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anyone who order from Goatowarex can ask me to add the following cd into your package(one cd per order), most of the titles here I only have one copy each,so better be quick.

Lusitania Dark Horde -Requiems To The Rebirth Of Unholy Black Metal (Nightmare Productions)
Booklet and Disk only, no back cover.

Mutiilation (Fra) - Grimly Reborn (Tragic Empire)
Disk only, no booklet no back cover.

Mortifera(Fra) - Vastiia Tenebrd Mortifera (Goatowarex)
Disk only, no booklet no back cover.

Austere (Aus) - Withering Illusions and Desolation (Goatowarex)
Disk only, no booklet no back cover.

Drowning the Light (Aus) - A World Long Dead (Goatowarex)
Disk only, no booklet no back cover.

Speical/A5 packaging

20 AUS$ postpaid worldwide, ask for discount if you plan to buy more than 2 titles

...(Ita) "Somebody Save Me" --- A5 CD
Black Hate/Deep-pression (Mex/Pol) "Dwellers in an Infertile World" --- A5 CD
CYT/Hostis/Drastus (Fra/Fra/Fra) "From the womb of ferocious" --- CD
Deep-pression/All the cold (Pol/Rus) "Deep Cold" --- A5 CD
Funereal Moon/Circle of Ghosts (Mex/Can) "From Darkness They Are" --- CD in 7' packaging
Grisatre/Desolation (Fra/Fra) "Split" --- A5 CD(Sold out on 10/01/21)
Lupus Nocturnus (Mex) "Suicidal Thoughts Pt. I" --- A5 CD
Mordaehoth/Myself/Veinen (Nl/Bel/Nl) "Gates of helheim/A new begining/Bloodoath" --- A5 CD
Nocturnal Depression (Fra) "Mankind Suffering Visions" --- DVD
Spite Extreme Wing (Ita) "Vltra" --- Digibook
Svedhous (Kor) "From Despair to Suicide" --- A5 CD
Velehentor (Rus)"Cak-Enra" --- A5 CD


A Dream of Poe (Por) "AntediluvianThe Mirror of Deliverance" --- Digipak
Alternative 4 (Uk) "The Brink" --- Digipak
Amber Asylum (Usa) "Still Point" --- Digipak
Amnis Nihili (Gre) "Christological Escalation" --- Digipak
Argharus (Lit) "Pleistas" --- DigiPak
Atritas (Che)"Rising Of Eternal Dusk / Dunkler Reigen" --- DCD Digipak
Azure - "King of stars" --- Digipak
Bannerwar (Gre) "Centuries of heathen might" --- Digipak
Bergthron (Ger) "Faust Fur Faust" --- Digpak
Beyond Helvete (Ger) "Self Therapy" --- Digipak
Black Jade (Che)"...Of Forest And Fire..." --- Digipak
Black Sea of Infinity (Usa) "The Quintessence --- Digipak
Band Of Pain (Uk) "Que Amiga" --- Digipak
Caina (Uk) "Mourner" --- Digpak
Caldera (Fra) "Mithra" --- Digipak
Cobalt ( Usa) "Eater of Birds" --- Digpak
Cold Body Radiation (Hol) "Deer Twillight" --- Digipak
Conspiracy (Hol) "Reincarnated" --- Digipak
Crimson Moon (Ger) "Xepera Xepe Xeperu" --- Double Digipak
Darkmoon Warrior (Ger) "In Fundus Inferiorum" --- Digipak
Defaillance (Fra) "Defaillance" --- Digipak
Die Saat (Ger) "Wir Laden Zum Feste" --- Digipak
Disjecta (Ita) "Da Marmorea Lapide Ombrati" --- Digipak
Eona (Esp) "Croyances Eternelles" --- Digipak
Faded (Ita) "Essences" --- Digipak
Fall (Pol) "Samozatracenie " --- Digipak
Fear of Eternity (Ita) "Light of the Night" --- Digipak
For Ruin (Ire) "December" --- DigiPak
Fourth Monarchy (Ita) "Amphilochia" --- Digipak
Frostkrieg (Gre) "Das Astrale Fenster" --- Digipak
Gram (Ger) "May I Never Hear Your Voices Again" --- Digipak
Grisatre (Fra) "L'idee de Dieu" --- Digipak(Sold out on 10/01/21)
Grisatre (Fra) "Esthaetique" --- Digipak
Hjarnidaudi(Nor) "Pain:Noise:March" --- Digi Pak
Injekting Khaos (Gre) "Salvation through violence" --- Digipak
Kaltetod/Veineliis (Ger/Ger) "Split" --- Digipak
Kolp (Hun) "The Covered Pure Permanence" --- Digipak
La Voz Del Imperio-compilation --- Digipak
Legion of Doom (Gre) "The Desecration" --- Digipack
Liholesie (Rus)"videniya" --- Digipack
Lotus Circle (Gre) "Caves" --- Digipak
Nebelkorona (Ger) "Reminiszenzen an das Morgenrot / Relikte des Abendrotes" --- Digipack
Necromantia (Gre) "Ancient Pride" --- DigiPak
Nekrasov (Aus) "Cognition of Splendid Oblivion" --- Digipak
Objekt4 (Swe) "Mindscars" --- Double Digipack
Old Wainds (Rus) "Scalding Coldness" --- Digipak
Opera IX (Ita) "Maleventum" --- Digipak
Oren Ambarchi (Aus) "In The Pendulum�s Embrace" --- Digipak
Oskoreien (Usa) "Oskoreien" --- Digipak
Paria (Ger) "VerminRace" --- Digipak
Pestnebel (Aut) "Reich der schatten" --- Digipak
Poema Arcanus (Chi) "Teluric Manifesto" --- Digipak
Procer Veneficus (Usa) "Astral Birth" --- Digipak
Profundi (Swe) "The Omega Rising" --- Digipak
Pulsefear (Uk) "Perichoresis" --- Digipak
Quinta Essentia (Usa) "Neutrality for Defined Chaos" --- Digipak
Ravenous (Usa) "Three on a meathook" --- Digipak
Ravenous (Usa) "Blood Delivium" --- Digipak
Sabbat (Jpn) "Live Resurrection" --- Digipak
Shoggoth/Ars Sacra (Rus/Rus) "Twilights Of Existence/The Ashes In The End Of The Worlds " --- Digipak
Silent Leges Inter Arma (Ger) "Synasthesie" --- Digipak
Slagmaur (Nor) "Domfeldt" --- Digipak
Slave's Mask(Fin) "Faustian Electronics & Bruise Poetry" --- Digi pak
Svarti Loghin (Swe) "Empty World" --- Digipak
Tenebrae in Perpetuum (Ita) "Antico Misticismo" --- Digipak
The Soil Bleeds Black (Usa) "The Knightly Years" --- Digipak
Thralldom (Usa) "A shaman steering the vessel of Vastness" --- Digipak
Thorneum (Pol) "Decade of necrostuprumical madness" --- Digipak
Total Negation (Ger) "Zeitenwende" --- Digipak
Towards Darkness (Can) " Barren" --- Digipak
Uruk-Hai (Aut) "Tawantinsuyu" --- Digipak
V/A The luguburz Compilation III --- Digipak
Watain (Swe) "Sworn to the Dark" --- Digipak
Wolfslair (Den) "Odin" --- Digipak


11 as in Adversaries (Fra) "The Full Intrepid Experience of Light " --- CD
20.SV (Leb) "Acid.Vomit.Human genocide" --- CD

5 Way Split (Kor/Jap) "Oriental Abyss" --- CD
Abandon (Eng) "Never-Ending Black Torrent Of Death" --- CD
Abaddon Incarnate (Ire) "Nadir" --- CD
Abigail (Jap) "Alive in Thailand" --- CD
Absentia Lunae (Ita) "Marching Upon Forgotten Ashes" --- CD
Absolutus (Bel) "Qstendie Quan Nibil Sumus" --- CD
Abstract Spirit (Rus) "Tragedy and Weeds" --- CD
Absurd (Ger) "Raubritter/Grimmige Volksmusik " --- CD
Abusus (Ger) "S/T" --- CDr
Abyssmal Sorrow (Aus) "Abyssmal Sorrow" --- CD
Acrosome (Tur) "Dementia Praecox" --- MCD
Ad Hominem (Fra) "Climax of Hatred" --- CD
Ad Hominem (Fra) "Dictator - A Monument of Glory" --- CD
AD Noctum (Den) "The excellence of supremacy" --- CD
A.E.P/Black Sea of Infinity (Fra/Usa) "Split" --- CD
Ahriman (Hun) "Mistpain Path" --- CD
A.I.D.S (Usa) "Syndrome of the End Approaching" --- CD
Allfater Odinn (Usa) "S/T" --- CD
All the Cold (Rus) "One Year of Cold" --- CD
All the Cold/Fornicatus/Happy Days/Black Hate (Rus/Fin/Usa/Mex) "Children of Failure" --- CD
Al-Namrood (Sau) "Atba'a Al-Namrood" --- MCD
Ammit (Chile) "Mass Suicide/Steel Inferno" --- CD
Amputator (Usa) "S/T" --- MCD
Amystery (Ger) "Extermination" --- CD
Anal Vomit (Per) "Demoniac Flagellations" --- CD
Anal Vomit (Per) "Gathering of the Putrid Demons" --- CD
Ancestors Blood (Fin) "When the Forest Calls" --- CD
Ancient Blood (Bra) "The profane humns of the sovereign darkness" --- CD
Ancient Tundra (Can) "Requiems of a World Lost" --- CD
Andrarakh (Ger) "9 Jahre & 13 Monate asymmetrischen Krieges" --- CD
Andras (Ger) "of old wisdom" --- CD
Angmar (Fin) "The Razorblade Redemption" --- CD
Angmar (Fra) "Metamorphosis" --- CD
Angmar/The True Endless (Fin/Ita) "Unholy Virtues/The dirth raw experience" --- CD
Animus Mortis (Chile) "Thresholds of Insanity" --- CD
Ankou Awaits (Usa) "Wyllt" --- CD
Anwyl (Usa) "Postmortem Apocalypse" --- CD
Anwynn (Fra) "Voices of perdition" --- CD
Aorlhac (Fra) "Opus 1" --- CD
Aphangak (Col) "Hidden Echoes" --- CD
Apnea (Nz) "Silent Cities" --- CD
Apparition (Kor) "Blackmusa from the East Empire" --- CD
Apraxia (Belarus) "Hymns of Dark Forests" --- CD
Apraxia (Belarus) "Blood & Soil" --- CD
Arallu (Ise) "The demon from the ancient world" --- CD
Arcana (Swe) "Le Serpent Rouge" --- CD
Arcana Coelestia (Ita) "Le mirage de l'id�al" --- CD
Archon Satani (Swe) "Mind Of Flesh & Bones" --- CD
Arctic Circle (Can) "Frcing the astral" --- CD
Argenraza/Grafuolluth/Stormlust (Arg/Usa/Fra) "Split" --- CDr
Arkham (Fra) "Chapter III" --- MCD
Armour (Fin) "Sonichouse Tape" --- CD
Arphaxat (Fra) "Loudun la Maudite" --- CD
Ars Diavoli/Irae/Penit�ncia/Thy Black Blood (Por) "Black Throne of Disease" --- CD
Ars Manifestia (Ita) "The Enchanting Dark's Arrival" --- CD
Ars Manifestia (Ita) "The Red Behind" --- CD
Arsonist Lodge (Fin) "Perkele, Antikristus ja v��r� profeetta" --- CD
Arvet (Fin) "Ihmisk�rsimys" --- MCD
Aryadeva (Ger) "Kshatra" --- CD
As All Die (Usa) "Victoria" --- CD
Ashdautas (Usa) "Shadow plays of grief and pain" --- CD
Asgeirr (Fra) "Diktat Allianz" --- CD
Ashes (Uk) "Hymn to a Grey Sky" --- CD
Ashes (Uk) "Funeral forest" --- CD
Askival (Uk) "Eternity" --- CD
Astral Silence (Swi) "Astral Silence" --- CD
Astral Sleep (Fin) "Unawakening" --- CD
Astral Sleep (Fin) "Angel" --- MCD
Astral Winter (Aus) "Perdition" --- CD
Astrofaes (Ukr) "The attraction: Heaven and Earth" --- CD
Ataraxia (Ita) "Fantasma Dell'Opera" --- CD
Atman (Spa) "L'Assass� de Venus" --- CD
Atomizer (Aus) "Caustic Music For The Spiritually Bankrupt" --- CD
Atomizer (Aus) "Songs of Slaughter,Songs of Sacrifice" --- CD
Atra Vetosus (Aus) "Voices from the Eternal Night" --- CD
Attack (Usa) "We must attack" --- CD
Attack (Usa) "Survival" --- CD
Aura Noir (Nor) "Live Nightmare on Elm Street" --- CD
Au Sacre des Nuits (Bra) "Anti-Humain" --- CD
Autumnia (Ukr) "O�Funeralia" --- CD
Averse Sefira (Usa) "Homecoming's march" --- CD
Ave Sathanas (Usa) "Religion of Pity" --- CD
Avichi (Usa) "The divine tragedy" --- CD
Avsked (Ger) "Livets Ironi" --- CD
Avzhia (Mex) "Dark Emperor" --- CD
Ayat (Leb) "Six Years of Dormant Hatred" --- CD
Azahel's Fortress (Aus) "Secrets of the forest" --- CD
Azaghal (Fin) "Omega" --- CD
Azrael (Usa) "Obdurate / Unto Death" --- CD

Barastir (Ger) "Battlehymns of Hate" --- CD
Basilisk (Eng) "A Joyless March Through Coldland" --- CD
Bauda/Leuku (Chi) "Mares" --- CD
Beatrik (Ita) "Requiem of December" --- CD
Before the Rain (Por) "Frail" --- CD
Beheaded Lamb (Spa) "A grave to the world" --- CD
Bekhira (Fra) "Demo 1996" --- Digi file CD
Belketre (Fra) "AMBRE Zuerkl Vuorhdrevarvtre " --- CD
Beneath the Frozen Soil/Negative Reaction (Swe/Usa) "Split" --- CD
Benighted In Sodom (Usa) "In Hora Maledictus Part I" --- CD
Bergraven (Swe) "Fordorv" --- CD
Bergthron (Ger) "Verborgen In Den Tiefen Der Walder..." --- CD
Bergthron (Ger) "Jagdheim" --- CD
Berserk (Esp) "Live from the Woods" --- CD
Besatt (Pol) "Hail Satan" --- CD
Besatt (Pol) "Hell Storm" --- CD
Besatt (Pol) "Sacrifice for Satan" --- CD
Besatt (Pol) "Black Mass" --- CD
Bestia (Est) "Hallutinatsioon" --- CD
Bestial (Bra) "Phalanx of Genocide" --- CD
Bestial Mockery (Swe) "The Unholy Trinity" --- CD
Better dead than Red (Usa) "The world needs a hero" --- CD
Bewitched (Chi) "Somewhere Beyond The Mist" --- CD
Bewitched (Swe) "At The Gates of Hell" --- CD
Bewitched (Swe) "Rise of the Antichrist" --- CD
Beyond the Ninth Wave (Can) "Volumn 1' --- CD
Bible of the Devil (Usa) "Brutality Majesty Eternity" --- CD
Black Angel (Per) "From the Darkness" --- CD
Black Autumn (Ger) "Ecstasy,Nightmare,Doom" --- CD
Black Blood (Fin) "Cryptic Rituals" --- CD
Black Crucifixion (Fin) "Faustian Dream" --- CD
Black Death (Rus) "Fucking Fullmoon Fundation" --- CD
Black Death (Rus) "Saturn Sector" --- CD
Blackdeath Ritual (Fin) "Profound echoes of the end" --- CD
Black Flame (Ita) "Torment And Glory" --- CD
Black Flame (Ita) "Conquering Purity" --- CD
Black Goat (Usa) "S/T" --- CD
Black God (Fra) "The End of Christian Utopia" --- CD
Black Jade (Che)"Helvetica Diabolica" --- CD
Black Omen(Tur) "Sinphony" --- CD
Black Rain (Cze) "Bes Ohne" --- CD
Black Seas of infinity/Kaniba/U.A.S "The trinity of non being" --- CD
Black Seas of Infinity / Aymrev Erkroz Prevre (Usa/France) "Split" --- CD
Black Silence / Paroxysmal Descent (Aus/Aus)"Into the Lightless Depths / The Suffering Within" --- CD
Black Winds (Swe) "Origin" -- CD
Black Witchery (Usa) "Upheaval of Satanic Might" --- CD
Black Woods (Rus) "Religious" --- CD
Black Woods (Rus) "Kill Me Satan" --- CD
Blakagir (Pol) "Nostagia/Droga przed egzekucja" --- CD
Blodarv (Den) "Linaria Amlech" --- CD
Blodarv (Den) "Civitas Diaboli " --- CD
Blodtru (Den) "A Brighter Sun " --- CD
Blodulv (Swe) "Blodulv" --- CD
Blodulv (Swe) "II" --- CD
Blodulv (Swe) "Diatribe" --- MCD
Blood Cult (Usa) "We Who Walk Behind The Rows" --- MCD
Blood Hammer/Black beast (Fin/Fin) "Unholy finnish black horror union" --- CD
Blood Hammer (Fin) "Post Apocalypse Trilogy" --- CD
Bloodrain (Rus) "Bloodrain II: Ultimatum" --- CD
Bloodrain (RUS) "Nomine Nostrum Legio" --- CD
Blood Red Fog (Fin) "S/T" --- CD
Blood Red Fog (Fin) "Radiating Desolation" --- MCD
Blood Ritual (Usa) "Black Grimoire" --- CD
Bloodsoaked (Mex) "Frost Image" --- CD
Blood Stained Dusk (Usa) "Black Faith Inquisition" --- CD
Bloodthorn (Nor) "Under the reign of terror' --- CD
Bloodthorn (Nor) "Genocide" --- CD
Blood Vengeance (Ger) "Iron Warfare" --- CD
Bloody Lair (Cze) "Total Mayhem" --- CD
Bonesaw (Uk) "Sawtopsy" --- CD
Bosse-De-Nage (Usa) "Bosse-de-Nage" --- CD
Botulistum (Nl) "Pestilential Terror" --- CD
Breath of Sorrow (Usa) "Through Darkness to Battle I Ride" --- CD
Brown Jenkins (Usa) "Dagonite" --- CD
Brown Jenkins (Usa) "Angel Eyes" --- CD
Brumalis (USA) "Furore Normannorum" --- CD
Burial hordes (Gre) "War revenge and total annihilation" ---CD
Bustum (Pol) "The Return of Hate" --- CD

Cadaverous Condition (Aut) "The lesser travelled seas" --- CD
Campo de Mayo/Permafrost (Arg/Arg) "A Blindfold Stained With Blood/Haunting The Forgotten " --- CD
Canis Dirus (Usa) "A Somber Wind from a Distant Shore" --- CD
Carpathian Forest(Nor) "Strange Old Brew" --- CD
Carpticon (Nor) "Master Morality" --- CD
Catacombs (Usa) "Echoes Through the Catacombs" --- CD
Catacombs (Usa) "In the Depths of R'lyeh" --- CD
Cerberus (Ger) "Chapter Of Blackness" --- CD
Cerekloth (Den) "Pandemonium Prayers" --- MCD
Chaotic Aeon (Chn) "Chaotic Aeon" --- MCD
Chaos Omen (Swe) "Let Clarity Succumb" --- MCD
Charnel Valley (Usa) "The Dark Archives" --- CD
Chelmno (Ita) "Horizon of Events" --- CD
Choronzon(Usa) "Magog Agog" --- CD
Christ Agony (Pol) "Trilogy" --- CD
Clear Stream Temple (Usa) "XVI" --- CD
Closer (Nor) "Darkness in me" --- CD
Coldness (Por) "Poisoned Gift" --- CD
Cold Northern Vengeance (Usa) "The arising dungeon cult" --- CD
Comatose Vigil (Rus) "Narcosis" --- CD
Common Grave (Ita) "Il Male di Vivere" --- CD
Conjuration (Fin) "Funeral of the Living" --- MCD
Contra Ignem Fatuum (Uk) "Detritus" --- MCD
Corpus Christii (Por) "The Fire God" --- CD
Corpus Christii/The Syre (Por/Can) "F.O.A.D" --- CD
Corpus Christii (Por) "The torment belief" --- CD
Creature (Ger) "Der Ursprung" --- CD
Creeping (Nz) "Funeral Crawl" --- CD
Crest of Darkness (Nor) "Evil Knows Evil" --- CD
Crest of Darkness (Nor) "Give Us the Power to Do Your Evil" --- CD
Crimson (Aus)"Fading" --- CD
Cripta Oculta (Por) "Ecos dos D�lmens Esquecidos " --- CD
Crosswrecker (Fin) "Black Flame Divination" --- MCD
Crux Dissimulata (Bel) "Expedition Punitive" --- CD
Cryfemal (Spa) 'Escucha a los Muertos" --- CD
Cryfemal (Spa) "Perpetua Funebre Gloria" --- CD
Cryptic Winds (Usa) "Storm of ..." --- MCD
Crucifixion Wounds (Ger) "War Summoning" --- MCD
Cthulhu Biomechanical (Rus) "Es ist kalt hier" --- CD
Cult of Daath (Usa) "The grand torturers of hell" --- CD
Cyber Baphomet (Rus) "Cyber Baphomet" --- CD

Daemonheim (Ger) "Schlachfeld" --- CD
Damnation Army (Swe) "The art of the occult" --- CD
Dantesco (Pri) "Pagano" --- CD
Dagon (US) "They Who Abideth Amidst the Poison" --- CD
Dapnom (Fra) "Actes Prealables" --- CD
Dapnom (Fra) "Verklart Nacht" --- CD
Dapnom/EWE/Stigma Diabolicum "Mind Control" --- CD
Darkest Grove (Usa) "Pain and Suffering Shall be Known" --- CD
Darkest Hate Warfront (Bra) "Satanik Annihilation Kommando" --- CD
Dark Legions (Ger) "Satanic Destroyer" --- CD
Dark Fury (Pol) "Final Solution" --- CD
Dark Sanctuary (Fra) "Dark Sanctuary" --- CD
Darkspace (Swi) "Dark Space II " --- CD
Dark Storm (Cze) "Hell Satan Blasphemy" --- CD
Dark Throne (Nor) "Plague Wielder" --- CD
Dark Throne (Nor) "The Cult is Alive" --- CD
Darkthule (Gre) "Beyond The Endless Horizons" --- CD
Dawnfall (Ger)"Drei R�ume" --- CD
Dawn of Azazel (Nz) "Sedition" --- CD
Dead? (Fra) "Dead?" --- CD
Dead As Dreams (Usa) "Their steps become unbearable" --- MCD
Dead Becomes the Sun (Fra) "The Last Eclipse" --- CD
Dead Conspiracy (Usa) "Gore Drenched Legacy" --- CD
Dead Raven Choir (Pol) "Selenoclast Wolves" --- CD
Dead Raven Choir (Pol) "Cask Strength" --- DCD
Deadly Carnage (Ita) "Sentiero II - Ceneri" --- CD
Deadman (Ita) "Spirito di Pietra" --- CD
Deathpeed (Jap) "The Day of Doom" --- CD
Deathrow (Ita) "Primordial Lifecode" --- CD
Deathrow (Ita) "Gateways to Oblivion" --- CD
Deathspawned Destroyer (Fin) "The First Bestial Butchery" --- CD
Death Yell (Chi) "Morbid Rites" --- CD
Decayed (Por) "Resurrecti�nem Mortu�rum" --- CD
Decayed (Por) "The Black Metal Flame" --- CD
Decayed (Por) "The Beast Has Risen" --- CD
Decayed (Por) "Shadow - Land" --- CD
Decayed (Por) "Chaos Underground" --- CD
Definition Sane (Usa) "Psychodelirium" --- CD
Defuntos (Por) "Sangue Morto " --- CD
Deifecation (Hol) "Cathartic Octogenaricide" --- MCD
Deinonychus (Hol) "Ark Of Thought" --- CD
Deinonychus(Hol)"Warfare Machines" --- CD
Deiphago (Phi) "Filipino Antichrist" --- CD
Dekadent Aesthetix (Rom)"S/T" --- CD
Demonrealm (Den) "A Legend Of Power" --- CD
Denial of God (Den) "The Horrors of Satan" --- CD
Denial of God (Den) "The Dawn of Aemizaez:Demos 1992-1993" --- CD
Denouncement Pyre (Aus) "Hells Infantry" --- MCD
Deofel (Rus) "Aposni Rytual" --- MCD
Desolation (Gre) "Eternity of Hell" --- CD
Devastator/Blasphemer (Usa/Usa) "Nuclear War/Race of the Cursed Seed" --- CD
Dhul-Qarnayn (Bah) "Jilwah" --- MCD
Diabolical Masquerade (Swe) "Death's Design" --- CD
Diabolos (Usa) "The Three Mothers" --- CD
Diecold (Hun) "Rest In Hell" --- CD
Dimensional Pyschosis (NL) "Magical Matrix of Dimensional Continuum" --- CD
Dimentianon (USA) "Seven Suicide" --- CD
Dimidium Mei (Pol) "Flames of Hatred" --- CD
Disjecta Membrae (Fra) "Taedium Vitae" --- MCD
Dissection (Swe) "Frozen in Wacken" --- CD
Divine Decay (Fin) "Songs of the Damned" --- CD
Divine Decay (Fin) "Maximize the Misery" --- CD
Dodkvlt (Fin) "I" --- CD
Dodsferd (Gre) "Hammering Brutally Your Cross" --- CD
Domains (Spa) "Towards Pleroma " --- MCD
Doomed (Usa) "Doomed to Death and Damned in Hell" --- CD
Doominhated / Ringwraith (Usa/Usa) "SPLIT" --- CD
Doomraiser (Ita) "Lords of Mercy" --- CD
Drastus (Fra) "Taphos" --- CD
Draugar (Usa) "Weathering the Curse" --- CD
Draugsang (Swe) "Seil pa skyggans Hav" --- MCD
Draugwath (Rus) "Dwellers of the Cursed Forest" --- CD
Drear/Great American Desert (Usa/Usa) "Warring against the sun/Solipsis" --- CD
Drephjard (Nor) "Sorgsvart" --- CD
Drephjard (Nor) "Maktdominans" --- MCD
Drevo (Rus) "Величие" --- CD
Drowning the Light (Aus) "The Blood of the Ancients" --- CD
Drudkh (Ukr) "Songs of Grief" --- CD
Durthang (Swe) "Passage Beyond the Cold Vales of Desolation" --- CD
Dusk (Hun) "The darksoul's return" --- CD
Dusk (Hun) "Carpathian Darkness" --- CD
Dusk (Hun) "Deathgate" --- CD
Dusk (Hun) "Pray for death" --- CD
Dysperium (Usa) "Dysperium" --- CD
Dyster (Fra) "Fallen Suicide & Forgotten" --- CD
Dysthymia (Isl) "The Shivering Opus" --- CD
Dystopia Na! (Nor) "Syklus " --- CD

Ea (Usa) "Ea Taesse" --- CD
Ea (Usa) "Ea II" --- CD
Ea (Usa) "Au Ellai" --- CD
Ebonylake (Uk) "In Swathes Of Brooding Light" --- CD
Echoes of Silence (Usa) "Beyond the Crimson Gates" --- CD
Ego Depths (Ukr) "Equilibrium Sickness" --- CD
Eisigwald/Morbus mundi (Ukr/Ukr) "Split" --- CD
Ekklesiast (Rus) "When The Dead Boughs Will Awake From The Dreams" --- CD
Eldrig (Usa)"Kali" --- CD
Elffor (Esp) "into the dark forest..." --- CD
Elhaz (Fra) "Malemort" --- CD
Elhaz (Fra) "Goetic Experience" --- CD
Eligor(Ita)"Ante Lucem" --- CD
Elysian Blaze (Aus) "Beneath silent faces" --- CD

Emit/Vrolok (Uk/Usa) "Pestilence 1440/The devine eye" --- CD
Emit(Uk) "The Dark Bleeding Gods" --- CD

Bundle price for two Emit titles, 25 AUS$ worldwide airmail postpaid.

EMK (Usa) "Existence is futile" --- CD
Emperor (Nor) "In the Nightside Eclipse" --- CD
Empty (Spa) "The last breath of my mortal despair" --- CD
Emptys (Idn) "Destroyed Holy Shrine" --- MCD
Enclave (Pol) "Paradise of Putrefaction" --- CD
End (Gre) "End I" --- CD
End (Gre) "End II" --- CD
Endless War (Bra) "Triumphant hate & Bloody Sword" --- CD
Enfeus Lodge (Fra) "Enfeus Lodge" --- CD
Engorge (Usa) "Cold.Black.Ejaculation" --- CD
Ensepulchred (Usa) "The Night Our Rituals Blackened The Stars" --- CD
Ensepulchred (Usa) "Suicide in Winter's Moonlight " --- CD
Eole Noir (Bel) "Eole Noir" --- MCD
Equimanthorn (Usa) "Second Sephira Cella" --- CD
Eradication (Fra) "The Great Cleaning" --- CD
Eratomania (Bel) "Mental Suffocation" --- MCD
Ereshkigal (Mex) "Shadow's Land" --- CD
Ereshkigal (Mex) "Ten Years Of Blasphemy" --- CD
Erhabenheit (Ger) "Missgediehen" --- CD
Eschaton (Gre) "Cansa Fortior" --- CD
Eternal (Can) "Satanic Templars..." --- MCD
Eternity (Ger) "Funeral Mass" --- CD
Ethereal Woods (Uk)"In The Forest of Arden" --- CD
Ethereal Woods (Uk)"Kenilworth " --- CD
Evildamn/Toxic Holocaust/Chainsaw Killer (Per/Usa/Col) "Blasphemy,Mayhem&War" --- CD
Evoked Curse (Fin) "Merciless Revenge" --- CD
Excessum (Swe) "Death Redemption" --- CD
Extinction (UK) "The black hex" --- MCD
Extinction (Uk) "Dawn below the fog" --- CD
Evil Army (Usa) "Evil Army" --- CD
Evil Incarnate (Usa) "Waiting for his Return" --- CD
Evil Palace (Ukr) "Born in Darkness" --- CD
Evilwar (Bra) "Bleeding in the Shades of Baphomet" --- CD
Exordium (Fin) "S/T" --- MCD
Explosicum (Chn) "Conflict" --- CD

Fafner/Nominon (Swe/Swe) "Daemons Of The Past" --- CD
Fall of the Grey-Winged One (Bel) "Aeons of Dreams" --- CD
Fear of Eternity (Ita) "Toward The Castle" --- CD
Fear of Eternity (Ita) "Spirit of Sorrow" --- CD
Fear of Eternity (Ita) "Ancient Symbolism" --- CD
Fear of Eternity (Ita) "Funeral Mass" --- CD
Fiend (Ger) "Freezing Funeral Serenade" --- MCD
Fiend (Ger) "Black Abhorrent Metal" --- CD
Flagellum Dei (Por) "Tormentor... Of The False Creator" --- CD
Flames of Hell (Ice) "Flame and steel" --- CD
Floodstain (Rus) "Dreams make monsters" --- CD
Fog (Usa) "Through The Eyes Of Night Winged They Come" --- CD
Folkearth (Swe) "By The Sword Of My Father" --- CD
Forest of Impaled (Usa) "Demonvoid" --- CD
Forest of Impaled (Usa) "Forward the spears; --- CD
Forgjord (Fin) "Henkeen ja vereen" --- CD
Forgotten Tomb (Ita) "Obscura Arcana Mortis: The Demo Years" --- CD
Forgotten Tomb (Ita) "Vol. 5: 1999-2009" --- DCD
Forgotten Tomb (Ita) "Negative Megalomania" --- CD
Forgotten Woods (Swe) "Sjel Av Natten" --- CD
Forgotten Woods (Swe) "Race of Cain" --- CD
Fornicatus (Fin) "Omnium Animalis Terminus" --- CD
Foudre Noire (Fin) "The Dark Gods" --- CD
Frailty (Lat) "Lost Lifeless Lights" --- CD + DVD (25 AUS$ worldwide postpaid)
From Forgotten Being (Mex) "Black Cataclysm" --- CD
Frontbeast (Ger) "Black spells of the damned" --- CD
Frontbeast/Mephisto (Ger/Ita) "In leagure with evil metal" --- CD
Frost (Hun) "Extreme loneliness fragments" --- CD
Frostbitten Kingdom (Fin) "Infidel Angel" --- CD
Frostkrieg (Gre) "Majestatic Eines Kalten Elements" --- CD
Frostmoon Eclipse (Ita) "Dead and forever gone" --- CD
Frostmoon Eclipse (Ita) "Another face of hell" --- CD
Frostmoon Eclipse/Ritual Day (Ita/Chi) "Split"" --- CD
Frozen Death (Ger) "Ravenstorm" --- CD
Fuck Off and Die! (Lit) "Anti All" --- CD
Full Decay (Rus) "S/T" --- CD
Funeral (Usa) "Funeral" --- CD
Funeral Feast (Fin) "Genocide Ad Nauseam" --- CD
Funeral Fog (Can) "Under the black veil" --- CD
Funeral Fornication/Uruk-Hai (Can/Aut) "Split" --- CD
Funeral Goat (Hol) "Mass Ov Perversion " --- CD
Funeral Mourning/Kilte (Aus/Bel) "Emission through self infliction" --- CD
Funeral Procession (Ger) "S/T" --- CD
Funerarium (Ger) "Valley of Darkness" --- CD
Funerary Call (Can) "Dark Waters Stirred" --- CD
Funereal Moon (Mex) "Satan's Beauty Obscenity" --- CD
The Furor (Aus)"Advance Australia Warfare" --- CD

Garwall (Fra) "Black Beast" --- CD
Galgeras (Nl) "Booswichterij" --- CD
Gauntlet/Contagion Black (Can/Can) "Split" --- CD
Gauntlet's Sword (Gre) "Theosophy" --- CD
Gestapo 666 (Fra) "Nostalgiah" --- CD
Gheestenland/Grim Funeral (NL/Esp) "Split" --- CD
Gnostic (Usa) "Hatewar 666" --- CD
Goatlord (Usa) "The last sodomy of mary" --- CD
Goatfire (Ita) "Sacrophobic Initiation" --- CD
Goatfire (Ita) "Fiendish Ruminations" --- CD
Goatholocaust (Fra) "Satan Judge" --- CD
Goatholocaust/Vociferian (Fra/Fra) "Split" --- CD
Goat Horns (Uk) "Magician of Black Chaos" --- MCD
Goat Horns/The True Endless (Uk/Ita) "Split" --- CD
Goatsemen (Peru) "En vivo en lima hell" --- CD
Godflesh (Uk) "Slateman/Cold World" --- CD
Godless (Chl) "Irreligiosus Nemine Discrepante" --- CD
Godless Rising (Usa) "Rising Hatred" --- CD
Godless Rising (Usa) "Battle Lords" --- CD
Gorelord (Usa) "Force fed on human flesh" --- CD
Gorgoroth (Nor) "Destroyer" --- CD
Gosforth (Ita) "B.H.E.M.T" --- CD
Gotmoor (Bel) "Vlaemsche Premitieven" --- CD
Gotmoor (Bel) "Pain provider" --- CD
Grafenslein (Ger) "Death Born" --- CD
Grafenslein (Ger) "Silence Endless" --- CD
Grafvolluth (Usa) "S/T" --- CDR
Grail (Ger) "The Morning of Disillusionment" --- CD
Gramary (Fin) "Suffocation" --- CD
Granulosum (NL) "The final stand" --- CD
Graveborne (Fin) "Pure Negativity" --- CD
Graveland (Pol) "Drunemeton" --- CD
Graven (Ger) "Perished and Forgotten" --- CD
Graven (Ger) "The Shadows Eternal Call" --- CD
Graveyard (Spa) "One with the Dead" --- CD
Gravferd (Nor) "Demonized" --- CD
Gravsorg (Den) "Visions of Depression" --- CD
Grey (Fra) "The first shade of" --- CD
Griffar (Fra) "...of witches and celts" --- CD
Grimbane (Can) "Let the Empires Fall" --- CD
Grimfaug (Bel) "Blood upon the face of creation" --- CD
Grimfaug (Gel) "Defloration of Life's Essence" --- CD
Grimlair (Fra) "Au Commencement de l'ombre" --- CD
Grom/Wulfgravf (Usa/Usa) "Fullmoon warefare" --- CD
Gromm / Endless Blizzard (Ukr/Ukr) "In the Glare of Black / Beyond Frozen Gates" --- CD
Grotesque (Aus)"Museum of Human Disease" --- CD
Groza(Tur) "Ge�mişin Kasvetli İzleri" --- CD

Haatstrijd (Nl) "Cacodaemony" --- CD
Haemoth (Fra) "Kontamination" --- MCD
Hagal (Ger) "Karg" --- CD
Hakenkreuz Nocturna (Ita) "Eternal Introspective Winter" --- CD
Hallstatt (Spa) "Barbarian Warlike Supremacy" --- CD
Happy Days (Usa) "Happiness Stops Here " --- CD
Harvist (Usa) "Lighting Storm In The Veins" --- CD
Harza (Rus) "War" --- CD
Hate Forest (Ukr) "Nietzscheism" --- CD
Hatepulse (Nor) "In Extenso Letalis" --- CD
Hayras (Fra) "Sombre Destin" --- CD
Heathen Dawn (Fra) 'Wasted Land" --- CD
Heiden (Cze) "Tinne" --- CD
Heiden (Cze) "Obsidian" --- CD
Helcaraxe (Usa) "No God To Save You" --- MCD
Helcaraxe (Usa) "Broadsword" --- CD
Helgrinder (Ger) "Von den vorfahren herstammend landem" --- CD
Hellhate (Ukr) "Retsonretap " --- CD
Hellishthrone (Bra) "Light a Candle for the Dead...and a Torch to Burn Their Corpses" --- CD
Hellkult (Fin) "The Collection" --- CD
HellLight(Bra) "Funeral Doom" --- CD
Hellrealm (Usa) "Hell is Here on Earth" --- CD
Hellvetic Frost (Che) "Misanthropic Devotion" --- CD
Hellveto (Pol) "Klatwa" --- CD
Hellveto (Pol) "Prelude to dying" --- CD
Helvintr (Usa) "A Desastrious Collaboration of Coldness and Despair" --- CD
Hekatomb (Por) "Fim Do Existir" --- CD-r
Hekel (Nl) "De dodenvaart" --- CD
Hemnur (Nor) "Satanic hellride" --- CD
Heresi (Swe) "Psalm II Inferno Ignis" --- CD
Herot (Usa) "S/T" --- CDR
Heretoir (Ger) ".Existenz." --- MCD
Heretoir/Thranenkind (Ger/Ger) "Wiedersehen - unsere Hoffnung" --- CD
H.E.R.R. (Ita) "The Winter Of Constantinople" --- CD
Hexenmeister (Ukr) "...And Life in Insomnia" --- CD
Hexenwald (Ger) "Descent, Rebirth and Black Light" --- CD
Hiems (Fra) "Cold void Journey" --- CD
Hierophant (Usa) "The Tomb" --- CD
Highgate (Usa) "Highgate" --- CD
Highgate (Usa) "Shrines to the Warhead" --- CD
Hill of Sefiroth (Usa) "Fly high the hated black flag" --- CD
Hills of sefiroth (Usa) "...The neglected ancestry" --- CD
Hithlum (Usa) "In the land of mordor,where the shadow lie" --- CD
Hoarstone (Uk) "S/T" --- CD
HomSelvareg (Ita) "HomSelvareg" --- CD
Hopeless (Spa) "Elements" --- CD
Hordagaard (Nor) "Anti Human Anti Life" --- CD
Horde of Hel (Swe) "Blodskam" --- CD
Horna/Behexen (Fin/Fin) "Split" --- CD
Horna (Fin) "Aania Yossa" --- CD
Horna/Musta Surma (Fin/Fin) "Vihan Vuodet" --- CD
Horned Almighty (Den) "Black Metal Jesus" --- CD
Horned Almighty (Den) "The Devil's Music - Songs of Death and Damnation " --- CD
Horned Almighty (Den) "Contaminating the Divine" --- CD
Holocausto (Bra) "De Volta ao Front" --- CD
Holy Death (Pol) "Triumph Of Evil" --- CD
Horizon (Fin) "Don't Let The Time Pass You By" --- MCD
Hostkanslor (Per) "Fear Reality" --- CD
Houwitser (Nl) "Rage inside the Womb" --- CD
Hrizg (Esp) "Oaken path of grief" --- CD
HSN (Fra) "The Eye" --- MCD
Hyperion (Usa) "Through Centuries" --- CD
Hyponic (Hongkong) "The noise of time" --- CD
Hugi (Ger) "Solarlido" --- CD
Hunters Moon (Aus) "The Serpents Lust" --- MCD
Hurusoma (Jap) "Sombre Iconoclasm" --- CD
Hyadningar (Fra) "The Weak Creation" --- CD

Ibex Throne (Usa) "Total Inversion" --- CD
Ic Rex (Fin) "Sielun Kadoruksen Sinfonia" --- CD
Ignis Gehenna (Aus) "Revelations of Sinister Rebirth" --- MCD
Ignis Uranium/Havoc Vulture (Ger/Ger) "Speech of the Mushroomcloud" --- CD
Ignis Uranium (Ger) "Azimuth Nuctemeron Frequency" --- CD
Ill Omen (Aus) "Spear of Salvation" --- CD
Ill Omen (Aus) " Divinity Through Un-creation" --- CD
Immortal Rites (Idn) "Api Dari Timur" --- CD
Imperial Domain (Swe) "In The Ashes of the Fallen" --- CD
Imperial Domain (Swe) "The Ordeal" --- CD
Impiety (Sin) "Paramount Evil" --- CD
Impious Havoc (Fin) "Dawn of Nothing" --- CD
Impious Havoc (Fin) "The Great Day of Wrath" --- CD
Impious Havoc (Fin) "Manifestations of Plague and War" --- CD
Impious Havoc (Fin) "Maleficium" --- CD
Infernal/Exlsus Diaboli (Spa/Spa) "The reapers of god" --- CD
Inhuman Hate "Propagation Of Chaos" --- CD
Inhumane Deathcult (Fin) "On Behalf of Satan" --- CD
Inimical/Sect (Usa/Usa) "Split" --- CD
In Memorium (Usa) "From misery...comes darkness" --- CD
In Memorium (Usa) "Lost to Antiquity" --- CD
Inmitten des Waldes/Mortualia (Bra/Fin) "Happiness Stops Here " --- CD
In My Shiver (Ita) "Black Seasons" --- CD
Instinct (Eng) "S/t" --- CD
Insult (Swe) "Abysmal Incantations" --- CD
Intaglio (Rus) "Intaglio" --- CD
InThyFlesh (Por) "Lechery Maledictions And Grieving Adjures To The Concerns Of Flesh " --- CD
InThyFlesh (Por) "Claustrophobia" --- CD
In Tormentata Quiete (Ita) "Teatroelementale" --- CD
Inward Escape (Aus) "Sacred Nothing" --- DCD
Irae (Por)"Hellnation " --- CD
Iron Fist (Sin) "Fistal Destruction" --- CD
Isarnheimr (Nor) "S/T" --- CD
Ishtar (Swe) "Krig" --- CD

Janvs (Ita) "Vega" --- CD
Je (Fra) "Un Royaume de Nuit" --- MCD
Joyless (Nor) "Wild Signs of The Endtimes" --- CD
Jumalhamara (Fin) "Slaughter the messenger" --- MCD

Kailash (Ita) "Past Changing Fast" --- CD
Karg/Andrarakh (Aut/Ger) "Traumruinen" --- CD
Karnarium (Swe) "Tank Pa Doden" --- CD
Karnarium (Swe) "Karnarium" --- CD
Kali Yuga/Varhorn (Rus/Rus) "Aham Kali/Vooklov the raven" --- CD
Kalki Avatara (Ita) "Mantra for the End of Times" --- MCD
Kampf (Gre) "Nothing But Wrath" --- MCD
Kaniba (Fin) "The serpent,or the omega and the completion of the first circle" --- CD
Karna (Rus) "Diabolic (Soundtrack For My Nightmares)" --- CD
Karna (Rus) "Raven" --- CD
Karsten Hamre (Nor) "Broken whispers" --- CD
Kathaarian (Ger) "Cryptic temples of the ancient cult" --- CD
Kharon (Nor) "Raised By Hellish Demons" --- CD
Kill (Swe) "Horned holocaust" --- CD
Kilte (Bel) "Absence" --- MCD
Kinstrife & Blood (Aus) "On paths long forgotten..." --- CD
Knox Om Pax (Usa) "Laudanum" --- CD
Koca (Ukr) "Russian title" --- CD
Koldborn (Nor) "The devil of all deals" --- MCD
Korgonthurus (Fin) "S/t' --- MCD
Korpblod (Swe) "Ur�ldrig Samklang" --- CD
Korpse(Scot) "Mirror Distance" --- CD
Kraken Duumvirate(Fin) "From the Dying Soil to the Eternal Sea" --- MCD
Krieg (Usa) "Sono lo scherno" --- CD
Krieg (Usa) "The Black House" --- CD
Krieg/Morte Incandescente (Usa/Por) "Death Glorification" --- CD
Kroda/Oprich' (Ukr/Rus) "Legend\Wolfen Loyalty" --- CD
Krumkach (Blr) "Black Visions of Hatred" --- CD
Krynitza (Rus) "Hail to the Sun" --- CD
Kult (Ita) "Winds of War" --- CD
Kvell (Kor) "Anti-Religion" --- CD
Kythrone (Chi) "Kult des Todes" --- CD

Labatut (Bra) "Yeomanly" --- CD
Labyrinth of Abyss (Bul) "The Cult of Turul Pride" --- CD
Lapis Niger (Ita) "Fuckin' God Cult" --- CD
Lathspell (Fin) "Versus Ecclesia" --- CD
Legion of Doom/Stutthof (Gre/Gre) "Brotherhood of Drakkonian Royal Blood" --- CD
Legion of sadism (Ger) auf gedeih und verderb --- CD
Leichenstatte/Nostalgia/Grimlair/Todessucht/Moloch/Horgr(Ger/Per/Fra/Ger/Ukr/??)"Suicide Reflections" --- CD
Leviathan/Sapthuran (Usa/Usa) "Split" --- CD
Lifelover(Swe) "Pulver" --- CD
Like Drone Razor Through Flesh Sphere (Esp) "Ex nihilo mihil,ad nihilum nihil posse reverti" --- CD
Lilyum (Ita) "Nothing is mine" --- CD
Liquid Graveyard (Spa) "On Evil Days" --- CD
Locus Mortis (Ita) "Inter uterum et loculum" --- CD
Locus Mortis (Ita) " Inter Uterum Et Loculum MMXI" --- CD
Lordamor (Fin) "S/T" --- CD
Lords of Bukkake (Spa) "Desorden Y Rencor" --- CD
Lorn (Ita) "Towards the abyss of disease" --- CD
Los Asesinos Del Pentagrama (Pan) "Duenos Del Universo" --- CD
Lost Inside (Usa) "Alone in the Wind" --- CD
Lost Inside (Usa) "Cold Days" --- CD
Lotus circle (Gre) "Bottomless vales and boundless floods" --- CD
Luciferian (Col) 'Supreme Infernal Legions" --- CD
Lucifugum (Ukr) "Stigma Egoism" --- CD
Luftwaffe Raid (Usa) "Paradox" --- CD
Lugubre (Nl) "Anti human black metal" --- CD
Lugubrum (Bel) "De Vette Cuecken" --- CD
Lugubrum (Bel) "De Totem" --- CD
Lunar Aurora (Ger) "Weltenganger" --- CD
Lungorthin (Ger) "Morgrom" --- CD
Lust/Anael (Can/Ger) "Split" --- CD
Lustre (Swe) "Serenity" --- MCD
Luten' (Rus) "Rebel Spirit In Pagan Music" --- CD
Lux Occulta (Pol) "Maior Arcana: (The Words That Turn Flesh Into Light)" --- CD
Lycanthropy's Spell (Bel) "Forest Of Misanthropy" --- CD
Lykauges (Gre) "Under the Veil of Depression" --- CD
Lykauges (Gre) "Swan Song" --- CD
Lyrinx (uk) "Nihilistic Purity" --- CD

M87 (Uk) "Noctilucent Threnodies" --- CD
Majestic Downfall/Ansia (Mex/Ita) "Split" --- CD
Majestic Downfall(Mex)"Temple of Guilt" --- CD
Mal Etre (Swi) "Torment" --- CD
Malignance (Ita) "Regina Umbrae Mortis" --- CD
Malleus (Por) "A Semente Da Ru��na" --- CDR
Malveillance (Can) "Insighifiance" --- CD
Malveillance (Can) "L'appel du Neant / Le Froid du Nord" --- CD
Malvento (Ita) "Regressus Ad Uterum" --- CD
Malvento (Ita) "Clavi" --- CD
Managarm (Usa) "Poems of the Shadows Disappointment" --- CD
Managarm/Sterbenzeit/78424325 (Usa/Ita/Mex) "Three Ways to Live in Pain" --- CD
Mandatory (Ger) "...Where they bleed" --- CD
Manegarm (Swe) "Dodsfard" --- CD
Manticore (Usa) "For Rats And Plague" --- CD
Marblebog (Hun) "Forestheart" --- CD
Mareritt (Nor) "Hymner til doden of morket" --- CD
Martial Barrage (Can) "Call of the Serapeum" --- CD
Massacre (Usa) "Europe and beyond Live in Germany 1991" --- CD
Massemmord (Nor) "Obscura Symphonia" --- CD
Massemmord (Nor) "Skogen Kaller" --- CD
Matricide (Swe) "Holy Virgin" --- MCD
Mayhem (Nor) "Mediolanum Capta Est" --- CD
Means to an End (Bel) "Weathered By Time" --- CD
Mek Na Ver (Ita) "Heresy" --- CD
Memorial (Usa) "Enter my megaron" --- CD
Menhir (Ger) "Buchonia" --- CD
Menhir (Ger) "Thuringia" --- CD
Menhir (Ger) "Die Ewigen Steine" --- CD
Merciless Crucifixion (Gre) "Airesis" --- MCD
Meressin (Lit) "The Baphomet's Call" --- CD
Merrimack (Fra) "Of Entropy And Life Denial" --- CD
Merrimack (Fra) "Grey Rigorism " --- CD
Midryasi (Ita) "Midryasi" --- CD
Midvinter (Swe) "At the Sight of the Apocalypse Dragon" --- CD
Mind Asylum (Fra) "L'Asile de l'Esprit" --- CD
Mind Control (Fra) "S/T" --- CD
Mirrorthrone (Fin) "Of wind and weeping" --- CD
Misantropical Painforest (Fin) "Firm Grip of the Roots" --- CD
Mistress of the Dead (Cze)"I Know Her Face from the Tombstone" --- CD
Modern Funeral Art (Spa) "Hellfire" --- CD
Moloch (Ukr) "A journey to the Vyrdin " --- CD
Moontower (Pol) "Praise The Apocalypse" --- CD
MOR (Rus) "Soil and Blood" --- CD
Morbid Execution (Pol) "Total Devotion" --- CD
Morbius (Usa) "Sojourns Through The Septiac" --- CD
Moredhel (Ger) "Burn Your Local Church" --- CD
Moredhel (Ger) "Satanik Endsieg" --- CD
Morning Star (Fin) "Finish Metal" --- CD
Morose (Uk) "Autumn Poetry" --- CD
Morphosis (Ire) "Rise of the Bastard Deities" --- CD
Morrigan (Ger) "Headcult" --- CD
Morrigan (Ger) "Welcome to Samhain" --- CD
Morrigu (Bel) "Blood Shall Be Spilled" --- CD
Morsure (Fra) "Acceleration Process et M.A.D" --- CD
Mortuary Drape (Ita) "Buried in Time" --- CD
Mourning Dawn (Fra) "For the Fallen" --- CD
Movimento d'Avanguardia Ermetico (Ita) "Stelle Senza Luce" --- CD
My Lament (Bel) "Broken Leaf" --- CD
Myrk (Ice) "Icons Of The Dark" --- CD
Myrkr (Swe) "Offspring of gathered foolness" --- CD
Mysticum (Nor) "Demons Never Sleep" --- CD

Nachtmystium (Usa) "S/T" --- MCD
Nachtmystium (USA) "Instinct: Decay" --- CD
Nae'blis/Dominion (Swe/Swe) "Death of Mankind...A Dream" --- CD
Nae'blis (Swe) "Sketches of reality" --- CD
Nadja (Can) "Body Cage" --- CD
Nahash (Lit) "Nocticula Hecate" --- MCD
Nargothrond (Gre) "Doctrine of Lies" --- CD
Na Rasputje (Rus) "Early demos (1998-2003)" --- CD
Nartvind (Bel) "Until Their Ruin" --- CD
Nattvindens Grat (Fin) "A Bard´s Tale" --- CD
Nav' (Rus) "Hall of Death" --- CD
Nazgul (Spa) "Awaiting the battle ravens" --- CD
Near (Ita) "The Opening of the Primordial Whirl " --- CD
Negative Reaction (Usa) "Endofyorerror" --- CD
Negative Reaction/Ramesses (Usa/Usa) "Split" --- CD
Nergal (Gre) "Absinthos" --- CD
Necrofrost (Ger) "In a Misty Soar and on its Swampy Floor" --- CD
Necrophagia (Usa) "The divine art of torture" --- CD
Necroplasma (Swe) "Gospels of Antichrist Terror" --- CD
Necropolis (Rus) "Necrosphere" --- CD
Necropsia (Chile) "Die Fucking Bastard" --- CD
Necro Ritual (UK) "Pure Satanic Slaughter" --- CD
Negura Bunget (Rom) "Om" --- CD
Negura Bunget (Rom) "'n crugu bradului" --- CD
Nekrasov/Moon/Nekros Manteia (Aus/Aus/Aus) "The Haunting Resonance" --- CD
Nekrasov (Aus) "Into the No-Mans-Sphere of the Ancient Days" --- CD
Nekrasov/Humiliation (Aus) "Split" --- CD
Nekrokaos (Fra) "Chapter II" --- CD
Nekros Manteia(Aus) "Deus Otiosus " --- CD
Netherealm (Sin) "The occultist omnibus" --- CD
Netra (Fra) "M�lancolie Urbaine" --- CD
Nex (Swe) "Zero" --- CD
Nightside (Fin)"The End Of Christianity" --- CD
Nihil Nocturne (Ger) "Wahnsinn.Tod.Verrat" --- CD
Nihilistic Kaos (Fra) "Les homeies du vice" --- CD
Nightbringer/Temple of Not (Usa/Usa) "Rex ex ordine throni" --- CD
Night Must Fall (Fin) "Dissonance of Thought" --- CD
Nights Amore (Swe) "Subscribers Of Death" --- CD
Nirnaeth Arnoediad (Can) "1997-2001" --- CD
Nitberg (Rus) "Nitsanger" --- MCD
NKVD (Fra) "Diktatura" --- MCD
Nocti Vagus (Ger) "Venture In Sombre Passion " --- CD
Nocturnal (Pol) "Unholycraft Blood for Glory of Satan" --- CD
Nocturnal Degrade (Ita) "Hymn to Eternal November" --- CD
Nocturnal Depression (Fra) "Four Seasons to a Depression" --- CD
Nocturnal Depression (Fra) "Nostalgia - Fragments of a Broken Past" --- CD
Nocturnal Depression (Fra) "Sound track for a suicide-Opus II " --- CD
Nocturnal Depression (Fra) "The Cult of Negation" --- CD
Nocturnal Feelings (Col) "Consecration of Evil Forces" --- CD
Nocturnal Feelings (Col) "Nocturnal Attack" --- CD
Noktiis Eterna (Fra) "Les Larmes du Tyran" --- CD
Nokturne/Noctifer (Usa/Usa) "Wargod domination" --- CD
Nominon (Swe) "Recremation" --- CD
Nomman Erytz (Esp) "s/t" --- CD
Nontinuum (Aus) "Dwelling in Oceans" --- MCD
Nordheim (Ita) "S/T" --- MCD
Nordlys (Ger) "Nordlys 'til Pest " --- CD
Nordmen (Can) "Nordmen" --- MCD
Nordmen (Usa) "Vertus Gurrieres" --- CD
Nordvykk (Rus) "Nordland" --- CD
Nosvrolok (Usa) "Maledictum Parasytus" --- CD
Numen (Spa) "Numen" --- CD
Nunslaughter (Usa) "Hex" --- CD
Nuit Noire (Fra) "Infantile Espieglery" --- CD
Nyseius (Fra) "Militiae" --- CD

Obeisance (Usa) "Unholy Unwholesome&Evil" --- CD
Obitus (Swe) "March Of The Drones" --- CD
Objekt4 (Swe) "Dead World Ambience Analysis" --- CD
Obscure Anachronism (Fin) "Transcending Mundane Obstacles" --- CD
Obsecration (Gre) "Seeds of A Pervert God" --- CD
Obskure Torture (Den) "Spilling The Blood Of The World " --- CD
Octagon (Usa) "Artisans of Cruelty" --- CD
Octagon (Usa) "Death Fetish" --- CD
Odar (Bih) "Zavjet Dalekom Snu" --- CD
Odor Mortis (Rus) "Shining Substance" --- CD
Of Darkness (Spa) "The Empty Eye/Death" --- DCD
Of human Bondage (Can) "The Goat Session" --- CD
Ohtar (Pol) "Petrified Breath of Hope" --- CD
Omitir (Por) "Old Temple of Depression" --- CD
Onirik (Por) "Songs for the Apocalipse" --- CD
Onirik (Por) "Spectre" --- CD
Onirik (Por)"After Centuries of Silence " --- CD
Ordo Tyrannis (Usa) "Vasa Iniquitatis" --- CD
Open Grave (Usa) "The heaven cry black tears" --- MCD
Operation Winter Mist (Can) "Winter Warfarre II" --- CD
Opera IX (Ita) "Sacro Culto" --- CD
Opera IX (Ita) "The Black Opera" --- CD
Opera IX (Ita) "Anphisbena" --- CD
Ophis (Ger) "Withered Shades" --- CD
Opposition Party (Sin) "Zombified" --- CD
Oprich/Chur (Rus/Ukr) "Ognetzvet/Z Moroku " --- CD
Opus Leviathan/Assur (Nor/Nor) "Dark reborn of frozen souls" --- CD
Ordog (Fin) "Crow and the storm" --- CD
Oscuridad (Col) "Demonic Throne" --- CD
Oskal (Rus) "Stahlkrieg/Blazes of Sunset " --- CD
Ouroboros (Ita) "Lux Arcana" --- CD

Pagalguenna (Ger) "Dreams" --- CD
Pagan Blood (Fra) "The last Empire" --- CD
Pagan Hellfire (Can) "The Will of Night" --- CD
Pagan Hellfire (Can) "A voice from centuries away" --- CD
Pagan Winter (Ger) "The cult of flesh" --- MCD
Paganizer(Swe)"Born to be Buried Alive" --- CD
Paganus (Fin) "Paganus" --- CD
Painful Memories (Rus) "Memorial To Suffering" --- CD
Palace of Worms (Usa) "The Forgotten" --- CD
Pantheon (Usa) "Vargrstrike" --- CD
Paroxysmal Descent (Aus)"Paradigm of Decay" --- CD
Patria (Bra) "Hymns of Victory and Death" --- CD
Paul Chain (Ita) "Park of Reason" --- CD
Pensees Nocturnes (Fra) "Grotesque" --- CD
Pentient (Nor) "Deserted Dreams" --- CD
Perdition (Chile) "Piaculum" --- MCD
Perisynti (Fin) "Hiilenmusta Lammas" --- CD
Permixtio (Ita) "Il Canto dei Sepolcri" --- CD
Perverse Monastyr (Bul) "S/T" --- CD
Pestiferous (Fin) "Deep Dark Seasons" --- CD
Pestilential Shadows (Aus) "Cursed" --- CD
P.FX 68 (Fra) "Fiction Alternative" --- CD
Photophobia (Fin) "Humana Fragilitas" --- CD
P.H.T.O (Fra) "Affliction" --- MCD
Plague (Usa) "Black hearts of misathropy" --- CDR
Poccolus (Lit) "Ragana" --- CD
Pogrom 1147 (Pol) "Black Metal Complete" --- CD
Potentiam (Ice) "B�ls�n" --- CD
Power from Hell (Bra) "Spellbondage" --- CD
Prevalent Resistance (Fin) "Dynamics of Creation" --- CD
Prevalent Resistance (Fin) "Eternal Return " --- CD
Primigenium (Spa) "Faith Through Anguish" --- CD
Primordial (Ice) "Storm Before Calm" --- CD
Procer Veneficus (Usa) "Ghostvoices" --- CD
Profane Solitude (Ukr) "Awakening in empiness" --- CD
Profetus(Fin) "Coronation of the Black Sun" --- CD
Profundis (Pol) "Nokturn" --- CD
Psykotisk/Vredgad (Swe/Swe) "Split" --- CD
Puissance (Swe) "State Collapse" --- CD
Purest (Ger) "Renascence" --- CD
Puritas Virginum (Fra) "Decenie De Souffrance" --- CD
Pyramido (Swe) "Sand" --- CD

Quest of Aidance (Swe) "Fallen man collection" --- CD
Quintessence (Fra) "Le Fl�au de ton Existence " --- CD

Rajam (Idn) "Burning Antarctica" --- CD
Raptor (Nl) "Worship the goat" --- CD
Ravager (Mex) "Storm of Sin" --- CD
Raven Dark (RUS) "Autumn Roar" --- CD
Raven's Bane (Usa) "Misery Preserved" --- CD
Raw Hatred (Usa) "Hung Again Like a Bitch" --- CD
Reido (Belarus) "F:all" --- CD
Repvblika (Mex) "Katrastof!" --- CD
Resonance Room (Ita) "Unspoken" --- CD
Resuscitator (Usa) "A Warrior's Death" --- CD
Revelations of Rain (Rus) "Emanation Of Hatred" --- CD
Rift (Aus) "Eyes of the Basilisk" --- MCD
Rigor Sardonicous (Usa) "Principia Sardonica" --- CD
Rivendell (Aut) "Farewell the last dawn" --- CD
Rodosvet (Rus) "Slavonic Butchery" --- CD
Rozhdenie Vetra (Rus) "Pamyat'.Pepel" --- CD
Runemagick (Swe) "Requiem of the Apocalypse" --- CD
Runes Order (Ita) "The art of scare and sorrow" --- CD
Runes Order (Ita) "The hopeless day" --- CD
R U 486 (Usa) "Pretty in Piss" --- CDr

Sabbat (Jap) "Brigitte Harmageddon" --- CD
Sabbat (Jap) "Live sabbatical hamaguri queen" --- CD
Sabbat/Goatsemen (Jap/Per) "Sabbatical Goat Semen" --- CD
Sad (Gre) "Total nothingness" --- CD
Sadist (Ita) - Above the Light
Sadistic Grimness (Swe) "Vicious Torture" --- CD
Sadistic Grimness (Swe) "Asteni" --- CD
Salacious Gods (Nl) "Piene" --- CD
Salvation666 (Ger) "Anima Pestifera" --- CD
Sanctus Daemoneon (Den) "Grey Metropolis" --- CD
Sanctus Nex (Uk) "Aurelia" --- CD
Sapfhier (Swe) "Trollskogen" --- CD
Sapthuran (USA) "...In Hatred" --- CD
Sapthuran (USA) "To the edge of land" --- CD
Sathanas (Usa) "Entering the Diabolic Trinity" --- CD
Satanic Funeral (Usa) "Night of the Goat" --- CD
Saturnian Mist (Fin) "Repellings" --- MCD
Scald (Rus) "Will of the Gods is Great Power" --- CD
Scorched (Swe) "Forever dying sun" --- CD
Scorched (Swe) "The 5th Season" --- CD
Sear Bliss (Hun) "Grand Destiny" --- CD
Seclusion (Uk) "Skies Veiled In Black " --- CD
Seelengrief (Ger) "Jenseits der schatten" --- CD
Seges Findere (Bra) "Terrorist Warfare" --- CD
Sekhmet (Cze) "Opus Zrůdy" --- CD
Semen Datura (Ger) "Einsamkeit" --- CD
Senderos del Mal (Chi) "Pacto, Blasfemia y Guerra" --- CD
Sepulchral Aura (Fin) "Demonstrational CD MMVII" --- CD
Serpens Aeon (USA) "Kouatlquetzali" --- CD
Seth (Fra) "Era Decay" --- CD
Seul (Fra) "Suicidal & Emotional Black Metal" --- CD
Severe Storm (Pol) "Follow the Paths of Darkness" --- CD
Shackles (Aus) "Traitors' Gate" --- CD
Shroud (Spa) "Chamber Of Suicide" --- MCD
Shub Niggurath (Mex) "Horror Creatures" --- CD
Sickroom 7 (Den) "Hail Intolerance" --- CD
Siculicidium (Rom) "Utols� V�gta az Univerzumban" --- CD
Sieghetnar (Ger) "Todessehnsucht" --- CD
Sieghetnar (Ger) "Endlosung" --- CD
Sigillum Diaboli (Rus) "666" --- CDR
Sigillum Diaboli (Rus) "666" --- CD
Silencer (Swe) "Death - Pierce Me" --- CD
Silva Nigra (Ita) "Epocha" --- CD
Sinisterite (Uk) "Sinisterite" --- CD
Sin Origin (Usa) " Presence of dread magician" --- CD
Sin Origin (Usa) "Night Aeternal" --- CD
Sin Origin/Velonnic Sin (Usa/Usa) "Split' --- CD
Skaldic Curse (Uk) "Pathogen" --- CD
Skirrkus (Usa) "Consumed by Misery" --- CD
Skitzo (Usa) "Mosh til Vomit" --- DCD
Skogyr (Rus) "Rainchants" --- CD
Skoll (Ger) "11 years of Mist" --- CD
Skullfuck (Fin) "The supreme ugliness" --- CD
Skyforger (Lat) "Thunderforge" --- CD
Skyforger (Lat) "Semigalls warchant" --- CD
Slaktare (Ger) "Love Is Always Painful" --- MCD
Sol Axis (Ire) "...To Mark the Ages " --- CD
Sol Evil (Usa) "Sanctus Satanas " --- CD
Sombre Chemin/Ornaments of Sin (Fra/Fra) "Durch Ruinen und dutere Kriegsfelder" --- CD
Sombrous (Usa) "Transcending the Umbra" --- CD
Somnivore (Fin) "Clergy Of Oneiros" --- CD
Somnolence (Usa) "As Midgard Weeps" --- CD
Somnolent (Ukr) "Monochromes Philosophy" --- CD
Sorgeldom (Swe) "Innerlig F�rm�rkelse" --- CD
Spearhead (Uk) "Deathless steel command" --- CD
Spetalsk (Swe) "Perverted commandment" --- MCD
Septic Flesh (Gre) "Sumerian Daemons" --- CD
Spiculum Iratus(Usa)"Summa Anti-Theologica" --- CD
Spiderpact (Fin)"Goatspeed Into Magenta Vacuum" --- MCD
Spite Extreme Wing (Ita) "Maginificat" --- CD
Spectre/Grim Funeral (Spa/Spa) "Coldness In The Howl/A Grim Funeral For Humanity" --- CD
Sp�olus (Hun) "Behind the Event Horizon" --- CD
Srodek (Swe) "F�rfall " --- CD
Ssorc (Jap) "Infidel Eternal" --- CD
Stalaggh (Nl) "Nihilistik Terrror" --- CD
Sterbenzeit (Ita) " L'Oltrenotte " --- CD
S:t Erik (Swe) "From Under the Tarn" --- CD
Stielas Storhett (Rus) "Vandrer..." --- CD
Stillhet (Nor) "Gjemt I Skyggene" --- CD
Stoned Jesus (Ukr) "First Communion" --- CD
Stoner Kebab (Ita) "Chapter zero" --- CD
Stormheit (Fin) "Kvenland" --- CD
Stormnatt (Aut) "Funeral Apocalypse" --- CD
Stormnatt (Aut) "Resurrection ov the kult" --- CD
Storming Darkness (Rus) "By path of death" --- CDR
Storm Legion (Por) "The eye of the prophet" --- CD
Striborg (Aus) "Embittered Darkness/Isle de mortes" --- CD
Striborg (Aus) "Nefaria" --- CD
Striborg (Aus) "Nocturnal Emissions - Nyctophobia; --- CD
Striborg (Aus) "Solitude" --- CD
Striborg (Aus) "Spiritual Catharsis" --- CD
Striborg (Aus) "Ghostwoodlands" --- CD
Streicher (Aus) "War Without End" --- CD
Sturmkaiser (Ita) "Veni vidi vici" --- CD
Styggelse (Swe) "Bland Andlosa Falt Av Snusk Och Hor" --- MCD
Subreality (Ger) "Endless horizions" --- CD
Suicide Wind (Swe) "Total death N' Live" --- CD
Summon (Usa) "And the blood runs black" --- CD
Sunwheel (Pol) "Monuments of the Elder Faith" --- CD
Superchrist (Usa) "South Of Hell" --- CD
Svarga (Ukr) "Yav Vozdimaet" --- CD
Svart (Swe) "Van�ra, Vanmakt och Avsmak " --- CD
Svartfell (Fra) "The sentence of satan" --- CD
Svartnatt (Swe) "Vargold Har Kommit" --- CD
Svartskog/Kiborg (Rus/Rus) "Split" --- CD
Svartthron (Lit) "Obscure Telepathy" --- CD
Svartthron (Lit) "Soundtrack to my solitude" --- CD
Svyatogor (Ukr) "ENERGY - FREEDOM Force is Strong Power is Imperious" --- CD
Sytry (Ita) "Sytry" --- CD

Tacit Fury (Rus) "The Invented Pain" --- CD
TAGEZ (Ger) "Being Dysangelist & Lord Of Universal Nihilism" --- CD
Tales of Dark (Ser) "Fragile Monuments" --- CD
Tarm (Est) "Nad tulevad k��paist" --- CD
Teloch (Fin) "Morbid Prayer" --- CD
Tenebrous (Usa) "Arias Toward The Black Sun" --- CD
Tengereken (Usa) "Verszerzodes" --- CD
Teratism (Usa) "Pure Unadulterated Hate" --- CD
Teratism (Usa) "Invocatum Furae Diabolis" --- CD
Teratism (Usa) "The Blessing of Death" --- CD
Terror Squad (Jap) "The Wild Stream of Eternal Sin" --- CD
Terror Squad (Jap) "Chaosdragon Rising" --- CD
Tetraktys (Gre) "Vorelon Sellas" --- CD
Thargos (Ger) "Killfukk" --- CD
The Acc�sed (Usa) "The Curse of Martha Splatterhead" --- CD
The Black Death (Aus) "Untitled" --- CD
The Bloodline (Ita) "Opium Hearts" --- CD
The Call (Fra) "S/T" --- MCD
The Chosen (Hol) "For The Glory Of The Empire" --- CD
The End 666 (Fra) "The Ultra Violence" --- CD
The Eternal Night (Usa) "Our Failed Human Existence" --- CD
The Foetal Mind (Fra) "The Grand Contraction" --- CD
The Gits (Pol) "As pure as Vodka" --- CD
The Great Old Ones (Fra) "Al Azif" --- CD
The Howling Void (Usa) "Shadows Over the Cosmos" --- CD
The Knell (Isr) "Harm" --- CD
The Last Days (Mex/Bra) "When The Tomorrow Is A Grey Day" --- MCD
The Last Knell (Chi) "�on Vmbra Genesis" --- CD
The Meads of Asphodel (UK) "The Excommunication Of Christ" --- CD
The Morningside (Rus) "The Wind The Trees and the Shadow of the past" --- CD
The One (Gre) "Guardians Inhuman" --- CD
The Ordher (Bra) "Kill the Betrayers" --- CD
The Shadow Order (Gre) "Untold" --- CD
The Sullen Route (Rus) "Madness of My Own Design" --- CD
TheSyre (Can) "S/T" --- CD
The True Endless (Ita) "A Climb to eternity" --- CD
The True Endless (Ita) "Buried by Time and Dust" --- CD
The True Endless/Mephisto (Ita/Ita) "Too Heavy For Hell" --- CD
The True Nihilist (Rus) "The Ancient Forest... The Forest of the Forgotten Wisdom" --- CD
Theudho (Bel) "The Vosunga Saga" --- CD
Thorngoth (Ger) "Thelema of destruction" --- CD
Thornspawn (Usa) "Wrath of War" --- CD
Thornspawn (Usa) "Blood of the holy,taint thy steel" --- CD
Thornspawn (Usa) "Infernal Allegiance - Fist Possession" --- CD
Thoth (Pol) "Zamglenie" --- CD
Thou (Usa) "Peasant" --- CD
Thr�nenkind (Ger) "Eine Momentaufnahme - Der Rest ist nur Einsamkeit" --- MCD
Throned (Ita) "...There Where The Moon Rises" --- CD
Throneum/Necrocultus/Sanctifier (Pol/Mex/Bra) "Cenetery sons of hell" --- CD
Throneum (Pol) "Deathmass of Gravedancer" --- CD
Thronum Vrondor (Bel) "Vrondor I: Epitaph of Mass-Destruction " --- CD
Thugnor (Por) "Scrolls of Grimace" --- CD
Thunderbolt(Pol)"The Burning Deed of Deceit"--- CD
Thunderkraft (Ukr) "The Banner of Victory" --- CD
Tjolgtjar (Usa) "The Tjolgtjar Mass" --- CD
Tod (Ita) "Black Metal Manifesto" --- CD
Today is the day (Usa) "Live til you die" --- CD
Todesstop (Ger) "Selbstentleibung/Der Annaherung erster Teil" --- CD
Todtgelichter (Ger) "Was bleibt..." --- CD
Torch of War (Ger) "The Principle of Cosmic Instability" --- CD
Torfrom (Chi) "Dosde el umbral" --- CD
Totenburg (Ger) "Weltmacht oder Niedergang + Winterschlacht" --- CD
Trimonium (Ger) "Blow the Horns" --- CD
Tsjuder (Nor) "Kill for satan" --- CD
Tuhat Kuolemaa Sekunnissa (Fin) "S/T" --- CD
Tunes of Despair (Fin) "The Process of Leaving" --- CD
Tvmvlvs Seraphim (Ita) "Fortress Ermetica" --- CD
Tvmvlvs Seraphim (Ita) "Centenarians's Divine Lvnacy" --- CD
Typhus (Usa) "Profound Blasphemous Proclamation" --- CD
Tyrael (Ger) "Der Wald ist mein Zuhause" --- CD

Ultimatum (Can) "The Iron Age" --- CD
Ulvhedner/Galdrer (Nor/Nor) "Fredasyn/Trolldomsanger" --- CD
Ulvhedner (Nor) "For I Tida " --- CD
Umbra (Usa) "S/T" --- CD
Underdark (Ukr) "The truth that lives" --- CD
Underdark (Ukr) "I am Above All" --- CD
Undor (Ger) "S/T" --- MCD
Unholy Archangel (Gre) "The demos" --- CD
Unholy Trinity (Usa) "Omnimalevolence" --- MCD
Unterwald (Fra) "Nos anciens Rituels" --- CD
Urgrund (Aus) "Unchangeable fate" --- CD
Urn (Fin) "666 Megatons" --- CD(comes with an extra free video CD)
Urna (Ita) "Dawn of the Devastation" --- CD
Urna (Ita) "Iter ad Lucem" --- CD
Uruk-Hai (Aut) "Sepulcrum" --- CD
Utgard (Fin) "Thrones and Dominions" --- CD
Uvall (Usa) "Obsidian Torment" --- CD

V.A.C.K (Can) "Haine eternelle" --- CD
Valhom (Usa) "Desolation" --- CD
Valkyrja (Swe) "The invocation of demise" --- CD
Varathron (Gre) "The Lament of Gods" --- MCD
Vargsang (Ger) "Call of the nightwolves" --- CD
Vargsang (Ger) "Throne of the forgotten" --- CD
Varhorn (Rus) "Labyrinths of Darkness " --- CD
Vazal (NL) "Age of Chaos" --- CD
V/A To the triumph of evil "A tribute to Judas Iscariot" --- CD
V/A Thrashing relic Vol1 --- CD
Veer(Hun) "The Measure Of Waste" --- CD
V.E.G.A (Ita) "Cocaine" --- CD
Veil (Usa) "Dolor" --- CD
Velimor (Rus) "For the glory of our kin/Rujan" --- CD
Velimor (Rus) "Ancestry" --- CD
Velonnic Sin (Usa) "Ritual" --- CD
Veiled Allusions (Nor) 'When darkness descends" --- CD
Verge (Fin) "To Rest the Last Time in Our Filth" --- MCD
Verivala (Fin) "Kalliolle, Kukkulalle" --- CD
Verloren (Bel) "In Zalvend Oumin" --- CD
Vetche (Ukr) "Vetche" --- CD
Vexed (Ita) "Hellblast Extinction" --- CD
Vexed (Ita) "Endless Armageddon" --- CD
Vhernen (Fro) "The Funeral Era" --- CD
Vhernen (Fro) "S/T" --- CD
Viaticum (Usa) "Reliquary of the Horned One" --- MCD
Victimizer (Den) "Resurrected Abominations" --- MCD
Victimizer (Den) "The Final Assault" --- CD
Victimizer (Den) "Rapid Thrashing Violence" --- CD
Vidharr (Ita) "Eclipse" --- CD
Vindorn (Ger) " Hrana" --- CD
Vinterriket (Ger) "Winterschatten" --- CD
Vinterriket (Ger) "Kaelte,Schnee und Eis" --- CD
Vinterriket (Ger) "Lichtschleier" --- CD
Vinterriket (Ger) "Landschaftsmalerische Klangwelten" --- CD
Vinterriket/A.E.P.(Ger/Fra)"Split " --- CD
Vinterriket/Orodruin (Ger/Hol) "Split" --- CD
Vinterriket/Uruk-Hai (Ger/Aut) "2" --- CD
Vlad Tepes (Fra) "War Funeral March" --- CD
Vlad Tepes (Fra) "La Morte Lune" --- CD
Vlad Tepes/Belketre (Fra) "March to the Black Holocaust" --- CD
Vociferian (Fra) "Wexxakschionnistiik Warmageddon Xzul" --- CD
Vociferian (Fra) "Universal Hate Decades Ultimatum" --- CD
Voices Of The Styx (Hug) "16 Hungarian black Death metal bands"" --- CD
Vogelsang (Ger) "Aus den Tr�mmern Empor" --- CD
Volition (Uk) "Volition" --- CD
Vomit Orchestra (Usa) ":Bridges Burnt:" --- CD
Vomit Orchestra (Usa) "Antecrux" --- CD
Voqkrre (Fra) "Palans in Pestilens" --- CD
Vorkuta (Hun) "Into the chasms of lunacy" --- CD
Vredehammer (Nor) "Pans Skygge" --- MCD
Vredehammer (Nor) "Mintaka" --- MCD
Vrolok/Emit (Usa/Uk) "Pestilence 1440/The devine eye" --- CD
Vrolok (Usa) "Resurgence I:Descent through the abyss" --- CD
Vrolok (Usa) "Resurgence II:Where the dying meet the dead" --- CD
Vrolok (Usa) "Resurgence III:Order of the sphere" --- CD
Vukodlak (Usa) "Blackest Autumn" --- MCD
Vulpecula (Usa) "In dusk apparition" --- CD

Walpurgisnacht (Nl) "Die Derwaert Gaen En Keeren Niet" --- CD
Waning (Swe) "Population Control" --- CD
War (Pol) "Dawn of New Epoch/The War Horde" --- CD
Warage (Fra) "Black Metal War" --- CD
War for War (Cze) "Kovy Odjinud" --- CD
War for War (Cze) "Vě� smrti" --- CD
Warlust/Pestis (Hol/Hol) "The Final War / Plagueridden" --- CD
Warmarch (Svk) "Pactum Cum Diabolus" --- CD
Warnungstraum (Ita) "Inter Peritura " --- CD
Weltbrand (Nl) "The cloud of retaliation" --- CD
Weltkrieg (Svk) "Final Death " --- CD
Wicked Angel (Can) "The Remastered Collection MMIX " --- CD
Windbruch (Rus) "Collision of the Worlds" --- CD
Winter Decadence (Ita)"Lacrime di Solitudine Invernale" --- CDR
Winter of Apokalypse (Usa) "Solitary winter night" --- CD
Witchcraft (Hun) "Years of blood" --- CD
Witchmaster (Pol) "Violence & Blasphemy" --- MCD
Witchmaster (Pol) "Masochistic Devil Worship" --- CD
Witchtrap (Col) "The first necromancy" --- CD
Wodulf (Gre) "Wargus Esto" --- CD
Wolfsblut (Ger) "Seelenqual/Legion Wolfsblut" --- CD
Wolf's Source (Rus) "Remission Of Spirit" --- CD
Wolfthrone (Spa) "Unleash the Hate" --- MCD
Wolok (Fra) "Universal Void" --- CD
Wound (Fin) "Chaos Theory" --- CD
Wraith Of The Ropes (Usa) "Ada" --- CD
Wschod (Pol) "O Dumie, Sile i Ogniu" --- CD
Wyrd (Fin) "Vargtimmen Pt1" --- CD
Wyrd/Haive/Kehra (Fin/Fin/Fin) "Split" --- CD
Wyrd(Fin) "Kammen" --- CD
Wyrd (Fin) "Kalivagi" --- CD
Wyrm (Aut) "Seven Gates of Apocalypse" --- CD

Xasthur (Usa) "Xasthur" --- MCD
Xasthur (Usa) "To Violate the Oblivious" --- CD
Xerion/Omendark/Nakkiga (Spa/Spa/Spa) "Split" --- CD

Yaotl Mictlan (Usa) "Guerreros De La Tierra De Los Muertos" --- CD

Zargof (Usa) "Departure for the cosmic twilight" --- CD
Zarathustra (Ger) "Contempt" --- MCD
Zavorash (Swe) "In Odium Veritas 1996-2002" --- CD
Zgard (Ukr) "Spirit of Carpathian Sunset" --- CD
Zifir (Tur) "You Must Come With Us" --- CD
Zwenz (Ger) "A lifes work of Natrgaard II" --- CD

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