astrale Fenster" --- Digipak
Gram (Ger) "May I Never Hear Your Voices Again" --- Digipak
Gris�tre (Fra) "L'id�e de Dieu" --- Digipak
Gris�tre (Fra) "Esthaetique" --- Digipak
Hjarnidaudi(Nor) "Pain:Noise:March" --- Digi Pak
Ill Omen (Aus) "Compendium Melificarum" --- Digipak
Injekting Khaos (Gre) "Salvation through violence" --- Digipak
K�ltetod/Veineliis (Ger/Ger) "Split" --- Digipak
Kauan (Rus) "Kuu.." --- Digipak
Kolp (Hun) "The Covered Pure Permanence" --- Digipak
Krohm (Usa) "A world through dead eyes" --- Digipak
La Voz Del Imperio-compilation --- Digipak
Legion of Doom (Gre) "The Desecration" --- Digipack
Liholesie (Rus)"videniya" --- Digipack
Lotus Circle (Gre) "Caves" --- Digipak
Nebelkorona (Ger) "Reminiszenzen an das Morgenrot / Relikte des Abendrotes" --- Digipack
Necromantia (Gre) "Ancient Pride" --- DigiPak
Nekrasov (Aus) "Cognition of Splendid Oblivion" --- Digipak
Objekt4 (Swe) "Mindscars" --- Double Digipack
Old Wainds (Rus) "Scalding Coldness" --- Digipak
Opera IX (Ita) "Maleventum" --- Digipak
Oren Ambarchi (Aus) "In The Pendulum�s Embrace" --- Digipak
Oskoreien (Usa) "Oskoreien" --- Digipak
Paragon Impure (Bel) "To Gaius (For The Delivery Of Agrippina)" --- DigiPak
Paria (Ger) "VerminRace" --- Digipak
Pestnebel (Aut) "Reich der schatten" --- Digipak
Poema Arcanus (Chi) "Teluric Manifesto" --- Digipak
Procer Veneficus (Usa) "Astral Birth" --- Digipak
Profundi (Swe) "The Omega Rising" --- Digipak
Pulsefear (Uk) "Perichoresis" --- Digipak
Quinta Essentia (Usa) "Neutrality for Defined Chaos" --- Digipak
Ravenous (Usa) "Three on a meathook" --- Digipak
Ravenous (Usa) "Blood Delivium" --- Digipak
Sabbat (Jpn) "Live Resurrection" --- Digipak
Shoggoth/Ars Sacra (Rus/Rus) "Twilights Of Existence/The Ashes In The End Of The Worlds " --- Digipak
Silent Leges Inter Arma (Ger) "Syn�sthesie" --- Digipak
Slagmaur (Nor) "Domfeldt" --- Digipak
Slagmaur (Nor) "Svin" --- Digipak
Slave�s Mask(Fin) "Faustian Electronics & Bruise Poetry" --- Digi pak
Stalaggh (Nl) "Projekt Misanthropia" --- Digipak
Svarti Loghin (Swe) "Empty World" --- Digipak
Tenebrae in Perpetuum (Ita) "Antico Misticismo" --- Digipak
The Soil Bleeds Black (Usa) "The Knightly Years" --- Digipak
Thralldom (Usa) "A shaman steering the vessel of Vastness" --- Digipak
Thorneum (Pol) "Decade of necrostuprumical madness" --- Digipak
Total Negation (Ger) "Zeitenwende" --- Digipak
Towards Darkness (Can) " Barren" --- Digipak
Uruk-Hai (Aut) "Tawantinsuyu" --- Digipak
V/A The luguburz Compilation III --- Digipak
Watain (Swe) "Sworn to the Dark" --- Digipak
Wolfslair (Den) "Odin" --- Digipak


11 as in Adversaries (Fra) "The Full Intrepid Experience of Light " --- CD
20.SV (Leb) "Acid.Vomit.Human genocide" --- CD

5 Way Split (Kor/Jap) "Oriental Abyss" --- CD
Abandon (Eng) "Never-Ending Black Torrent Of Death" --- CD
Abaddon Incarnate (Ire) "Nadir" --- CD
Abigail (Jap) "Alive in Thailand" --- CD
Absentia Lunae (Ita) "Marching Upon Forgotten Ashes" --- CD
Absolutus (Bel) "Qstendie Quan Nibil Sumus" --- CD
Abstract Spirit (Rus) "Tragedy and Weeds" --- CD
Absurd (Ger) "Raubritter/Grimmige Volksmusik " --- CD
Abusus (Ger) "S/T" --- CDr
Abyssmal Sorrow (Aus) "Abyssmal Sorrow" --- CD
Acheron (Usa) "Anti-God, Anti-Christ" --- CD
Acrosome (Tur) "Dementia Praecox" --- MCD
Ad Hominem (Fra) "Climax of Hatred" --- CD
Ad Hominem (Fra) "Dictator - A Monument of Glory" --- CD
AD Noctum (Den) "The excellence of supremacy" --- CD
A.E.P/Black Sea of Infinity (Fra/Usa) "Split" --- CD
Ahriman (Hun) "Mistpain Path" --- CD
A.I.D.S (Usa) "Syndrome of the End Approaching" --- CD
Allfater Odinn (Usa) "S/T" --- CD
All the Cold (Rus) "One Year of Cold" --- CD
All the Cold/Fornicatus/Happy Days/Black Hate (Rus/Fin/Usa/Mex) "Children of Failure" --- CD
Al-Namrood (Sau) "Atba'a Al-Namrood" --- MCD
Altus Astrum (Uk) "Antediluvian" --- CD
Amazarak (Bra) "Ascens�o Do Anticristo" --- CD
Ammit (Chile) "Mass Suicide/Steel Inferno" --- CD
Amputator (Usa) "S/T" --- MCD
Amystery (Ger) "Extermination" --- CD
Anal Vomit (Per) "Demoniac Flagellations" --- CD
Anal Vomit (Per) "Gathering of the Putrid Demons" --- CD
Ancestors Blood (Fin) "When the Forest Calls" --- CD
Ancient Blood (Bra) "The profane humns of the sovereign darkness" --- CD
Ancient Tundra (Can) "Requiems of a World Lost" --- CD
Andrarakh (Ger) "9 Jahre & 13 Monate asymmetrischen Krieges" --- CD
Andras (Ger) "of old wisdom" --- CD
Angantyr (Den) "Sejr" --- CD
Angmar (Fin) "The Razorblade Redemption" --- CD
Angmar (Fra) "Metamorphosis" --- CD
Angmar/The True Endless (Fin/Ita) "Unholy Virtues/The dirth raw experience" --- CD
Anti (Ger) "The Insignificance of Life" --- CD
Animus Mortis (Chile) "Thresholds of Insanity" --- CD
Ankou Awaits (Usa) "Wyllt" --- CD
Anwyl (Usa) "Postmortem Apocalypse" --- CD
Anwynn (Fra) "Voices of perdition" --- CD
Aorlhac (Fra) "Opus 1" --- CD
Aphangak (Col) "Hidden Echoes" --- CD
Apnea (Nz) "Silent Cities" --- CD
Apparition (Kor) "Blackmusa from the East Empire" --- CD
Apraxia (Belarus) "Hymns of Dark Forests" --- CD
Apraxia (Belarus) "Blood & Soil" --- CD
Arallu (Ise) "The demon from the ancient world" --- CD
Arcana (Swe) "Le Serpent Rouge" --- CD
Arcana Coelestia (Ita) "Le mirage de l'id�al" --- CD
Archon Satani (Swe) "Mind Of Flesh & Bones" --- CD
Arctic Circle (Can) "Frcing the astral" --- CD
Argenraza/Grafuolluth/Stormlust (Arg/Usa/Fra) "Split" --- CDr
Arkham (Fra) "Chapter III" --- MCD
Armour (Fin) "Sonichouse Tape" --- CD
Arphaxat (Fra) "Loudun la Maudite" --- CD
Ars Diavoli/Irae/Penit�ncia/Thy Black Blood (Por) "Black Throne of Disease" --- CD
Ars Manifestia (Ita) "The Enchanting Dark's Arrival" --- CD
Ars Manifestia (Ita) "The Red Behind" --- CD
Arsonist Lodge (Fin) "Perkele, Antikristus ja v��r� profeetta" --- CD
Arvet (Fin) "Ihmisk�rsimys" --- MCD
Aryadeva (Ger) "Kshatra" --- CD
Aryan Art (Bul) "I Berem Plodovete Na Nasheto Nehajstvo" --- CD(Sold out on 21/11)
As All Die (Usa) "Victoria" --- CD
Ashdautas (Usa) "Shadow plays of grief and pain" --- CD
Asgeirr (Fra) "Diktat Allianz" --- CD
Ashes (Uk) "Hymn to a Grey Sky" --- CD
Ashes (Uk) "Funeral forest" --- CD
Askival (Uk) "Eternity" --- CD
Astral Silence (Swi) "Astral Silence" --- CD
Astral Sleep (Fin) "Unawakening" --- CD
Astral Sleep (Fin) "Angel" --- MCD
Astral Winter (Aus) "Winter Enthroned" --- CD
Astral Winter (Aus) "Perdition" --- CD
Astrofaes (Ukr) "The attraction: Heaven and Earth" --- CD
Ataraxia (Ita) "Fantasma Dell'Opera" --- CD
Atman (Spa) "L'Assass� de Venus" --- CD
Atomizer (Aus) "Caustic Music For The Spiritually Bankrupt" --- CD
Atomizer (Aus) "Songs of Slaughter,Songs of Sacrifice" --- CD
Atra (Aus) " In Reverence of Decay" --- CD
Atra (Aus) " Up-turning the Curse" --- CD
Atra Vetosus (Aus) "Voices from the Eternal Night" --- CD
Attack (Usa) "We must attack" --- CD
Attack (Usa) "Survival" --- CD
Aura Noir (Nor) "Live Nightmare on Elm Street" --- CD
Au Sacre des Nuits (Bra) "Anti-Humain" --- CD
Autumnia (Ukr) "O�Funeralia" --- CD
Averse Sefira (Usa) "Homecoming's march" --- CD
Ave Sathanas (Usa) "Religion of Pity" --- CD
Avichi (Usa) "The divine tragedy" --- CD
Avsked (Ger) "Livets Ironi" --- CD
Avzhia (Mex) "Dark Emperor" --- CD
Ayat (Leb) "Six Years of Dormant Hatred" --- CD
Azahel's Fortress (Aus) "Secrets of the forest" --- CD
Azaghal (Fin) 'Codex antitheus" --- CD
Azaghal/Beheaded Lamb (Fin/Spa) "Suicide Anthems/Dark Blasphemous Moon" --- CD
Azaghal (Fin) "Omega" --- CD
Azrael (Usa) "Obdurate / Unto Death" --- CD

Barastir (Ger) "Battlehymns of Hate" --- CD
Basilisk (Eng) "A Joyless March Through Coldland" --- CD
Bauda/Leuku (Chi) "Mares" --- CD
Beastcraft (Nor) "Baptised in Blood and Goatsemen" --- CD
Beastcraft (Nor) "Dawn of the Serpent" --- CD
Beatrik (Ita) "Requiem of December" --- CD
Before the Rain (Por) "Frail" --- CD
Beheaded Lamb (Spa) "A grave to the world" --- CD
Bekhira (Fra) "Demo 1996" --- Digi file CD
Belketre (Fra) "Ambre" --- CD
Beneath the Frozen Soil/Negative Reaction (Swe/Usa) "Split" --- CD
Benighted In Sodom (Usa) "In Hora Maledictus Part I" --- CD
Bergraven (Swe) "Fordorv" --- CD
Bergthron (Ger) "Verborgen In Den Tiefen Der Walder..." --- CD
Bergthron (Ger) "Jagdheim" --- CD
Berserk (Esp) "Live from the Woods" --- CD
Besatt (Pol) "Hail Satan" --- CD
Besatt (Pol) "Hell Storm" --- CD
Besatt (Pol) "Sacrifice for Satan" --- CD
Besatt (Pol) "Black Mass" --- CD
Bestia (Est) "Hallutinatsioon" --- CD
Bestial (Bra) "Phalanx of Genocide" --- CD
Bestial Mockery (Swe) "The Unholy Trinity" --- CD
Better dead than Red (Usa) "The world needs a hero" --- CD
Bewitched (Chi) "Somewhere Beyond The Mist" --- CD
Bewitched (Swe) "At The Gates of Hell" --- CD
Bewitched (Swe) "Rise of the Antichrist" --- CD
Beyond the Ninth Wave (Can) "Volumn 1' --- CD
Bible of the Devil (Usa) "Brutality Majesty Eternity" --- CD
Bilskirnir (Ger) "Dem Feind entgegen" --- MCD
Black Angel (Per) "From the Darkness" --- CD
Black Autumn (Ger) "Ecstasy,Nightmare,Doom" --- CD
Black Blood (Fin) "Cryptic Rituals" --- CD
Black Crucifixion (Fin) "Faustian Dream" --- CD
Black Death (Rus) "Fucking Fullmoon Fundation" --- CD
Black Death (Rus) "Saturn Sector" --- CD
Blackdeath Ritual (Fin) "Profound echoes of the end" --- CD
Black Flame (Ita) "Torment And Glory" --- CD
Black Flame (Ita) "Conquering Purity" --- CD
Black Goat (Usa) "S/T" --- CD
Black God (Fra) "The End of Christian Utopia" --- CD
Black Jade (Che)"Helvetica Diabolica" --- CD
Black Omen(Tur) "Sinphony" --- CD
Black Rain (Cze) "Bes Ohne" --- CD
Black Seas of infinity/Kaniba/U.A.S "The trinity of non being" --- CD
Black Seas of Infinity / Aymrev Erkroz Prevre (Usa/France) "Split" --- CD
Black Silence / Paroxysmal Descent (Aus/Aus)"Into the Lightless Depths / The Suffering Within" --- CD
Black Winds (Swe) "Origin" -- CD
Black Witchery (Usa) "Upheaval of Satanic Might" --- CD
Black Woods (Rus) "Religious" --- CD
Black Woods (Rus) "Kill Me Satan" --- CD
Blakagir (Pol) "Nostagia/Droga przed egzekucja" --- CD
Blodarv (Den) "Linaria Amlech" --- CD
Blodarv (Den) "Civitas Diaboli " --- CD
Blodtru (Den) "A Brighter Sun " --- CD
Blodulv (Swe) "Blodulv" --- CD
Blodulv (Swe) "II" --- CD
Blodulv (Swe) "Diatribe" --- MCD
Blood Cult (Usa) "We Who Walk Behind The Rows" --- MCD
Blood Hammer/Black beast (Fin/Fin) "Unholy finnish black horror union" --- CD
Blood Hammer (Fin) "Post Apocalypse Trilogy" --- CD
Bloodrain (Rus) "Bloodrain II: Ultimatum" --- CD
Bloodrain (RUS) "Nomine Nostrum Legio" --- CD
Blood Red Fog (Fin) "S/T" --- CD
Blood Red Fog (Fin) "Radiating Desolation" --- MCD
Blood Ritual (Usa) "Black Grimoire" --- CD
Bloodsoaked (Mex) "Frost Image" --- CD
Blood Stained Dusk (Usa) "Dirge Of Death's Silence" --- CD
Blood Stained Dusk (Usa) "Black Faith Inquisition" --- CD
Bloodthorn (Nor) "Under the reign of terror' --- CD
Bloodthorn (Nor) "Genocide" --- CD
Blood Vengeance (Ger) "Iron Warfare" --- CD
Bloody Lair (Cze) "Total Mayhem" --- CD
Blut/Sonnenkreuz (Swe/Swe) "United in battle" --- CD
Bonesaw (Uk) "Sawtopsy" --- CD
Bosse-De-Nage (Usa) "Bosse-de-Nage" --- CD
Botulistum (Nl) "Pestilential Terror" --- CD
Breath of Sorrow (Usa) "Through Darkness to Battle I Ride" --- CD
Brown Jenkins (Usa) "Dagonite" --- CD
Brown Jenkins (Usa) "Angel Eyes" --- CD
Brumalis (USA) "Furore Normannorum" --- CD
Brume d'Automne (Can) "Fiers et victorieux" --- CD
Burial hordes (Gre) "War revenge and total annihilation" ---CD
Bustum (Pol) "The Return of Hate" --- CD

Cadaverous Condition (Aut) "The lesser travelled seas" --- CD
Campo de Mayo/Permafrost (Arg/Arg) "A Blindfold Stained With Blood/Haunting The Forgotten " --- CD
Canis Dirus (Usa) "A Somber Wind from a Distant Shore" --- CD
Carpathian Forest(Nor) "Strange Old Brew" --- CD
Carpathian Forest(Nor) "We're Going to Hell for This - Over a Decade of Perversions" --- CD
Carpticon (Nor) "Master Morality" --- CD
Catacombs (Usa) "Echoes Through the Catacombs" --- CD
Catacombs (Usa) "In the Depths of R'lyeh" --- CD
Cerberus (Ger) "Chapter Of Blackness" --- CD
Cerekloth (Den) "Pandemonium Prayers" --- MCD
Chaotic Aeon (Chn) "Chaotic Aeon" --- MCD
Chaos Omen (Swe) "Let Clarity Succumb" --- MCD
Charnel Valley (Usa) "The Dark Archives" --- CD
Chelmno (Ita) "Horizon of Events" --- CD
Choronzon(Usa) "Magog Agog" --- CD
Christ Agony (Pol) "Trilogy" --- CD
Clear Stream Temple (Usa) "XVI" --- CD
Closer (Nor) "Darkness in me" --- CD
Coldness (Por) "Poisoned Gift" --- CD
Cold Northern Vengeance (Usa) "The arising dungeon cult" --- CD
Comatose Vigil (Rus) "Narcosis" --- CD
Common Grave (Ita) "Il Male di Vivere" --- CD
Conjuration (Fin) "Funeral of the Living" --- MCD
Contra Ignem Fatuum (Uk) "Detritus" --- MCD
Corpus Christii (Por) "The Fire God" --- CD
Corpus Christii/The Syre (Por/Can) "F.O.A.D" --- CD
Corpus Christii (Por) "The torment belief" --- CD
Creature (Ger) "Der Ursprung" --- CD
Creeping (Nz) "Funeral Crawl" --- CD
Crest of Darkness (Nor) "Evil Knows Evil" --- CD
Crest of Darkness (Nor) "Give Us the Power to Do Your Evil" --- CD
Crimson (Aus)"Fading" --- CD
Cripta Oculta (Por) "Ecos dos D�lmens Esquecidos " --- CD
Crosswrecker (Fin) "Black Flame Divination" --- MCD
Crux Dissimulata (Bel) "Expedition Punitive" --- CD
Cryfemal (Spa) 'Escucha a los Muertos" --- CD
Cryfemal (Spa) "Perpetua Funebre Gloria" --- CD
Cryptic Winds (Usa) "Storm of ..." --- MCD
Crucifixion Wounds (Ger) "War Summoning" --- MCD
Cthulhu Biomechanical (Rus) "Es ist kalt hier" --- CD
Cult of Daath (Usa) "The grand torturers of hell" --- CD
Cyber Baphomet (Rus) "Cyber Baphomet" --- CD

Daemonheim (Ger) "Schlachfeld" --- CD
Damnation Army (Swe) "The art of the occult" --- CD
Dantesco (Pri) "Pagano" --- CD
Dagon (US) "They Who Abideth Amidst the Poison" --- CD
Dapnom (Fra) "Actes Prealables" --- CD
Dapnom (Fra) "Verklart Nacht" --- CD
Dapnom/EWE/Stigma Diabolicum "Mind Control" --- CD
Darkest Grove (Usa) "Pain and Suffering Shall be Known" --- CD
Darkest Hate Warfront (Bra) "Satanik Annihilation Kommando" --- CD
Dark Legions (Ger) "Satanic Destroyer" --- CD
Dark Fury (Pol) "Final Solution" --- CD
Dark Fury (Pol) "The Price of Treason" --- CD
Dark Fury (Pol) "Saligia" --- CD
Dark Fury/Ohtar (Pol/Pol) "Auri Sacra Fames/Necrohate" --- CD
Dark Sanctuary (Fra) "Dark Sanctuary" --- CD
Darkspace (Swi) "Dark Space II " --- CD
Dark Storm (Cze) "Hell Satan Blasphemy" --- CD
Dark Throne (Nor) "Plague Wielder" --- CD
Dark Throne (Nor) "The Cult is Alive" --- CD
Darkthule (Gre) "Beyond The Endless Horizons" --- CD
Dawnfall (Ger)"Drei R�ume" --- CD
Dawn of Azazel (Nz) "Sedition" --- CD
Dead? (Fra) "Dead?" --- CD
Dead As Dreams (Usa) "Their steps become unbearable" --- MCD
Dead Becomes the Sun (Fra) "The Last Eclipse" --- CD
Dead Conspiracy (Usa) "Gore Drenched Legacy" --- CD
Dead Raven Choir (Pol) "Selenoclast Wolves" --- CD
Dead Raven Choir (Pol) "Cask Strength" --- DCD
Deadly Carnage (Ita) "Sentiero II - Ceneri" --- CD
Deadman (Ita) "Spirito di Pietra" --- CD
Deathpeed (Jap) "The Day of Doom" --- CD
Deathrow (Ita) "Primordial Lifecode" --- CD
Deathrow (Ita) "Gateways to Oblivion" --- CD
Deathspawned Destroyer (Fin) "The First Bestial Butchery" --- CD
Death Yell (Chi) "Morbid Rites" --- CD
Decayed (Por) "Resurrecti�nem Mortu�rum" --- CD
Decayed (Por) "The Black Metal Flame" --- CD
Decayed (Por) "The Beast Has Risen" --- CD
Decayed (Por) "Shadow - Land" --- CD
Decayed (Por) "Chaos Underground" --- CD
Definition Sane (Usa) "Psychodelirium" --- CD
Defuntos (Por) "Sangue Morto " --- CD
Deifecation (Hol) "Cathartic Octogenaricide" --- MCD
Deinonychus (Hol) "Ark Of Thought" --- CD
Deinonychus(Hol)"Warfare Machines" --- CD
Deiphago (Phi) "Filipino Antichrist" --- CD
Dekadent Aesthetix (Rom)"S/T" --- CD
Demonrealm (Den) "A Legend Of Power" --- CD
Denial (Mex)"Catacombs of the Grotesque" --- CD
Denial of God (Den) "The Horrors of Satan" --- CD
Denial of God (Den) "The Dawn of Aemizaez:Demos 1992-1993" --- CD
Denouncement Pyre (Aus) "Hells Infantry" --- MCD
Deofel (Rus) "Aposni Rytual" --- MCD
Desaster (Ger) "Stormbringer" --- MCD
Desolation (Gre) "Eternity of Hell" --- CD
Destruktor (Aus) "Nailed" --- CD
Devastator/Blasphemer (Usa/Usa) "Nuclear War/Race of the Cursed Seed" --- CD
Dhul-Qarnayn (Bah) "Jilwah" --- MCD
Diabolical Masquerade (Swe) "Death's Design" --- CD
Diabolos (Usa) "The Three Mothers" --- CD
Diecold (Hun) "Rest In Hell" --- CD
Dimensional Pyschosis (NL) "Magical Matrix of Dimensional Continuum" --- CD
Dimentianon (USA) "Seven Suicide" --- CD
Dimidium Mei (Pol) "Flames of Hatred" --- CD
Disjecta Membrae (Fra) "Taedium Vitae" --- MCD
Dissection (Swe) "Frozen in Wacken" --- CD
Divine Decay (Fin) "Songs of the Damned" --- CD
Divine Decay (Fin) "Maximize the Misery" --- CD
D�dkvlt (Fin) "I" --- CD
Dodsferd (Gre) "Hammering Brutally Your Cross" --- CD
Domains (Spa) "Towards Pleroma " --- MCD
Doomed (Usa) "Doomed to Death and Damned in Hell" --- CD
Doominhated / Ringwraith (Usa/Usa) "SPLIT" --- CD
Doomraiser (Ita) "Lords of Mercy" --- CD
Dorsal Atl�ntica (Bra) "Searching for the Light" --- CD
Drastus (Fra) "Taphos" --- CD
Draugar (Usa) "Weathering the Curse" --- CD
Draugsang (Swe) "Seil pa skyggans Hav" --- MCD
Draugwath (Rus) "Dwellers of the Cursed Forest" --- CD
Drear/Great American Desert (Usa/Usa) "Warring against the sun/Solipsis" --- CD
Drephjard (Nor) "Sorgsvart" --- CD
Drephjard (Nor) "Maktdominans" --- MCD
Drevo (Rus) "Величие" --- CD
Drowning the Light (Aus) "The Blood of the Ancients" --- CD
Drowning the Light (Aus) "An Alignment of Dead Stars" --- CD
Drudkh (Ukr) "Songs of Grief" --- CD
Durthang (Swe) "Passage Beyond the Cold Vales of Desolation" --- CD
Dusk (Hun) "The darksoul's return" --- CD
Dusk (Hun) "Carpathian Darkness" --- CD
Dusk (Hun) "Deathgate" --- CD
Dusk (Hun) "Pray for death" --- CD
Dysperium (Usa) "Dysperium" --- CD
Dyster (Fra) "Fallen Suicide & Forgotten" --- CD
Dysthymia (Isl) "The Shivering Opus" --- CD
Dystopia N�! (Nor) "Syklus " --- CD

Ea (Usa) "Ea Taesse" --- CD
Ea (Usa) "Ea II" --- CD
Ea (Usa) "Au Ellai" --- CD
Ebonylake (Uk) "In Swathes Of Brooding Light" --- CD
Echoes of Silence (Usa) "Beyond the Crimson Gates" --- CD
Ego Depths (Ukr) "Equilibrium Sickness" --- CD
Eisigwald/Morbus mundi (Ukr/Ukr) "Split" --- CD
Ekklesiast (Rus) "When The Dead Boughs Will Awake From The Dreams" --- CD
Eldrig (Usa)"Kali" --- CD
Elffor (Esp) "into the dark forest..." --- CD
Elhaz (Fra) "Malemort" --- CD
Elhaz (Fra) "Goetic Experience" --- CD
Eligor(Ita)"Ante Lucem" --- CD
Elysian Blaze (Aus) "Beneath silent faces" --- CD

Emit/Vrolok (Uk/Usa) "Pestilence 1440/The devine eye" --- CD
Emit(Uk) "The Dark Bleeding Gods" --- CD

Bundle price for two Emit titles, 25 AUS$ worldwide airmail postpaid.

EMK (Usa) "Existence is futile" --- CD
Emperor (Nor) "In the Nightside Eclipse" --- CD
Empty (Spa) "The last breath of my mortal despair" --- CD
Emptys (Idn) "Destroyed Holy Shrine" --- MCD
Enclave (Pol) "Paradise of Putrefaction" --- CD
End (Gre) "End I" --- CD
End (Gre) "End II" --- CD
Endless Dismal Moan(Jap)"Lord of Nightmare "--- CD
Endless War (Bra) "Triumphant hate & Bloody Sword" --- CD
Enfeus Lodge (Fra) "Enfeus Lodge" --- CD
Engorge (Usa) "Cold.Black.Ejaculation" --- CD
Ensepulchred (Usa) "The Night Our Rituals Blackened The Stars" --- CD
Ensepulchred (Usa) "Suicide in Winter's Moonlight " --- CD
Eole Noir (Bel) "Eole Noir" --- MCD
Equimanthorn (Usa) "Second Sephira Cella" --- CD
Eradication (Fra) "The Great Cleaning" --- CD
Eratomania (Bel) "Mental Suffocation" --- MCD
Erebus Enthroned/Nekros Manteia (Aus/Aus) "Spiritual Deconstruction" --- CD
Ereshkigal (Mex) "Shadow's Land" --- CD
Ereshkigal (Mex) "Ten Years Of Blasphemy" --- CD
Erhabenheit (Ger) "Missgediehen" --- CD
Eschaton (Gre) "Cansa Fortior" --- CD
Eternal (Can) "Satanic Templars..." --- MCD
Eternity (Ger) "Funeral Mass" --- CD
Ethereal Woods (Uk)"In The Forest of Arden" --- CD
Ethereal Woods (Uk)"Kenilworth " --- CD
Evildamn/Toxic Holocaust/Chainsaw Killer (Per/Usa/Col) "Blasphemy,Mayhem&War" --- CD
Evoked Curse (Fin) "Merciless Revenge" --- CD
Excessum (Swe) "Death Redemption" --- CD
Extinction (UK) "The black hex" --- MCD
Extinction (Uk) "Dawn below the fog" --- CD
Evil Army (Usa) "Evil Army" --- CD
Evil Incarnate (Usa) "Waiting for his Return" --- CD
Evil Palace (Ukr) "Born in Darkness" --- CD
Evilwar (Bra) "Bleeding in the Shades of Baphomet" --- CD
Exhumed (Usa) "Slaughtercult" --- CD
Exordium (Fin) "S/T" --- MCD
Explosicum (Chn) "Conflict" --- CD

Fafner/Nominon (Swe/Swe) "Daemons Of The Past" --- CD
Fall of the Grey-Winged One (Bel) "Aeons of Dreams" --- CD
Fear of Eternity (Ita) "Toward The Castle" --- CD
Fear of Eternity (Ita) "Spirit of Sorrow" --- CD
Fear of Eternity (Ita) "Ancient Symbolism" --- CD
Fear of Eternity (Ita) "Funeral Mass" --- CD
Fenrisulf (Jap) "Muerte mansa" --- CD
Fiend (Ger) "Freezing Funeral Serenade" --- MCD
Fiend (Ger) "Black Abhorrent Metal" --- CD
Flagellum Dei (Por) "Tormentor... Of The False Creator" --- CD
Flames of Hell (Ice) "Flame and steel" --- CD
Floodstain (Rus) "Dreams make monsters" --- CD
Fog (Usa) "Through The Eyes Of Night Winged They Come" --- CD
Folkearth (Swe) "By The Sword Of My Father" --- CD
Forest of Impaled (Usa) "Demonvoid" --- CD
Forest of Impaled (Usa) "Forward the spears; --- CD
Forgjord (Fin) "Henkeen ja vereen" --- CD
Forgotten Tomb (Ita) "Obscura Arcana Mortis: The Demo Years" --- CD
Forgotten Tomb (Ita) "Vol. 5: 1999-2009" --- DCD
Forgotten Tomb (Ita) "Negative Megalomania" --- CD
Forgotten Woods (Swe) "Sjel Av Natten" --- CD
Forgotten Woods (Swe) "Race of Cain" --- CD
Fornicatus (Fin) "Omnium Animalis Terminus" --- CD
Foudre Noire (Fin) "The Dark Gods" --- CD
Frailty (Lat) "Lost Lifeless Lights" --- CD + DVD (25 AUS$ worldwide postpaid)
From Forgotten Being (Mex) "Black Cataclysm" --- CD
Frontbeast (Ger) "Black spells of the damned" --- CD
Frontbeast/Mephisto (Ger/Ita) "In leagure with evil metal" --- CD
Frost (Hun) "Extreme loneliness fragments" --- CD
Frostbitten Kingdom (Fin) "Infidel Angel" --- CD
Frostkrieg (Gre) "Majestatic Eines Kalten Elements" --- CD
Frostmoon Eclipse (Ita) "Dead and forever gone" --- CD
Frostmoon Eclipse (Ita) "Another face of hell" --- CD
Frostmoon Eclipse/Ritual Day (Ita/Chi) "Split"" --- CD
Frozen Death (Ger) "Ravenstorm" --- CD
Fuck Off and Die! (Lit) "Anti All" --- CD
Full Decay (Rus) "S/T" --- CD
Funeral (Usa) "Funeral" --- CD
Funeral Feast (Fin) "Genocide Ad Nauseam" --- CD
Funeral Fog (Can) "Under the black veil" --- CD
Funeral Fornication/Uruk-Hai (Can/Aut) "Split" --- CD
Funeral Goat (Hol) "Mass Ov Perversion " --- CD
Funeral Mourning/Kilte (Aus/Bel) "Emission through self infliction" --- CD
Funeral Possession (Ger) "S/T" --- CD
Funerarium (Ger) "Valley of Darkness" --- CD
Funerary Call (Can) "Dark Waters Stirred" --- CD
Funereal Moon (Mex) "Satan's Beauty Obscenity" --- CD
The Furor (Aus)"Advance Australia Warfare" --- CD

Garwall (Fra) "Black Beast" --- CD
Galgeras (Nl) "Booswichterij" --- CD
Gauntlet/Contagion Black (Can/Can) "Split" --- CD
Gauntlet's Sword (Gre) "Theosophy" --- CD
Gestapo 666 (Fra) "Nostalgiah" --- CD
Gheestenland/Grim Funeral (NL/Esp) "Split" --- CD
Gnostic (Usa) "Hatewar 666" --- CD
Goatlord (Usa) "The last sodomy of mary" --- CD
Goatfire (Ita) "Sacrophobic Initiation" --- CD
Goatfire (Ita) "Fiendish Ruminations" --- CD
Goatholocaust (Fra) "Satan Judge" --- CD
Goatholocaust/Vociferian (Fra/Fra) "Split" --- CD
Goat Horns (Uk) "Magician of Black Chaos" --- MCD
Goat Horns/The True Endless (Uk/Ita) "Split" --- CD
Goatsemen (Peru) "En vivo en lima hell" --- CD
Godflesh (Uk) "Slateman/Cold World" --- CD
Godless (Chl) "Irreligiosus Nemine Discrepante" --- CD
Godless Rising (Usa) "Rising Hatred" --- CD
Godless Rising (Usa) "Battle Lords" --- CD
Gorelord (Usa) "Force fed on human flesh" --- CD
Gorgoroth (Nor) "Destroyer" --- CD
Gorgoroth (Nor) "The Beginning" --- CD(Sold out on 21/11)
Gosforth (Ita) "B.H.E.M.T" --- CD
Gospel of the Horns (Aus) "Realm of The Damned" --- CD(Sold out on 21/11)
Gotmoor (Bel) "Vlaemsche Premitieven" --- CD
Gotmoor (Bel) "Pain provider" --- CD
Grafenslein (Ger) "Death Born" --- CD
Grafenslein (Ger) "Silence Endless" --- CD
Grafvolluth (Usa) "S/T" --- CDR
Grail (Ger) "The Morning of Disillusionment" --- CD
Gramary (Fin) "Suffocation" --- CD
Granulosum (NL) "The final stand" --- CD
Graveborne (Fin) "Pure Negativity" --- CD
Graveland (Pol) "Drunemeton" --- CD
Graven (Ger) "Perished and Forgotten" --- CD
Graven (Ger) "The Shadows Eternal Call" --- CD
Graveyard (Spa) "One with the Dead" --- CD
Gravferd (Nor) "Demonized" --- CD
Gravsorg (Den) "Visions of Depression" --- CD
Grey (Fra) "The first shade of" --- CD
Griffar (Fra) "...of witches and celts" --- CD
Grimbane (Can) "Let the Empires Fall" --- CD
Grimfaug (Bel) "Blood upon the face of creation" --- CD
Grimfaug (Gel) "Defloration of Life's Essence" --- CD
Grimlair (Fra) "Au Commencement de l'ombre" --- CD
Grom/Wulfgravf (Usa/Usa) "Fullmoon warefare" --- CD
Gromm / Endless Blizzard (Ukr/Ukr) "In the Glare of Black / Beyond Frozen Gates" --- CD
Grotesque (Aus)"Museum of Human Disease" --- CD
Groza(Tur) "Ge�mişin Kasvetli İzleri" --- CD

Haatstrijd (Nl) "Cacodaemony" --- CD
Haemoth (Fra) "Kontamination" --- MCD
Hagal (Ger) "Karg" --- CD
Hakenkreuz Nocturna (Ita) "Eternal Introspective Winter" --- CD
Hallstatt (Spa) "Barbarian Warlike Supremacy" --- CD
Happy Days (Usa) "Happiness Stops Here " --- CD
Harvist (Usa) "Lighting Storm In The Veins" --- CD
Harza (Rus) "War" --- CD
Hate Forest (Ukr) "Nietzscheism" --- CD
Hate Forest (Ukr) "The Most Ancient Ones" --- CD(Sold out on 21/11)
Hatepulse (Nor) "In Extenso Letalis" --- CD
Hayras (Fra) "Sombre Destin" --- CD
Heathen Dawn (Fra) 'Wasted Land" --- CD
Heiden (Cze) "Tinne" --- CD
Heiden (Cze) "Obsidian" --- CD
Helcarax� (Usa) "No God To Save You" --- MCD
Helcarax� (Usa) "Broadsword" --- CD
Helgrinder (Ger) "Von den vorfahren herstammend landem" --- CD
Hellhate (Ukr) "Retsonretap " --- CD
Hellishthrone (Bra) "Light a Candle for the Dead...and a Torch to Burn Their Corpses" --- CD
Hellkult (Fin) "The Collection" --- CD
HellLight(Bra) "Funeral Doom" --- CD
Hellrealm (Usa) "Hell is Here on Earth" --- CD
Hellvetic Frost (Che) "Misanthropic Devotion" --- CD
Hellveto (Pol) "Klatwa" --- CD
Hellveto (Pol) "Prelude to dying" --- CD
Helvintr (Usa) "A Desastrious Collaboration of Coldness and Despair" --- CD
Hekatomb (Por) "Fim Do Existir" --- CD-r
Hekel (Nl) "De dodenvaart" --- CD
Hemnur (Nor) "Satanic hellride" --- CD
Heresi (Swe) "Psalm II Inferno Ignis" --- CD
Herot (Usa) "S/T" --- CDR
Heretoir (Ger) ".Existenz." --- MCD
Heretoir/Thr�nenkind (Ger/Ger) "Wiedersehen - unsere Hoffnung" --- CD
H.E.R.R. (Ita) "The Winter Of Constantinople" --- CD
Hexenmeister (Ukr) "...And Life in Insomnia" --- CD
Hexenwald (Ger) "Descent, Rebirth and Black Light" --- CD
Hiems (Fra) "Cold void Journey" --- CD
Hierophant (Usa) "The Tomb" --- CD
Highgate (Usa) "Highgate" --- CD
Highgate (Usa) "Shrines to the Warhead" --- CD
Hill of Sefiroth (Usa) "Fly high the hated black flag" --- CD
Hills of sefiroth (Usa) "...The neglected ancestry" --- CD
Hithlum (Usa) "In the land of mordor,where the shadow lie" --- CD
Hoarstone (Uk) "S/T" --- CD
HomSelvareg (Ita) "HomSelvareg" --- CD
Hopeless (Spa) "Elements" --- CD
Hordagaard (Nor) "Anti Human Anti Life" --- CD
Horde of Hel (Swe) "Blodskam" --- CD
Horna/Behexen (Fin/Fin) "Split" --- CD
Horna (Fin) "Aania Yossa" --- CD
Horna/Musta Surma (Fin/Fin) "Vihan Vuodet" --- CD
Horned Almighty (Den) "Black Metal Jesus" --- CD
Horned Almighty (Den) "The Devil's Music - Songs of Death and Damnation " --- CD
Horned Almighty (Den) "Contaminating the Divine" --- CD
Holocausto (Bra) "De Volta ao Front" --- CD
Holocaustus/Odelegger (Ger/Ger) "Split" --- CD
Holy Death (Pol) "Triumph Of Evil" --- CD
Horizon (Fin) "Don't Let The Time Pass You By" --- MCD
H�stk�nslor (Per) "Fear Reality" --- CD
Houwitser (Nl) "Rage inside the Womb" --- CD
Hrizg (Esp) "Oaken path of grief" --- CD
HSN (Fra) "The Eye" --- MCD
Hyperion (Usa) "Through Centuries" --- CD
Hyponic (Hongkong) "The noise of time" --- CD
Hugi (Ger) "Solarlido" --- CD
Hunters Moon (Aus) "The Serpents Lust" --- MCD
Hurusoma (Jap) "Sombre Iconoclasm" --- CD
Hyadningar (Fra) "The Weak Creation" --- CD

Ibex Throne (Usa) "Total Inversion" --- CD
Ic Rex (Fin) "Sielun Kadoruksen Sinfonia" --- CD
Ignis Gehenna (Aus) "Revelations of Sinister Rebirth" --- MCD
Ignis Uranium/Havoc Vulture (Ger/Ger) "Speech of the Mushroomcloud" --- CD
Ignis Uranium (Ger) "Azimuth Nuctemeron Frequency" --- CD
Ill Omen (Aus) "Spear of Salvation" --- CD
Ill Omen (Aus) " Divinity Through Un-creation" --- CD
Immortal Rites (Idn) "Api Dari Timur" --- CD
Impaled Nazarene (Fin) "Nihil " --- CD
Impaled Nazarene/Beherit (Fin/Fin) "Day of Darkness festifall" --- CD
Imperial Domain (Swe) "In The Ashes of the Fallen" --- CD
Imperial Domain (Swe) "The Ordeal" --- CD
Impiety (Sin) "Paramount Evil" --- CD
Impious Havoc (Fin) "Dawn of Nothing" --- CD
Impious Havoc (Fin) "The Great Day of Wrath" --- CD
Impious Havoc (Fin) "Manifestations of Plague and War" --- CD
Impious Havoc (Fin) "Maleficium" --- CD
Infernal/Exlsus Diaboli (Spa/Spa) "The reapers of god" --- CD
Infern� (Nor) "Downtown Hades/Utter Hell" --- CD
Infern� (Nor) "Metal Commando Attack" --- CD
Infernum (Pol) "...Taur-Ru-Fuin..." --- CD
Infinity (Nl) "Enter the labyrinth of hell" --- CD
Inhuman Hate "Propagation Of Chaos" --- CD
Inhumane Deathcult (Fin) "On Behalf of Satan" --- CD
Inimical/Sect (Usa/Usa) "Split" --- CD
In Memorium (Usa) "From misery...comes darkness" --- CD
In Memorium (Usa) "Lost to Antiquity" --- CD
Inmitten des Waldes/Mortualia (Bra/Fin) "Happiness Stops Here " --- CD
In My Shiver (Ita) "Black Seasons" --- CD
Instinct (Eng) "S/t" --- CD
Insult (Swe) "Abysmal Incantations" --- CD
Intaglio (Rus) "Intaglio" --- CD
InThyFlesh (Por) "Lechery Maledictions And Grieving Adjures To The Concerns Of Flesh " --- CD
InThyFlesh (Por) "Claustrophobia" --- CD
In Tormentata Quiete (Ita) "Teatroelementale" --- CD
Inward Escape (Aus) "Sacred Nothing" --- DCD
Irae (Por)"Hellnation " --- CD
Iron Fist (Sin) "Fistal Destruction" --- CD
Isarnheimr (Nor) "S/T" --- CD
I Shalt Become (Usa) "Wanderings" --- CD
I Shalt Become (Usa) "Requiem" --- CD
Ishtar (Swe) "Krig" --- CD

Janvs (Ita) "Vega" --- CD
Je (Fra) "Un Royaume de Nuit" --- MCD
Joyless (Nor) "Wild Signs of The Endtimes" --- CD
Jumalhamara (Fin) "Slaughter the messenger" --- MCD

Kailash (Ita) "Past Changing Fast" --- CD
Kanashimi (Jap) "In My Tears" --- MCD
Karg/Andrarakh (Aut/Ger) "Traumruinen" --- CD
Karnarium (Swe) "Tank Pa Doden" --- CD
Karnarium (Swe) "Karnarium" --- CD
Kali Yuga/Varhorn (Rus/Rus) "Aham Kali/Vooklov the raven" --- CD
Kalki Avatara (Ita) "Mantra for the End of Times" --- MCD
Kampf (Gre) "Nothing But Wrath" --- MCD
Kaniba (Fin) "The serpent,or the omega and the completion of the first circle" --- CD
Karna (Rus) "Diabolic (Soundtrack For My Nightmares)" --- CD
Karna (Rus) "Raven" --- CD
Karsten Hamre (Nor) "Broken whispers" --- CD
Kathaarian (Ger) "Cryptic temples of the ancient cult" --- CD
Kauan (Rus) "Lumikuuro" --- CD
Kharon (Nor) "Raised By Hellish Demons" --- CD
Kill (Swe) "Horned holocaust" --- CD
Kilte (Bel) "Absence" --- MCD
Kinstrife & Blood (Aus) "On paths long forgotten..." --- CD
Knox Om Pax (Usa) "Laudanum" --- CD
Koca (Ukr) "Russian title" --- CD
Koldborn (Nor) "The devil of all deals" --- MCD
Korgonthurus (Fin) "S/t' --- MCD
Korpblod (Swe) "Ur�ldrig Samklang" --- CD
Korpse(Scot) "Mirror Distance" --- CD
Kraken Duumvirate(Fin) "From the Dying Soil to the Eternal Sea" --- MCD
Krieg (Usa) "Sono lo scherno" --- CD
Krieg (Usa) "The Black House" --- CD
Krieg/Morte Incandescente (Usa/Por) "Death Glorification" --- CD
Kroda/Oprich' (Ukr/Rus) "Legend\Wolfen Loyalty" --- CD
Krumkach (Blr) "Black Visions of Hatred" --- CD
Krynitza (Rus) "Hail to the Sun" --- CD
Kult (Ita) "Winds of War" --- CD
Kvell (Kor) "Anti-Religion" --- CD
Kythrone (Chi) "Kult des Todes" --- CD

Labatut (Bra) "Yeomanly" --- CD
Labyrinth of Abyss (Bul) "The Cult of Turul Pride" --- CD
Lapis Niger (Ita) "Fuckin' God Cult" --- CD
Lascowiec (Usa) "Asgard Mysteries" --- CD
Lathspell (Fin) "Versus Ecclesia" --- CD
Legion of Doom (Gre) "God is dead" --- CD
Legion of Doom/Stutthof (Gre/Gre) "Brotherhood of Drakkonian Royal Blood" --- CD
Legion of sadism (Ger) auf gedeih und verderb --- CD
Leichenst�tte/Nostalgia/Grimlair/Todessucht/Moloch/Horgr(Ger/Per/Fra/Ger/Ukr/??)"Suicide Reflections" --- CD
Leviathan/Sapthuran (Usa/Usa) "Split" --- CD
Lifelover(Swe) "Pulver" --- CD(Original second edition, 22 AUS$ worldwide Airmail postpaid)
Like Drone Razor Through Flesh Sphere (Esp) "Ex nihilo mihil,ad nihilum nihil posse reverti" --- CD
Lilyum (Ita) "Nothing is mine" --- CD
Liquid Graveyard (Spa) "On Evil Days" --- CD
Locus Mortis (Ita) "Inter uterum et loculum" --- CD
Locus Mortis (Ita) " Inter Uterum Et Loculum MMXI" --- CD
Lordamor (Fin) "S/T" --- CD
Lords of Bukkake (Spa) "Desorden Y Rencor" --- CD
Lorn (Ita) "Towards the abyss of disease" --- CD
Los Asesinos Del Pentagrama (Pan) "Duenos Del Universo" --- CD
Lost Inside (Usa) "Alone in the Wind" --- CD
Lost Inside (Usa) "Cold Days" --- CD
Lotus circle (Gre) "Bottomless vales and boundless floods" --- CD
Luciferian (Col) 'Supreme Infernal Legions" --- CD
Lucifugum (Ukr) "Stigma Egoism" --- CD
Luftwaffe Raid (Usa) "Paradox" --- CD
Lugubre (Nl) "Anti human black metal" --- CD
Lugubrum (Bel) "De Vette Cuecken" --- CD
Lugubrum (Bel) "De Totem" --- CD
Lunar Aurora (Ger) "Weltenganger" --- CD
Lungorthin (Ger) "Morgrom" --- CD
Lust/Anael (Can/Ger) "Split" --- CD
Lustre (Swe) "Serenity" --- MCD
Luten' (Rus) "Rebel Spirit In Pagan Music" --- CD
Lux Occulta (Pol) "Maior Arcana: (The Words That Turn Flesh Into Light)" --- CD
Lycanthropy's Spell (Bel) "Forest Of Misanthropy" --- CD
Lykauges (Gre) "Under the Veil of Depression" --- CD
Lykauges (Gre) "Swan Song" --- CD
Lyrinx (uk) "Nihilistic Purity" --- CD

M87 (Uk) "Noctilucent Threnodies" --- CD
Maithungh (Bra) "Lust in the Kingdom of God" --- CD
Majestic Downfall/Ansia (Mex/Ita) "Split" --- CD
Majestic Downfall(Mex)"Temple of Guilt" --- CD
Mal Etre (Swi) "Torment" --- CD
Malignance (Ita) "Regina Umbrae Mortis" --- CD
Malleus (Por) "A Semente Da Ru��na" --- CDR
Malveillance (Can) "Insighifiance" --- CD
Malveillance (Can) "L'appel du Neant / Le Froid du Nord" --- CD
Malvento (Ita) "Regressus Ad Uterum" --- CD
Malvento (Ita) "Clavi" --- CD
Managarm (Usa) "Poems of the Shadows Disappointment" --- CD
Managarm/Sterbenzeit/78424325 (Usa/Ita/Mex) "Three Ways to Live in Pain" --- CD
Mandatory (Ger) "...Where they bleed" --- CD
Manegarm (Swe) "Dodsfard" --- CD
Manticore (Usa) "For Rats And Plague" --- CD
Marblebog (Hun) "Forestheart" --- CD
Mareritt (Nor) "Hymner til doden of morket" --- CD
Martial Barrage (Can) "Call of the Serapeum" --- CD
Massacre (Usa) "Europe and beyond Live in Germany 1991" --- CD
Massemmord (Nor) "Obscura Symphonia" --- CD
Massemmord (Nor) "Skogen Kaller" --- CD
Matricide (Swe) "Holy Virgin" --- MCD
Mayhem (Nor) "Mediolanum Capta Est" --- CD
Mayhem (Nor) "Dawn Of The Black Hearts" --- CD
Means to an End (Bel) "Weathered By Time" --- CD
Mek Na Ver (Ita) "Heresy" --- CD
Memorial (Usa) "Enter my megaron" --- CD
Menegroth (Swi) "Helvetische Urgewalt" --- CD
Menegroth (Swi) "Gazourmah" --- CD
Menhir (Ger) "Buchonia" --- CD
Menhir (Ger) "Thuringia" --- CD
Menhir (Ger) "Die Ewigen Steine" --- CD
Merciless Crucifixion (Gre) "Airesis" --- MCD
Meressin (Lit) "The Baphomet's Call" --- CD
Merrimack (Fra) "Of Entropy And Life Denial" --- CD
Merrimack (Fra) "Grey Rigorism " --- CD
Merrimack (Fra) "Obsecrations to The Horned " --- CD
Midnight Odyssey (Aus) "The Forest Mourners" --- CD
Midryasi (Ita) "Midryasi" --- CD
Midvinter (Swe) "At the Sight of the Apocalypse Dragon" --- CD
Mind Asylum (Fra) "L'Asile de l'Esprit" --- CD
Mind Control (Fra) "S/T" --- CD
Mirrorthrone (Fin) "Of wind and weeping" --- CD
Misantropical Painforest (Fin) "Firm Grip of the Roots" --- CD
Mistress of the Dead (Cze)"I Know Her Face from the Tombstone" --- CD
Modern Funeral Art (Spa) "Hellfire" --- CD
Moloch (Ukr) "A journey to the Vyrdin " --- CD
MoLoth (Rua) "Unbreakable Faith" --- CD
Moontower (Pol) "Praise The Apocalypse" --- CD
MOR (Rus) "Soil and Blood" --- CD
Morbid Execution (Pol) "Total Devotion" --- CD
Morbius (Usa) "Sojourns Through The Septiac" --- CD
Moredhel (Ger) "Burn Your Local Church" --- CD
Moredhel (Ger) "Satanik Endsieg" --- CD
Morning Star (Fin) "Finish Metal" --- CD
Morose (Uk) "Autumn Poetry" --- CD
Morphosis (Ire) "Rise of the Bastard Deities" --- CD
Morrigan (Ger) "Headcult" --- CD
Morrigan (Ger) "Welcome to Samhain" --- CD
Morrigu (Bel) "Blood Shall Be Spilled" --- CD
Morsure (Fra) "Acceleration Process et M.A.D" --- CD
Mortuary Drape (Ita) "Buried in Time" --- CD
Mourning Dawn (Fra) "For the Fallen" --- CD
Movimento d'Avanguardia Ermetico (Ita) "Stelle Senza Luce" --- CD
My Lament (Bel) "Broken Leaf" --- CD
Myrk (Ice) "Icons Of The Dark" --- CD
Myrkr (Swe) "Offspring of gathered foolness" --- CD
Mysticum (Nor) "Demons Never Sleep" --- CD

Nachtmystium (Usa) "S/T" --- MCD
Nachtmystium (USA) "Demise" --- CD
Nachtmystium (USA) "Instinct: Decay" --- CD
Nae'blis/Dominion (Swe/Swe) "Death of Mankind...A Dream" --- CD
Nae'blis (Swe) "Sketches of reality" --- CD
Nadja (Can) "Body Cage" --- CD
Nahash (Lit) "Nocticula Hecate" --- MCD
Nargothrond (Gre) "Doctrine of Lies" --- CD
Na Rasputje (Rus) "Early demos (1998-2003)" --- CD
Nartvind (Bel) "Until Their Ruin" --- CD
Nattvindens Grat (Fin) "A Bard´s Tale" --- CD
Nav' (Rus) "Hall of Death" --- CD
Nazgul (Spa) "Awaiting the battle ravens" --- CD
Near (Ita) "The Opening of the Primordial Whirl " --- CD
Negative Reaction (Usa) "Endofyorerror" --- CD
Negative Reaction/Ramesses (Usa/Usa) "Split" --- CD
Nergal (Gre) "Absinthos" --- CD
Necrofrost (Ger) "In a Misty Soar and on its Swampy Floor" --- CD
Necrophagia (Usa) "The divine art of torture" --- CD
Necroplasma (Swe) "Gospels of Antichrist Terror" --- CD
Necropolis (Rus) "Necrosphere" --- CD
Necropsia (Chile) "Die Fucking Bastard" --- CD
Necro Ritual (UK) "Pure Satanic Slaughter" --- CD
Negura Bunget (Rom) "Om" --- CD
Negura Bunget (Rom) "'n crugu bradului" --- CD
Nekrasov/Moon/Nekros Manteia (Aus/Aus/Aus) "The Haunting Resonance" --- CD
Nekrasov (Aus) "Into the No-Mans-Sphere of the Ancient Days" --- CD
Nekrasov/Humiliation (Aus) "Split" --- CD
Nekrokaos (Fra) "Chapter II" --- CD
Nekros Manteia(Aus) "Deus Otiosus " --- CD
Netherealm (Sin) "The occultist omnibus" --- CD
Netra (Fra) "M�lancolie Urbaine" --- CD
Nex (Swe) "Zero" --- CD
Nightside (Fin)"The End Of Christianity" --- CD
Nihil Nocturne (Ger) "Wahnsinn.Tod.Verrat" --- CD
Nihilistic Kaos (Fra) "Les homeies du vice" --- CD
Nightbringer/Temple of Not (Usa/Usa) "Rex ex ordine throni" --- CD
Nightbringer (Usa) "Apocalypse Sun" --- CD(Sold out on 21/11)
Night Must Fall (Fin) "Dissonance of Thought" --- CD
Nights Amore (Swe) "Subscribers Of Death" --- CD
Nirnaeth Arnoediad (Can) "1997-2001" --- CD
Nitberg (Rus) "Nitsanger" --- MCD
NKVD (Fra) "Diktatura" --- MCD
Nocti Vagus (Ger) "Venture In Sombre Passion " --- CD
Nocturnal (Pol) "Unholycraft Blood for Glory of Satan" --- CD
Nocturnal Degrade (Ita) "Hymn to Eternal November" --- CD
Nocturnal Depression (Fra) "Four Seasons to a Depression" --- CD
Nocturnal Depression (Fra) "Nostalgia - Fragments of a Broken Past" --- CD
Nocturnal Depression (Fra) "Sound track for a suicide-Opus II " --- CD
Nocturnal Depression (Fra) "The Cult of Negation" --- CD
Nocturnal Feelings (Col) "Consecration of Evil Forces" --- CD
Nocturnal Feelings (Col) "Nocturnal Attack" --- CD
Noktiis Eterna (Fra) "Les Larmes du Tyran" --- CD
Nokturne/Noctifer (Usa/Usa) "Wargod domination" --- CD
Nominon (Swe) "Recremation" --- CD
Nomman Erytz (Esp) "s/t" --- CD
Nontinuum (Aus) "Dwelling in Oceans" --- MCD
Nordheim (Ita) "S/T" --- MCD
Nordlys (Ger) "Nordlys 'til Pest " --- CD
Nordmen (Can) "Nordmen" --- MCD
Nordmen (Usa) "Vertus Gurrieres" --- CD
Nordisches Blut (Ger) "Our Banner Will Rise" --- CD
Nordvykk (Rus) "Nordland" --- CD
Nortt(Den) "Galgenfrist" --- CD
Nosvrolok (Usa) "Maledictum Parasytus" --- CD
Nox Aurea (Swe) "Via Gnosis" --- CD
Numen (Spa) "Numen" --- CD
Nunslaughter (Usa) "Hex" --- CD
Nuit Noire (Fra) "Infantile Espieglery" --- CD
Nyseius (Fra) "Militiae" --- CD

Obeisance (Usa) "Unholy Unwholesome&Evil" --- CD
Obitus (Swe) "March Of The Drones" --- CD
Objekt4 (Swe) "Dead World Ambience Analysis" --- CD
Obscure Anachronism (Fin) "Transcending Mundane Obstacles" --- CD
Obsecration (Gre) "Seeds of A Pervert God" --- CD
Obskure Torture (Den) "Spilling The Blood Of The World " --- CD
Octagon (Usa) "Artisans of Cruelty" --- CD
Octagon (Usa) "Death Fetish" --- CD
Odar (Bih) "Zavjet Dalekom Snu" --- CD
Odor Mortis (Rus) "Shining Substance" --- CD
Of Darkness (Spa) "The Empty Eye/Death" --- DCD
Of human Bondage (Can) "The Goat Session" --- CD
Ohtar (Pol) "Human Fuel of Death" --- CD
Ohtar (Pol) "Petrified Breath of Hope" --- CD
Omitir (Por) "Old Temple of Depression" --- CD
Onirik (Por) "Songs for the Apocalipse" --- CD
Onirik (Por) "Spectre" --- CD
Onirik (Por)"After Centuries of Silence " --- CD
Ordo Tyrannis (Usa) "Vasa Iniquitatis" --- CD
Open Grave (Usa) "The heaven cry black tears" --- MCD
Operation Winter Mist (Can) "Winter Warfarre II" --- CD
Opera IX (Ita) "Sacro Culto" --- CD
Opera IX (Ita) "The Black Opera" --- CD
Opera IX (Ita) "Anphisbena" --- CD
Ophis (Ger) "Withered Shades" --- CD
Opposition Party (Sin) "Zombified" --- CD
Oprich/Chur (Rus/Ukr) "Ognetzvet/Z Moroku " --- CD
Opus Leviathan/Assur (Nor/Nor) "Dark reborn of frozen souls" --- CD
Ordog (Fin) "Crow and the storm" --- CD
Oscuridad (Col) "Demonic Throne" --- CD
Oskal (Rus) "Stahlkrieg/Blazes of Sunset " --- CD
Ouroboros (Ita) "Lux Arcana" --- CD

Pagalguenna (Ger) "Dreams" --- CD
Pagan Blood (Fra) "The last Empire" --- CD
Pagan Hellfire (Can) "The Will of Night" --- CD
Pagan Hellfire (Can) "A voice from centuries away" --- CD
Pagan Rites (Swe) "Pagan Metal - Roars of The Anti Christ" --- CD
Pagan Winter (Ger) "The cult of flesh" --- MCD
Paganizer(Swe)"Born to be Buried Alive" --- CD
Paganus (Fin) "Paganus" --- CD
Painful Memories (Rus) "Memorial To Suffering" --- CD
Palace of Worms (Usa) "The Forgotten" --- CD
Pantheon (Usa) "Vargrstrike" --- CD
Paroxysmal Descent (Aus)"Paradigm of Decay" --- CD
Patria (Bra) "Hymns of Victory and Death" --- CD
Paul Chain (Ita) "Park of Reason" --- CD
Pens�es Nocturnes (Fra) "Grotesque" --- CD
Pentient (Nor) "Deserted Dreams" --- CD
Perdition (Chile) "Piaculum" --- MCD
Perisynti (Fin) "Hiilenmusta Lammas" --- CD
Permixtio (Ita) "Il Canto dei Sepolcri" --- CD
Perverse Monastyr (Bul) "S/T" --- CD
Pest (Swe) "Blasphemy is my Throne" --- CD
Pestiferous (Fin) "Deep Dark Seasons" --- CD
Pestilential Shadows (Aus) "Cursed" --- CD
P.FX 68 (Fra) "Fiction Alternative" --- CD
Photophobia (Fin) "Humana Fragilitas" --- CD
P.H.T.O (Fra) "Affliction" --- MCD
Plague (Usa) "Black hearts of misathropy" --- CDR
Poccolus (Lit) "Ragana" --- CD
Pogrom 1147 (Pol) "Black Metal Complete" --- CD
Potentiam (Ice) "B�ls�n" --- CD
Power from Hell (Bra) "Spellbondage" --- CD
Prevalent Resistance (Fin) "Dynamics of Creation" --- CD
Prevalent Resistance (Fin) "Eternal Return " --- CD
Primigenium (Spa) "Faith Through Anguish" --- CD
Primordial (Ice) "Spirit the Earth Aflame" --- CD
Primordial (Ice) "Storm Before Calm" --- CD
Procer Veneficus (Usa) "Ghostvoices" --- CD
Procreation (Can) "Incantations of demonic lust for corpses of the fallen" --- CD
Profane Solitude (Ukr) "Awakening in empiness" --- CD
Profanum (Pol) "Misantropiae Floris" --- CD
Profetus(Fin) "Coronation of the Black Sun" --- CD
Profundis (Pol) "Nokturn" --- CD
Psykotisk/Vredgad (Swe/Swe) "Split" --- CD
Puissance (Swe) "State Collapse" --- CD
Purest (Ger) "Renascence" --- CD
Puritas Virginum (Fra) "Decenie De Souffrance" --- CD
Pyramido (Swe) "Sand" --- CD

Quest of Aidance (Swe) "Fallen man collection" --- CD
Quintessence (Fra) "Le Fl�au de ton Existence " --- CD

Rajam (Idn) "Burning Antarctica" --- CD
Raptor (Nl) "Worship the goat" --- CD
Ravager (Mex) "Storm of Sin" --- CD
Raven Dark (RUS) "Autumn Roar" --- CD
Raven's Bane (Usa) "Misery Preserved" --- CD
Raw Hatred (Usa) "Hung Against Like a Bitch" --- CD
Reido (Belarus) "F:all" --- CD
Repvblika (Mex) "Katrastof!" --- CD
Resonance Room (Ita) "Unspoken" --- CD
Resuscitator (Usa) "A Warrior's Death" --- CD
Revelations of Rain (Rus) "Emanation Of Hatred" --- CD
Rift (Aus) "Eyes of the Basilisk" --- MCD
Rigor Sardonicous (Usa) "Principia Sardonica" --- CD
Rivendell (Aut) "Farewell the last dawn" --- CD
Rodosvet (Rus) "Slavonic Butchery" --- CD
Rozhdenie Vetra (Rus) "Pamyat'.Pepel" --- CD
Runemagick (Swe) "Requiem of the Apocalypse" --- CD
Runes Order (Ita) "The art of scare and sorrow" --- CD
Runes Order (Ita) "The hopeless day" --- CD
R U 486 (Usa) "Pretty in Piss" --- CDr

Sabbat (Jap) "Brigitte Harmageddon" --- CD
Sabbat (Jap) "Live sabbatical hamaguri queen" --- CD
Sabbat/Goatsemen (Jap/Per) "Sabbatical Goat Semen" --- CD
Sad (Gre) "Total nothingness" --- CD
Sadist (Ita) - Above the Light
Sadistic Grimness (Swe) "Vicious Torture" --- CD
Sadistic Grimness (Swe) "Asteni" --- CD
Salacious Gods (Nl) "Piene" --- CD
Salvation666 (Ger) "Anima Pestifera" --- CD
Sanctus Daemoneon (Den) "Grey Metropolis" --- CD
Sanctus Nex (Uk) "Aurelia" --- CD
Sapfhier (Swe) "Trollskogen" --- CD
Sapthuran (USA) "...In Hatred" --- CD
Sapthuran (USA) "To the edge of land" --- CD
Sargeist (Fin) "Tyranny Returns" --- CD
Sargeist (Fin) "Satanic Black Devotion" --- CD(Sold out on 21/11)
Sargeist (Fin) "Disciple of the Heinous Path" --- CD(Sold out on 21/11)
Sathanas (Usa) "Entering the Diabolic Trinity" --- CD
Satanic Funeral (Usa) "Night of the Goat" --- CD
Saturnian Mist (Fin) "Repellings" --- MCD
Scald (Rus) "Will of the Gods is Great Power" --- CD
Scorched (Swe) "Forever dying sun" --- CD
Scorched (Swe) "The 5th Season" --- CD
Sear Bliss (Hun) "Grand Destiny" --- CD
Seclusion (Uk) "Skies Veiled In Black " --- CD
Seelengrief (Ger) "Jenseits der schatten" --- CD
Seges Findere (Bra) "Terrorist Warfare" --- CD
Sekhmet (Cze) "Opus Zrůdy" --- CD
Semen Datura (Ger) "Einsamkeit" --- CD
Senderos del Mal (Chi) "Pacto, Blasfemia y Guerra" --- CD
Sentimen Beltza (Spa) "Olabezarko Basoen Bakardadea" --- CD
Sentimen Beltza (Spa) "Bizitza osoan zehar sortu den etsipenaren ondorioak " --- CD
Sepulchral Aura (Fin) "Demonstrational CD MMVII" --- CD
Serpens Aeon (USA) "Kouatlquetzali" --- CD
Seth (Fra) "Era Decay" --- CD
Seul (Fra) "Suicidal & Emotional Black Metal" --- CD
Severe Storm (Pol) "Follow the Paths of Darkness" --- CD
Shackles (Aus) "Traitors' Gate" --- CD
Shores of Ladon (Ger) " Lupercal " --- CD(Sold out on 21/11)
Shroud (Spa) "Chamber Of Suicide" --- MCD
Shroud of Satan (Ger) " Litany to the Moon " --- CD
Shub Niggurath (Mex) "Horror Creatures" --- CD
Sickroom 7 (Den) "Hail Intolerance" --- CD
Siculicidium (Rom) "Utols� V�gta az Univerzumban" --- CD
Sieghetnar (Ger) "Todessehnsucht" --- CD
Sieghetnar (Ger) "Endlosung" --- CD
Sigillum Diaboli (Rus) "666" --- CDR
Sigillum Diaboli (Rus) "666" --- CD
Sigillum Diabolicum (Fra) "Chroniques De L'infamie" --- CD
Silencer (Swe) "Death - Pierce Me" --- CD
Silexater (Ger) "Silexater" --- CD
Silva Nigra (Ita) "Epocha" --- CD
Sinisterite (Uk) "Sinisterite" --- CD
Sin Origin (Usa) " Presence of dread magician" --- CD
Sin Origin (Usa) "Night Aeternal" --- CD
Sin Origin/Velonnic Sin (Usa/Usa) "Split' --- CD
Skaldic Curse (Uk) "Pathogen" --- CD
Skirrkus (Usa) "Consumed by Misery" --- CD
Skitzo (Usa) "Mosh til Vomit" --- DCD
Skogyr (Rus) "Rainchants" --- CD
Skoll (Ger) "11 years of Mist" --- CD
Skullfuck (Fin) "The supreme ugliness" --- CD
Skyforger (Lat) "Thunderforge" --- CD
Skyforger (Lat) "Semigalls warchant" --- CD
Slaktare (Ger) "Love Is Always Painful" --- MCD
Sol Axis (Ire) "...To Mark the Ages " --- CD
Solefald (Ice) "The Linear Scaffold" --- CD
Sol Evil (Usa) "Sanctus Satanas " --- CD
Sombre Chemin/Ornaments of Sin (Fra/Fra) "Durch Ruinen und dutere Kriegsfelder" --- CD
Sombrous (Usa) "Transcending the Umbra" --- CD
Somnivore (Fin) "Clergy Of Oneiros" --- CD
Somnolence (Usa) "As Midgard Weeps" --- CD
Somnolent (Ukr) "Monochromes Philosophy" --- CD
Sons of North (Rus) "Eagle Gaze" --- CD
Sorgeldom (Swe) "Innerlig F�rm�rkelse" --- CD
Spearhead (Uk) "Deathless steel command" --- CD
Spetalsk (Swe) "Perverted commandment" --- MCD
Septic Flesh (Gre) "Sumerian Daemons" --- CD
Spiculum Iratus(Usa)"Summa Anti-Theologica" --- CD
Spiderpact (Fin)"Goatspeed Into Magenta Vacuum" --- MCD
Spite Extreme Wing (Ita) "Maginificat" --- CD
Spectre/Grim Funeral (Spa/Spa) "Coldness In The Howl/A Grim Funeral For Humanity" --- CD
Sp�olus (Hun) "Behind the Event Horizon" --- CD
Srodek (Swe) "F�rfall " --- CD
Ssorc (Jap) "Infidel Eternal" --- CD
Stalaggh (Nl) "Nihilistik Terrror" --- CD
Sterbenzeit (Ita) " L'Oltrenotte " --- CD
S:t Erik (Swe) "From Under the Tarn" --- CD
Stielas Storhett (Rus) "Vandrer..." --- CD
Stillhet (Nor) "Gjemt I Skyggene" --- CD
Stoned Jesus (Ukr) "First Communion" --- CD
Stoner Kebab (Ita) "Chapter zero" --- CD
Stormheit (Fin) "Kvenland" --- CD
Stormnatt (Aut) "Funeral Apocalypse" --- CD
Stormnatt (Aut) "Resurrection ov the kult" --- CD
Storming Darkness (Rus) "By path of death" --- CDR
Storm Legion (Por) "The eye of the prophet" --- CD
Striborg (Aus) "Embittered Darkness/Isle de mortes" --- CD
Striborg (Aus) "Nefaria" --- CD
Striborg (Aus) "Nocturnal Emissions - Nyctophobia; --- CD
Striborg (Aus) "Solitude" --- CD
Striborg (Aus) "Spiritual Catharsis" --- CD
Striborg (Aus) "Ghostwoodlands" --- CD
Streicher (Aus) "War Without End" --- CD
Sturmkaiser (Ita) "Veni vidi vici" --- CD
Stutthof (Gre) "And Cosmos From Ashes To Dust" --- CD
Styggelse (Swe) "Bland Andlosa Falt Av Snusk Och Hor" --- MCD
Subreality (Ger) "Endless horizions" --- CD
Suicide Wind (Swe) "Total death N' Live" --- CD
Summon (Usa) "And the blood runs black" --- CD
Sunwheel (Pol) "Monuments of the Elder Faith" --- CD
Superchrist (Usa) "South Of Hell" --- CD
Svarga (Ukr) "Yav Vozdimaet" --- CD
Svart (Swe) "Van�ra, Vanmakt och Avsmak " --- CD
Svartfell (Fra) "The sentence of satan" --- CD
Svartnatt (Swe) "Vargold Har Kommit" --- CD
Svartskog/Kiborg (Rus/Rus) "Split" --- CD
Svartthron (Lit) "Obscure Telepathy" --- CD
Svartthron (Lit) "Soundtrack to my solitude" --- CD
Svyatogor (Ukr) "ENERGY - FREEDOM Force is Strong Power is Imperious" --- CD
Sytry (Ita) "Sytry" --- CD

Tacit Fury (Rus) "The Invented Pain" --- CD
TAGEZ (Ger) "Being Dysangelist & Lord Of Universal Nihilism" --- CD
Tales of Dark (Ser) "Fragile Monuments" --- CD
Tarm (Est) "Nad tulevad k��paist" --- CD
Teloch (Fin) "Morbid Prayer" --- CD
Temhozor (Rus) "Folkstorm of the zure nights" --- CD
Tenebrous (Usa) "Arias Toward The Black Sun" --- CD
Tengereken (Usa) "Verszerzodes" --- CD
Teratism (Usa) "Pure Unadulterated Hate" --- CD
Teratism (Usa) "Invocatum Furae Diabolis" --- CD
Teratism (Usa) "The Blessing of Death" --- CD
Terror Squad (Jap) "The Wild Stream of Eternal Sin" --- CD
Terror Squad (Jap) "Chaosdragon Rising" --- CD
Tetraktys (Gre) "Vorelon Sellas" --- CD
Thargos (Ger) "Killfukk" --- CD
The Acc�sed (Usa) "The Curse of Martha Splatterhead" --- CD
The Black Death (Aus) "Untitled" --- CD
The Bloodline (Ita) "Opium Hearts" --- CD
The Call (Fra) "S/T" --- MCD
The Chosen (Hol) "For The Glory Of The Empire" --- CD
The End 666 (Fra) "The Ultra Violence" --- CD
The Eternal Night (Usa) "Our Failed Human Existence" --- CD
The Foetal Mind (Fra) "The Grand Contraction" --- CD
The Gits (Pol) "As pure as Vodka" --- CD
The Great Old Ones (Fra) "Al Azif" --- CD
The Howling Void (Usa) "Shadows Over the Cosmos" --- CD
The Knell (Isr) "Harm" --- CD
The Last Days (Mex/Bra) "When The Tomorrow Is A Grey Day" --- MCD
The Last Knell (Chi) "�on Vmbra Genesis" --- CD
The Meads of Asphodel (UK) "The Excommunication Of Christ" --- CD
The Morningside (Rus) "The Wind The Trees and the Shadow of the past" --- CD
The One (Gre) "Guardians Inhuman" --- CD
The Ordher (Bra) "Kill the Betrayers" --- CD
The Shadow Order (Gre) "Untold" --- CD
The Sullen Route (Rus) "Madness of My Own Design" --- CD
TheSyre (Can) "S/T" --- CD
The True Endless (Ita) "A Climb to eternity" --- CD
The True Endless (Ita) "Buried by Time and Dust" --- CD
The True Endless/Mephisto (Ita/Ita) "Too Heavy For Hell" --- CD
The True Nihilist (Rus) "The Ancient Forest... The Forest of the Forgotten Wisdom" --- CD
The Tyrant of Manchester (Uk) "Rough musick,bad blood" --- CD
Theudho (Bel) "The Vosunga Saga" --- CD
Thorngoth (Ger) "Thelema of destruction" --- CD
Thornspawn (Usa) "Wrath of War" --- CD
Thornspawn (Usa) "Blood of the holy,taint thy steel" --- CD
Thornspawn (Usa) "Infernal Allegiance - Fist Possession" --- CD
Thoth (Pol) "Zamglenie" --- CD
Thou (Usa) "Peasant" --- CD
Thr�nenkind (Ger) "Eine Momentaufnahme - Der Rest ist nur Einsamkeit" --- MCD
Throned (Ita) "...There Where The Moon Rises" --- CD
Throneum/Necrocultus/Sanctifier (Pol/Mex/Bra) "Cenetery sons of hell" --- CD
Throneum (Pol) "Deathmass of Gravedancer" --- CD
Thronum Vrondor (Bel) "Vrondor I: Epitaph of Mass-Destruction " --- CD
Thugnor (Por) "Scrolls of Grimace" --- CD
Thunderbolt(Pol)"The Burning Deed of Deceit"--- CD
Thunderkraft (Ukr) "The Banner of Victory" --- CD
Tjolgtjar (Usa) "The Tjolgtjar Mass" --- CD
Tod (Ita) "Black Metal Manifesto" --- CD
Today is the day (Usa) "Live til you die" --- CD
Todesstop (Ger) "Selbstentleibung/Der Annaherung erster Teil" --- CD
Todesweihe (Ger) "Necronomicon Ex Mortis" --- CD
Todtgelichter (Ger) "Was bleibt..." --- CD
Torch of War (Ger) "The Principle of Cosmic Instability" --- CD
Torfrom (Chi) "Dosde el umbral" --- CD
Totenburg (Ger) "Weltmacht oder Niedergang + Winterschlacht" --- CD
Trench Hell (Aus) "Southern Cross Ripper" --- MCD
Trimonium (Ger) "Blow the Horns" --- CD
Trist (Cze) "Zrradleni melancholie" --- CD
Tsjuder (Nor) "Kill for satan" --- CD
Tuhat Kuolemaa Sekunnissa (Fin) "S/T" --- CD
Tunes of Despair (Fin) "The Process of Leaving" --- CD
Tvmvlvs Seraphim (Ita) "Fortress Ermetica" --- CD
Tvmvlvs Seraphim (Ita) "Centenarians's Divine Lvnacy" --- CD
Twilight (Usa) "S/T" --- CD
Typhus (Usa) "Profound Blasphemous Proclamation" --- CD
Tyrael (Ger) "Der Wald ist mein Zuhause" --- CD

Ultimatum (Can) "The Iron Age" --- CD
Ulvhedner/Galdrer (Nor/Nor) "Fredasyn/Trolldomsanger" --- CD
Ulvhedner (Nor) "For I Tida " --- CD
Umbra (Usa) "S/T" --- CD
Underdark (Ukr) "The truth that lives" --- CD
Underdark (Ukr) "I am Above All" --- CD
Undor (Ger) "S/T" --- MCD
Unholy Archangel (Gre) "The demos" --- CD
Unholy Trinity (Usa) "Omnimalevolence" --- MCD
Unterwald (Fra) "Nos anciens Rituels" --- CD
Urgrund (Aus) "Unchangeable fate" --- CD
Urn (Fin) "666 Megatons" --- CD(comes with an extra free video CD)
Urn (Fin) "Dawn of the Devastation" --- CD
Urna (Ita) "Dawn of the Devastation" --- CD
Urna (Ita) "Iter ad Lucem" --- CD
Uruk-Hai (Aut) "Sepulcrum" --- CD
Utgard (Fin) "Thrones and Dominions" --- CD
Uvall (Usa) "Obsidian Torment" --- CD

V.A.C.K (Can) "Haine eternelle" --- CD
Valhom (Usa) "Desolation" --- CD
Valkyrja (Swe) "The invocation of demise" --- CD
Varathron (Gre) "The Lament of Gods" --- MCD
Vargsang (Ger) "Call of the nightwolves" --- CD
Vargsang (Ger) "Throne of the forgotten" --- CD
Varhorn (Rus) "Labyrinths of Darkness " --- CD
Vazal (NL) "Age of Chaos" --- CD
V/A The Night and The Fog part II --- CD
V/A To the triumph of evil "A tribute to Judas Iscariot" --- CD
V/A Primitive Finland --- CD
V/A Absurd Tribute to the Tyrants of german Black Metal --- CD
V/A Thrashing relic Vol1 --- CD
Ve�r(Hun) "The Measure Of Waste" --- CD
V.E.G.A (Ita) "Cocaine" --- CD
Veil (Usa) "Dolor" --- CD
Velimor (Rus) "For the glory of our kin/Rujan" --- CD
Velimor (Rus) "Ancestry" --- CD
Velonnic Sin (Usa) "Ritual" --- CD
Veiled Allusions (Nor) 'When darkness descends" --- CD
Verge (Fin) "To Rest the Last Time in Our Filth" --- MCD
Verivala (Fin) "Kalliolle, Kukkulalle" --- CD
Verloren (Bel) "In Zalvend Oumin" --- CD
Vetche (Ukr) "Vetche" --- CD
Vexed (Ita) "Hellblast Extinction" --- CD
Vexed (Ita) "Endless Armageddon" --- CD
Vhernen (Fro) "The Funeral Era" --- CD
Vhernen (Fro) "S/T" --- CD
Viaticum (Usa) "Reliquary of the Horned One" --- MCD
Victimizer (Den) "Resurrected Abominations" --- MCD
Victimizer (Den) "The Final Assault" --- CD
Victimizer (Den) "Rapid Thrashing Violence" --- CD
Vidharr (Ita) "Eclipse" --- CD
Vindorn (Ger) " Hrana" --- CD
Vinterriket (Ger) "Winterschatten" --- CD
Vinterriket (Ger) "Kaelte,Schnee und Eis" --- CD
Vinterriket (Ger) "Lichtschleier" --- CD
Vinterriket (Ger) "Landschaftsmalerische Klangwelten" --- CD
Vinterriket/A.E.P.(Ger/Fra)"Split " --- CD
Vinterriket/Orodruin (Ger/Hol) "Split" --- CD
Vinterriket/Uruk-Hai (Ger/Aut) "2" --- CD
Vital Remains (Usa) "Dawn of the Apocalypse " --- CD
Vlad Tepes (Fra) "War Funeral March" --- CD
Vlad Tepes (Fra) "La Morte Lune" --- CD
Vlad Tepes/Belketre (Fra) "March to the Black Holocaust" --- CD
Vociferian (Fra) "Wexxakschionnistiik Warmageddon Xzul" --- CD
Vociferian (Fra) "Universal Hate Decades Ultimatum" --- CD
Voices Of The Styx (Hug) "16 Hungarian black Death metal bands"" --- CD
Vogelsang (Ger) "Aus den Tr�mmern Empor" --- CD
Volition (Uk) "Volition" --- CD
Vomit Orchestra (Usa) ":Bridges Burnt:" --- CD
Vomit Orchestra (Usa) "Antecrux" --- CD
Voqkrre (Fra) "Palans in Pestilens" --- CD
Vorkuta (Hun) "Into the chasms of lunacy" --- CD
Vredehammer (Nor) "Pans Skygge" --- MCD
Vredehammer (Nor) "Mintaka" --- MCD
Vrolok/Emit (Usa/Uk) "Pestilence 1440/The devine eye" --- CD
Vrolok (Usa) "Resurgence I:Descent through the abyss" --- CD
Vrolok (Usa) "Resurgence II:Where the dying meet the dead" --- CD
Vrolok (Usa) "Resurgence III:Order of the sphere" --- CD
Vukodlak (Usa) "Blackest Autumn" --- MCD
Vulpecula (Usa) "In dusk apparition" --- CD

Walpurgisnacht (Nl) "Die Derwaert Gaen En Keeren Niet" --- CD
Waning (Swe) "Population Control" --- CD
War (Pol) "Dawn of New Epoch/The War Horde" --- CD
War (Swe) "We Are... Total War " --- CD
Warage (Fra) "Black Metal War" --- CD
Warbutcher (Usa) "Bulldozer of Semitic Destruction" --- CD
War for War (Cze) "Kovy Odjinud" --- CD
War for War (Cze) "Vě� smrti" --- CD
Warlust/Pestis (Hol/Hol) "The Final War / Plagueridden" --- CD
Warmarch (Svk) "Pactum Cum Diabolus" --- CD
Warnungstraum (Ita) "Inter Peritura " --- CD
Weltbrand (Nl) "The cloud of retaliation" --- CD
Weltkrieg (Svk) "Final Death " --- CD
Wicked Angel (Can) "The Remastered Collection MMIX " --- CD
Windbruch (Rus) "Collision of the Worlds" --- CD
Wind of the Black Mountains (Usa) "Sing Thou Unholy Servants" --- CD
Winter Decadence (Ita)"Lacrime di Solitudine Invernale" --- CDR
Winter of Apokalypse (Usa) "Solitary winter night" --- CD
Witchcraft (Hun) "Years of blood" --- CD
Witchmaster (Pol) "Violence & Blasphemy" --- MCD
Witchmaster (Pol) "Masochistic Devil Worship" --- CD
Witchtrap (Col) "The first necromancy" --- CD
Wodulf (Gre) "Wargus Esto" --- CD
Wolfsblut (Ger) "Seelenqual/Legion Wolfsblut" --- CD
Wolf's Source (Rus) "Remission Of Spirit" --- CD
Wolfthrone (Spa) "Unleash the Hate" --- MCD
Wolok (Fra) "Universal Void" --- CD
Wound (Fin) "Chaos Theory" --- CD
Wraith Of The Ropes (Usa) "Ada" --- CD
Wsch�d (Pol) "O Dumie, Sile i Ogniu" --- CD
Wurdulak (Usa) "Ceremony in flames" --- CD
Wyrd (Fin) "Vargtimmen Pt1" --- CD
Wyrd/Haive/Kehra (Fin/Fin/Fin) "Split" --- CD
Wyrd(Fin) "Kammen" --- CD
Wyrd (Fin) "Kaliv�gi" --- CD
Wyrm (Aut) "Seven Gates of Apocalypse" --- CD

Xasthur (Usa) "Nocturnal Poisoning" --- CD
Xasthur (Usa) "The Funeral of Being" --- CD
Xasthur (Usa) "Xasthur" --- MCD
Xasthur (Usa) "To Violate the Oblivious" --- CD
Xasthur (Usa) "Nightmares at Dawn" --- CD
Xerion/Omendark/Nakkiga (Spa/Spa/Spa) "Split" --- CD

Yaotl Mictlan (Usa) "Guerreros De La Tierra De Los Muertos" --- CD

Zargof (Usa) "Departure for the cosmic twilight" --- CD
Zarathustra (Ger) "Contempt" --- MCD
Zavorash (Swe) "In Odium Veritas 1996-2002" --- CD
Zgard (Ukr) "Spirit of Carpathian Sunset" --- CD
Zifir (Tur) "You Must Come With Us" --- CD
Zwenz (Ger) "A lifes work of Natrgaard II" --- CD

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